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  1. New Style 1533 Beraring

    That looks like a Red Green fix to me...just minus the duct tape!
  2. No More "Flying Seats" on 953/1054

    Very cool idea and nice of you! Now, for the non-RS Big Show folks you should post them on Ebay, add a part number (something like NOS WH-953 st-cushn*fastn-1) and sell them for $19.99 each. Probably make more than a few bucks!!!
  3. Mower deck blades questions

    I always sharpen my own blades. Takes just a minute and you are off t the races...
  4. Blackhood kinda weekend

    Safe travels.. Good thing about these horses - they stay put when you are gone and you don't need to hire someone to care for them!
  5. Blackhood kinda weekend

    Love em... Though, I like all 's....regardless of year, look, short, long, round, square, patina, perfect, etc. I guess I never really did understand the anti-black hood sentiment that is out there... Kinda odd really... Oh Well... Here's my favorite photo of my C-105 black hood...Cheers!
  6. Bucket attachment

  7. What's In Your Mirror?

    My C 105 says "Hi" to his cousin... Great tractor!
  8. Another whatizit

  9. Mine is way more simple: X=1 It does it all...
  10. Engine Oil Recommendations

  11. Ready For Spraying Season

    Great idea! I understand the "pony" reference to WH and all, but me thinks you are gonna need at least a 1/2 keg...or perhaps two or three "ponies" to make up the volume... Cheers!
  12. Ready For Spraying Season

    Very cool! You may want to add wheelie bars! Or a front weight...
  13. Snow shot Sunday!

    LUCKY! All we have here is an all day slime - 1/4 inch of ice, then sleet, rain, rain, freezing rain, sleet, rain...did I mention rain? Yuck...