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    1960 400 Suburban w/ Deck & Plow (restored)
    1961 551 Suburban w/ Deck & Plow (restored)
    1963 953 (reestored)
    1963 633 w/ Deck
    1964 1054 w/ Deck
    1964 34E Lawn Ranger w/ Deck (restored)
    1968 Commando 6 w/ Deck (restored)
    1971 800 Special w/ Deck
    1975 "NOS" Dump Cart
    1977 A-100 (restored)
    1977 B-80 w/ Deck
    1988 310-8 Puller w/ 16HP Engine
    1989 520-H w/ 60" Deck, Blade, & Peco Grass Catcher
    2006 Original Classic GT 60th Anniversary (from show)
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    Biglerville, PA
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    Penn-Dot Diesel Mechanic
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    Wheel Horse of Course, antique farm implements/ machinery, and farm toys esp. old ones
  1. Cleaned out the garage

    Nice herd and always nice to get things cleaned up!
  2. May Tractor of the Month- 1960 & 1961 Models (Burbans only)

    Here's my 1960 400 suburban.
  3. What to do with seat cushions?

    Not real sure on the charger 12 but my 1968 commando 6 backrest was bad and had it redone it was on a piece of wood and mounted with 3 hex head screws.
  4. Horse Stables!

    Sorry for the second post but thought you would like to see the outside too.
  5. Horse Stables!

    Heres my so to speak "Stable"
  6. Got a 953...

    The serial number should be on the top of the shift pattern decal. Also very good score I paid more than that for a parts 953. Its up to you but I would keep it.
  7. jacobsen

    I was wondering if anyone would have a wiring diagram or a link to one for a 1965 jacobsen chief j with a kohler 181s. Thanks
  8. help!!!!

    thanks for the info i did stumble upon how to do that earlier but still nothing
  9. help!!!!

    does anyone know josh416(username) and if so can someone please get him to check his redsquare messages and or his email. Thanks nate
  10. wheel horse puller FOR SALE

    hey josh416 i sent you a message about the puller u have for sale
  11. New Wheelhorse Honey-Hole Discovered

    Thanks for the info i am going this saturday to check it out. I live outside Biglerville, PA and am literally about 2-3 miles away.
  12. 40 year old Wheel Horse Virgin

    It was definitely worth 200. I too bought a 310-8 about 2 years ago from a local church which used it to mow their cemetery. The deck was no good at all but all the paint on the tractor looked like new cuz they kept it inside. I was told to come look at it so i did. When i got there i was surprised to see the condition of it. The guy told me to offer him a price. I told him hows 200 sound he said good so i paid him loaded it on the truck and home we went. It is now one of my pullers. I pulled the 10 horse magnum off and put a bored out 16 on it . So i think you did excelllent.
  13. wheel horse suburban

    Hey everyone i aquired a 1960 wheelhorse suburban. I had a few questions about it. First is it a 400 or a 550 because it had no engine and is there a way to definitely tell. Second is if the wheels are suppose to white or the almond color like i think they are suppose to be. Ive seen both colors on suburban but i want to get it right. Does anyone know how to get a hold of a good hood for a 1960 suburban. I know it is a 1960 because it has a square hole at the rear of the hood instead of the round one. The last question is the transmission is leaking. Do i just split it apart and make my own gaskets and how difficult is it to split it apart. Thanks for all the help, NATE!!!