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  1. Close Call Yesterday

    it is sad people out there just don't give a dam anymore been towing class 8 trucks (semi's ) for about 20 years now and yes i had my share of close call's was in Charleston W.V. few yrs. ago got so mad 3 lanes traffic tried to get some law out there to control traffic they said may be awhile i said well if you don't show there may be a chain throwed into the next guy's windshield that tries to run me over seems like they see flashing lights and they see how close they can get to you
  2. How d'ya remove stuck wheel weights?

    i have the same wheel weights and yes they are a bear to get off . i used a pry bar and was careful not to gouge the rim and after some cussing they came off. i then went and used my 4 inch angle grinder on the back side mounting surface and ground some off that way they aren't so dam tight in the rim. mine are filled with cement.
  3. a day late but Thanks to all the veterans on this site. for the service to our country. i have many family members that served and it usually a quiet memorial day around here cause they seen action from WWII to Vietnam and none of them will absolutely not talk about it kinda brings a tear to your eye for the sacrifices they went threw. GOD BLESS the USA and all the VETERANS !!!
  4. Trailer Tires

    i had theses tires on my boat trailer a little pricey but they lasted 15,000 miles and still look like new sold boat and took em off and still have them thought some day would build a trailer. i have a good axle and would reuse theses tires
  5. K181s ign. coil issues

    thanks i will check the ign. sw mine don't have a diode maybe i will get one and put it in. the tractor this is on is not appropriate to mention on here . I sure won't own another green one they are junk
  6. K181s ign. coil issues

    yes this is a mag style ignition
  7. i have a 1970 K181s and im on my second coil in 2 yrs now. I put this tractor away last fall after mowing and it ran great and here last week it wouldn't start. i found it had no spark. further diagnosis and found the primary in the coil shorted to ground. the original coil was a tecky for the price i went and bought the last 2 also tecky coils. it has new points and condenser after the previous coil went to hell. anyone have issues with these coils ? i found where to get new kouler coils for 50 bucks but theses teckys only 35 bucks and i get them localy .the kouler ones can be had @ I save tractors for the fifty bucks but don't know them and how there stuff is. also thought about using automotive coil and doing away with the coil under flywheel.
  8. it has been three years now since there was enuff snow here to plow. every fall i put the blade on with my turf tires and weights and never used them the last three years . this year decided to not do it so we did finally get three inches of snow last few days and really wouldn't need to plow i have a gravel drive (stones in the grass ) but what the heck i was out in the shed today no heat and it was about 5 degrees outside and put plow swapped tires and rims and put wheel weights on a played in the snow a bit .even plowed some paths for the dog to go out she don't like the snow she just a little weenie dog bout have to throw her out to do her business
  9. leaf season is here

    i need to get me a new lawn sweeper mine about shot i have no where to put my leaves way too many of them . i put em in a pile and have a 20 by 30 tarp rake em onto it and drag them across the road and spread them in the field. usually takes 3-4 trips to get rid of them
  10. leaf season is here

    just started my first leaf pickup for the year unfortunately it won't be the last this year as my neighbors leave theirs lay and they blow over in my yard. between me and my neighbors there are 3 dozen mature maple trees lot's and lot's of leaves and will be getting some seat time in.
  11. hub removal question

    btw i did get the hubs off spent 2 hours on one had it cherry red with a torch and still didn't wanna move but i got one off and broke one.
  12. 857 lift cable size

    well i thought i would go the cheap route maybe not
  13. my 857 has never had a rear lift cable i have some cable from my old garage door and was going to local hardware and buy some small clevis and make my own cable. what size cable diameter was on these 857 originally. my cable guide is there on top trans thought i just thread a cable thru it and put some clevises on both ends.
  14. K181 hone cylinder or leave it?

    i always run hone thru cylinder to put crosshatch back in if it smooth the rings won't seat and will burn oil. least that is what i was told. last couple engines i done k181 and k301 i sent em to machine shop 40 bucks they checked em out bored them if needed and honed all i done was put them back together. always install new rings if you pull the piston out cylinder better insurance now then latter when it has blowby and burns oil
  15. yes i did but went to get them off my phone and they aren't there guess i need a new phone dangit!!! one guy a local there i know him he a big WH guy hell he had 2 C series tractors painted JD green and yellow with JD hit and miss engines in them what a wreck they was that was one my pics