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  1. Yesterdays Haul

    6.2 is awesome engine! I got a new superduty 6.2 from my now ex job enterprise rental car to go back to ny with. They have tons of power and my little cousin is mechanic at ford says they have yet to have to tear inside a 6.2. Good luck Pete!
  2. Yesterdays Haul

    Nice tractors.. also very nice super duty!
  3. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Found this one.
  4. Felony Green

    Speaking of this type of situation...I had a middle aged couple come to my house tonight to buy a John Deere dealer sign from me tonight... both huge John Deere fans but she seemed worse then him, well he fell in love with my RJ and wanted her to fork over money so he could buy it.. before I got to say anything she says "we would have to paint it John Deere green for it to go to my house" they would of had to kill me before they took my little RJ(killer)....
  5. Wheel horse 754

    I'd say $150 is a steal! But hey I'm no expert! I'm sure there would be guys from here lined up to buy it for that... me being one of them!
  6. Yeah I def bleed wheel horse red but I've been around cubs my whole life, my grandfather always ran them, dad and his cousin(I consider my 2nd father) also collects them and has always used them weekly to mow. So I have a tie to these yellow and white iron machines. Actually my 2nd father isn't doing very good dealing with cancer and told me he is gonna sell me his cub 71 I've been begging for. Wheel horse has them beat big time when it comes to easier to work on tho!!!
  7. Lol yeah I knew it wouldn't take them long before they wanted to pose with the tractor. My daughter begged me to drive any of the tractors today but all need little things done before we can drive them. I know 1 thing... cubs are way easier to find down here then wheel horses!!!
  8. I have a 8hp engine mounting plate $25 shipped PTO clutch parts from my C81 $45 shipped 520 brake pedal $15 shipped also have the PTO clutch from 520 for $50 shipped(pics very soon) i have more parts I will be adding asap!
  9. Yup that's what it is. The guys I got it from said he worked it hard for 20 years so it must work good lol. I think now I'm gonna have more money coming in I may restore this tractor and restore all this custom stuff as if it was original to the tractor because it was done very well and with great paint job would look factory to most ppl..
  10. It's ok Dick.. I will let it slide this time lol Gave the cub a quick bath
  11. 42 inch narrow frame cub cadet deck

    I have a very nice 42 inch cub cadet deck that came off my 122. One small patch but rest of deck is great shape.. smooth and mows great. Missing belt shields but they are easy to find and cheap. deck measures 48 inches wide but cut is prolly 42 Deck has new wheels. $150 you can either pm here or call/text 6073680308. Located in Huntingdon
  12. Why yes I did. And also just started a job a week ago that I've been trying to get since I moved.. so money is better now. Also I cleaned out my big back shed made shelfs for my wheel horse cart and #2 IH cart so that saved me room. Also this tractor may end up in New York with my dad or cousin because they are big cub guys. O and it was a deal I couldn't pass up that was gear shift not hydro. One last thing it def is NOT gonna be a Camaro! In the spring I'm gonna buy a 2013+ 5.0 mustang or maybe order brand new one. Craig... wouldn't mind having a duster someday tho lol one last thing did anyone notice I DID clean out my garage also to start making room for the new car?? Only my 2 babies left in there now, they will be last to go out back... cub is in there as I unloaded it late last night and it's where I work on them but will be headed out back when I'm done... whew you guys got me defending myself cuz I have a hobby I can't stop spending money on lol
  13. Got deck and wheel weights off, I'm gonna sell them. Looks tough now with fat heavy tires and all that hydraulic/3 point on it!