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  1. Yep. Like Jerry said above, just tighten that nut in small increments until the motion lever stays at a constant speed. No big deal my friend it's just a 520 kind of thing......
  2. A rude awakening.

    I looked it up about a year and a half ago myself..........
  3. A rude awakening.

    See my post on MoM about a lawfirm you might want to contact. They work on contingency and William Shatner advertises on tv for them....... You could be rich beond your wildest dreams Norm...... Make sure to tell them how much pain you are in.......... I normally get a 10 percent finders fee........
  4. The time has come.

    Jim, in 2011 I went through a biopsy of the liver, something I really didn't want to go through. With the results of that I was able to be cured of the Hep.C virus that had been eating away at my liver for over 25 years. Best decision I ever made. I hope you also have a positive result from your procedure my friend.
  5. Happy Birthday Deadguy!

    Make it a great one !!
  6. I don't see how you found the time to post that many debatable intelligent posts with your pizza delivery job Mike. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  7. new rubber

    There is so many things I could post here that would get me in SO MUCH TROUBLE so......
  8. new rubber

    Koen..... Time to buy something nice for your wife...... Just a little advice from your uncle Doug...
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make it a great one!!
  10. Make it a great one!!!!
  11. T-shirt.

    There is your golden opportunity Norm. You could sell those to RedSquare members and become rich beyond your wildest dreams..............
  12. Happy Birthday Stormin

  13. Happy Birthday Paul!

    Make it a great one Paul.
  14. I am confused here......... Are you wanting to buy or sell parts?????? You have too many or too little????? Please clarify for us slower mentality members....
  15. Use a large tree. My 520's with tire chains on turf tires would dig holes into the ground very quickly........... We wouldn't you to pull a tree down on your head.