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  1. Finally picked up my Colt 2310

    The 155 only difference is colt has 10hp tech and 155 has 10hp kohler
  2. Finally picked up my Colt 2310

    Lol thanks! My 2 other horses are out back in the shed so they still out number the others lol
  3. Finally picked up my Colt 2310

    Story is guy I got it from bought it New in 1966 and he said the dealer painted it this way to sell it faster... I got new decals with it and it will be restored to original. Sat in his barn for 10+ years, he put battery charger on it and it fired right up and it doesn't smoke a lick. When these techys run good they really run good! First pic is from before I washed it
  4. Wheel horse suburban

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Wheel horse suburban

    Wheel horse suburban that all original except for tires, back tires are brand new, comes with K91 kohler that has good compression I just hadn't got to taking blower off it to tune it up and bolt on tractor. Tractor is rusty but I don't see any dents anywhere. Holds itself in gears. I have the right foot pedal and engine pulleys. I have $140 into just rear tires. If you have your own rear wheels and tires I will keep these and take less.. $300
  6. Yea thought about headed there next time I go up there. Hope he is still alive!
  7. Thank you sir... I just wanted a range and that's a start!
  8. What are you here for? I am not here to deal with any crap that's for sure. I'm meaning I'm not taking $50.
  9. Idk exactly all I know is I'm not giving it away.
  10. I could after Christmas. Will be up there Day after
  11. If I just listed it idk what to ask for it. I may put it on Facebook on auction page or something unless someone here can help with price or offers me fair price
  12. Lol well I don't want to sell it but a couple things are coming up so. I mean if I don't sell it that's ok but.
  13. Wheel horse disc

    I have a wheel horse disc for sale. Asking $125 its rusty but solid, everything moves as it should. Was gonna restore it and still might if it doesn't sell. Pm, call or text me.
  14. Just wondering what I should ask for it? I don't need to sell but would for good fair price. Never seen one for sale so idk what to ask for it. Might put it on auction page..