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  1. 567c4217bd218-WheelHorseLitUp.JPG

    looks great! Merry Christmas and happy new year!
  2. 1986 416-8 My most recent acquisition.

    looking good TT .
  3. Value for a 1995 520H

  4. Value for a 1995 520H

    i am interested
  5. Prayers Wanted for JimD

    prayers sent
  6. Buzz Trimnell

    Get well soon Buzz
  7. Video of 58RJ running CBR-32 Sickle

    looks like your having fun Steve thanks for sharing. Gotta love when you find the good deals :thumbs2:
  8. 701 update

    warren said its a used one not a big deal he will be there sometime tomorrow
  9. 701 update

    karen, warren is bringing a fuel pump to the dover show for you he wanted me to let you know he will see you there
  10. Two More Horses done.

    :woohoo: nice job
  11. Scantic Valley show in CT. 2011

    Is camping there a possability ? thinking of coming as well
  12. The Wheel Horse Show

    looking good warren see you at the show :D
  13. 1991 wheel horse 416-H

    I went to my local u-pull it junk yard lots of different cars used them on trunk lids hoods etc. oh yeah i picked up three for three dollars each good luck