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  1. Bearing plate removal

    I thought of that but the holes on the bearing plate aren't threaded. The bolts go through and thread into the block and there's no way to bring the bolt in from the back side. Unless I'm totally missing something like another threaded hole that I could use.
  2. Bearing plate removal

    I have not removed the oil pan yet. I have been following the sevice manuals instructions on disassembly. Think it will help if I take that off now?
  3. Bearing plate removal

    Tried that, no such luck!
  4. Bearing plate removal

    Hey guys, K321- Tearing down the engine for a rebuild. I got the flywheel off without a problem. How about the bearing plate? I took the 4 bolts out that hold it on but I can't get it off. What's the trick? its my first engine rebuild so bare with my newb questions. There will be more coming for sure thanks!
  5. K321 head gasket

    I replaced the head gasket and it it was still putting out a puff of smoke every 5 seconds or so. It was running fine except for the smoke and the oil coming out around the head gasket. I'm going to buy a kit and get the head flattened correctly. Thanks for all the help guys
  6. K321 head gasket

    Thanks for the info guys. I think I'm going to purchase a rebuild kit. Any recommendations on which one to purchase and from where? Are any better than others? I've never rebuilt an engine before but I think it'll be a fun project this fall. I plan on using it this winter to plow the driveway. Joe
  7. K321 head gasket

    Good afternoon guys, New to me 414-8 with a K321S It was smoking quite a bit when I got it so I decided to replace the head gasket. I've never done one before. I took the head off, cleaned up everything I could. I installed the new one with copper gasket sealer, torqued in the proper pattern to the proper value. I ran it yesterday and it was fine. Today I ran it and oil was seeping out of the head gasket. Before I stated the tractor I re-torqued the bolts again to the proper value. I'm guessing it blew another head gasket so I took the head off again. There's oil on the outside on the third fin down but I can't see and cracks or anything. Does this look okay to you guys? Also attached is a photo of the first gasket I put on. It looks like it came apart somehow. Again, I've never done one of these until the other day so your input will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. 312H

    1990 Wheelhorse 312H 12hp Kohler EngineWas recently painted new solenoid, newer battery, all fluids changed. Starts right up, no smoke and runs very smooth. Eaton rear end in really good shape. The mower deck, 36", is included and is in pretty good shape.All lights work, new headlights and tail lights. The hyrualic lift has no issues or leaks. 1130hrs on the machine Will deliver locally if needed or out of state for a fee
  9. What would you pay?

    I think I'm going to jump on it. I think I'd kick myself in the butt if i didn't.
  10. Whats up guys, I'm looking for your opinion on how much you'd pay for this...I found a mint 314-8 50th Anniversary with under 300 hours on it, selling with the deck only. I've never purchased an anniversary edition before so just seeing what you think a fair price would be. Seller is asking $950, I think thats a pretty fair price but just seeing what you all think. Thanks in advance, Joe
  11. I found a 312H during the fall that needed some love. Cleaned, painted, new solenoid, head lights and tail lights, and finished it off with some of Terry's decals. I think it came out pretty good. Can't figure out how to rotate the pictures, sorry!
  12. Thoughts on a possible trade

    All good points guys, I appreciate it. Think I'm going to pass on it and wait for something else to pop up. Again, thanks for the opinions, I really appreciate it.
  13. Thoughts on a possible trade

    I really don't have any solid plans for what I would use it for. I have horses now, a 312-8 and 312H. I use the 312-8 to mow the grass and I picked up the 312H to have something to work on. I enjoy taking them apart, cleaning, and fixing them...Call me crazy. My snow blower is great for cleaning up my fairly small driveway. The only purpose I have in the winter with the tractors is moving in firewood. So I guess the only reason I'd want to get the D is to learn a new tractor and fix it up a little bit and probably sell it down the road. I see what your saying about getting rid of a good one for one I know nothing about, thats why I posted on here and I appreciate it (didn't really think of it that way)! I plan on getting rid of the 312H regardless once someone decides they want to buy it. I'm still fairly new to the wheel horse game so I'm just trying to learn more about the different models. Its purely a hobby for me as i said before, I don't plow or snowplow with them. It's purely a hobby to work on them with my spare time.
  14. I have been sitting on a 312H for a little while with no luck trying to sell it. I found a D160 and proposed a trade. The seller of the D160 wanted $800 or my 312H + $250. Below you will see my tractor and the D160. My 312 runs great, just went through it all in the past few months. Needs decals and headlights. D160 -- not sure of the hours. Owner says it runs great. No deck, no 3 point. Comes with the plow. Says there's a little hydraulic seepage. I haven't gone to see it in person yet. I think he's a little high on the price. From what I've seen, a D160 usually sells for around 400-500. With the lack of parts available, no deck, and no 3 point I think it would be about that price. I've never owned one myself so correct me if I'm wrong. Just looking for some feedback and some opinions. Thanks in advance, Joe
  15. Choke cable stuck

    Thanks for all the help guys. I used the hair dryer and it worked for now. Sprayed some wd40 down the cable and it seems like it's working now. I'll have to keep messing with it to see if I can fix it for good or ill just buy a new one. Thanks again! Hopefully this helps others that have the same problem.