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  1. Kholer k91

    So I have a K91 not sure if it's original to my 1961 551 but I replaced the following with all new: head gasket, carburetor, points, condenser, coil, plug wire, spark plug, oil and air filter..... now the question? Why does it not want to start when it's warm (op. temp) and some times cold. Low screw is 1 1/2 turns and high is 1 1/2 turn. Some only starts with starting fuild then fine for a little bit. Some times when it's hot won't start back up til it cooled down...
  2. I have a 1961 WH I think rj58 maybe Suburban 1st and rev. Is fine, no 2 and 3rd goes in but pops out of gear...
  3. Need help identifying my Kohler engine

    Thank you, wasn't sure
  4. Can't find anything I know some of the numbers T 2111_69 missing a number and 31424C. I think it's a K91...
  5. Suburban 400 brake band

    Hey AMC I was on goggle trying to find some parts getting a 1961 WH Suburban and the brake lever is broke in half. I can weld it but wondering if you had one by any chance.... thanks for your time