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  1. Happy Birthday Terry!

    Make it a great one!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Mal!

    Make it a great one!!!
  3. Wheel horse radio

    My Wheel horse radio mounted is a $35 set of Stanley hearing protector am-fm stereo headphones and I use them when I mow and when I have the cab on for snow removal in the winter. A very satisfying and cost effective method of entertainment while getting some seat time..............
  4. Happy Birthday Doug!

    Thanks so much gentlemen. You all get a non autographed picture of DougC to enjoy or throw tomato's at and you can also print it and use it as a dart board............
  5. 520

    My '88 520 has the non Toro decals and my '95 520 has the Toro decals like in your picture. My father in laws '91 has different decals than either of the ones shown but does say Toro on them.
  6. If Forest Gump is involved, I'm IN Jerry!!!!!!
  7. Make it a great one!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Steve

    Make it a great one!!!
  9. Welcome to the 520 Club

    Thanks Karl. What a great idea! I have just become member number 3.
  10. I don't think you need an engineering degree to solve the problem or measure the cfm volume of air flow with and without your invention. If it works for you, that's the important thing! It's your 520H and your creation. Who knows, bu next year the guys telling you the sky is falling and you're going to blow it up might be trying to order one from you for their horses............
  11. Happy Birthday Aldon

  12. For me it depends how hard the wind is blowing and the direction I'm mowing. Sometimes quite often and other times not at all. I am glad you are keeping an eye on it. Lots of guys don't and wonder why their Onans die a pre-mature death.
  13. Make it a great one!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    Looks to have the extension package for mounting on the 520 series. This is a complete one of a kind find!!
  15. Happy Birthday fromariz

    Happy Birthday fromariz! Make it a great one!