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  1. I dunno...may be a Black Hood thing... But I wish we were getting it! Aside from the seat time, I had the nicest day of skiing locally last Saturday I have had in SE Michigan that I can remember - Sunny, warm, perfect snow, no crowds...
  2. I'm New--but I'm not...

  3. Gotta be one of us Michigan guys stirring the pot... Saw that clock - nice but pricey... I do understand the link policy but I like 953 nut's point: Seems info could be shared with simple reference without links...? But I defer to the mods / admin...
  4. Do you live in an unusual house?

    No pics unfortunately, but back in the day (30 years ago) I lived in a converted chicken coop on a local farm. It was actually very nice and the rental rate was right... Boy did I get some ribbing from friends on that choice of housing...Why did Jim cross the road?...There he goes running around like a Jim with his head cut off...Fox in a hen house... You get the picture... It's long gone now - rows of cookie cutter houses... Great idea for a thread - look forward to the responses!
  5. Great forum!

    That's about as close to NOS as they come!!!
  6. Need Help

    Sorry to hear about your loss...hope nobody got hurt. I would also look at the closed classifieds here on RS...at least give you an idea of value range perhaps...
  7. Caption This one?

    Yeah Sure you just "won" it... Let me see your license and registration, son... You were going 4 mph in a 2 mph zone... We don't like troublemakers in these parts...
  8. help to identify Attachment???

  9. How far will you go?

    Uphill both ways in the snow I bet!!!
  10. Round one of this Nor’easter is done!

    That's the very rare NOS 857ldr-roof-a-matic.snw.rmvr... It was a WH prototype designed exclusively for large snow events to help with roof clearing using blowers. It was discontinued due to liability concerns for exactly the reason Squonk notes: they became "quite tipsy"...But the WH lawyers were referring to the driver after hours of plowing and the typical use of hot toddies to assist the operator - not the stability of the tractor...