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  1. Rest in Peace JimD

  2. LOVE IT! But - Flea market sellers are one thing...you should have seen my wife's face when I picked it from the trash and "towed" it home with one broken handle...She did not "feel sorry" for me...I'm thinking more along the lines of "oh...my...gosh...what...have...I...been...married...to...all...these...years?...." Of course, my other neighbor came out and proceeded to high five me for the "great score" and said he was eyeing it himself... Of course, my lovely bride just rolled her eyes even more... BTW - I like your logic - maybe I won't paint it...make it crooked... bend it up a bit while I'm at it...two different wheels...oh the possibilities are endless when there is literally no budget...
  3. Picked this wheel barrow from neighbor's trash last week. One broken handle apparently meant it was "trash"... Tore down and will be converting to a Wheel Horse style dump cart. Still in design phase...Trying to do it with only materials on hand in my garage "stockpile" of junk spare parts and other necessities...in other words - FREE. (One exception - I will be painting it red and getting some graphics for it...) Will post progress as I go along... Oh - my helper's name is Denali. Great shop dog!
  4. Bird Bath Fountain Retrofit

    Dad passed on this bird bath and I got tired of changing the water every day since it holds so little. Got to thinking about converting it to a fountain / bird bath with a large reservoir so I only need to change once in a while and can top off when needed due to evaporative loss and birds splashing... Best part was it cost $0.00!!! Used old pump and tubing from my son's salt water tank and an old painters bucket from the garage...even the coral was "free" thanks to my son's tank supply of left over stuff... I think it came out pretty nice and water changes are a breeze - just empty the 5 gallon bucket, refill and plug pump in...
  5. What have got myself? New from Western Australia

    G'day and Nice tractor!
  6. Shed find

  7. Anything Goes Sunday

  8. Happy Father's Day! Hope you all get some seat time today! Enjoy!
  9. Latest Tractor "A face only a Mother could love"

    Funny - my wife uses that statement all the time...not about the tractor though... Nice tractor!!!
  10. Old friend

    You are spot on with your comment... Here is mine "bringing in the hay"... 2.5' high in places... she didn't complain once about the job...!
  11. 42” snow blade

    I am pretty sure you can put an extension kit on this. Search for "plow Extension" and a bunch of threads come up. Not an expert but over the years I have seen a bunch of comments regarding extension kits and fabricated extensions for front blades...
  12. Shooting the big 50!!!

    Boom... Very cool. Did she hit the mark?
  13. Front End Friday

  14. What Horse, and how old

    1982 C-105 2016 Free from my brother One and only - still in use...