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  1. Gas

  2. Newbie (Scotland )

    I am no expert but I would wager that is pretty rare on your side of the pond... I would restore it as is or just clean her up and run it!
  3. C160H Crank no start

  4. DONE!!! Decals came early! Thank you @Vinylguy!!! They are perfect! I am quite happy with it on all levels - rides perfect and I think it looks great! Thanks for following along!
  5. Nice! Be sure to post a pic of that seat in the Ugly Seat Thread - just search for "Ugly Seat Contest" on the main search bar and it will pop right up...
  6. Done with everything except the decals! They come Monday! I'm happy with it!
  7. Price of Smores will be going up

    I had no idea...Amazing those farmers have hung on this long... Just one question - Did Wheel Horse ever have any special cultivator attachments geared towards the marshmallow crop? You know, like a marshmallow combine, marshmallow cultivator, or a Smore wagon...?
  8. Hello. New C-120 Owner Here

  9. Progress today - Primed and first coat of Regal Red... Hope to finish paint tomorrow and put her all together so I can put the decals on when they get here - they shipped today! Expect them Monday! Thank You to RS vendor REDOYOURHORSE.com!!!
  10. The problem is that the crud was not uniform across the entire filter...Couple more years and it would have evened right out... Actually - 12 years with all original? Makins' of a TV commercial for Briggs if you ask me...
  11. Wheelhorsegifts.com

    Check the vendors section under classifieds. Several of them have some cool stuff...
  12. Please be safe out there!

  13. Wheel horse

    Very cool tractor! Quite unique.