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  1. That looks bad a**!!!
  2. Well my parents came down to Tennessee Sunday and it's first time I have seen them in 6 months, also first time my dad has ever been to my house so that was fun! We've been to Paris...Tn lol and showed them hank Williams jr's house.. then me and dad went to see a friend of mine that has huge AMC collectionalso the orange javelin is actually a 69 Amx with javelin nose that's been built like the prototype since the guy bought it in 1974 (didn't get very many pics as weeds grown up on most of it!). just thought I would share some of the trip. They brought my little cousin down too IMG_2363.MOV
  3. Your right Chris! Maybe next weekend I will get to look into the steering issue. Also the clutch only comes out a few inches
  4. Idk I'm no mother but I love the matador and the pacers.. everyone likes to point fingera at some cars amc built cuz they were smaller company but all the big company's had some ugly cars. Lol I'm sure your not the only one saying that phrase!
  5. O yeah! I love my Massey. I got $25 into buying it and never gonna sell it. Got some small plans for that one but the tires are very expensive so it's on the back burner lol
  6. 16 Acouple more
  7. Before the WD40 bath
  8. Thanks for those awesome pics! Dad told me that was on this weekend. We both wished we could of went.. he wanted to take his drag car! I went to a cruise in Saturday and this beauty was there
  9. Well my parents brought me my wheel horse 1045 and this cub 72 and #2 cart I bought from my buddy in NY for my son.. Runs great and he already made I trail around the house with it..
  10. Well I had my family pick up a 1045 for me up in New York a few months ago and I just finally got to see it in person. My parents came down with a trailer load of stuff for me including the 1045 and the 1 bottom plow I bought from sqounk.. and another yellow and white tractor and wagon.... 1045 runs great but needs work as steering is very stiff, and that makes it jump teeth. Also lift cable doesn't lift rear hitch...
  11. Thanks dell! Great pictures!
  12. Yea thanks for the pictures!!!
  13. Haha thanks for reminding me of that one... what good is a tub cart if I don't bring a dang hitch pin!
  14. Actually your prolly right. May have to get an extra one for her once she knows I'm getting one. She got one last year! Dell yea this is one of the only bad things about moving south as it's harder to get to the show! I've already showed my kids all the pics everyone is posting and my daughter def wants to go back and my son wants to go for his first time too. Only bright side to this weekend is my parents are coming to visit from NY tomorrow or Sunday and dad is bringing me my "new to me" 1045 He picked up for me in NY and the wheel horse 1 bottom I got from Sqounk. So I'm excited to get those... and don't repeat this in hear but he is also bringing me the all original Cub 72 W/EZ vacuum "k91" that may possibly make into my suburban also known as "killer" and a nice #2 IH cart I bought from my buddy up there.... lol
  15. I made the show last year and got plans to take this week off next year for the show! Dell 953nut pmed me about it and then I seen your post... but I appreciate the offer! And I wouldn't care what color I'd wear a dang pink one lol