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  1. Check this thread out - Post #32... What unique things have you towed behind your Horse?
  2. What would you buy to keep forever?

    For little ones I agree with @953 nut...A Lawn Ranger... But I am partial to the Black Hoods myself...My One and only C-105 is my favorite... Good luck!
  3. Woodwork

  4. Side shot Sunday!

    Great time to anticipate the high holy season of Winter!!!
  5. Picked up another B80 for parts ?

    Go with the diesel...
  6. Happy Birthday SylvanLakeWH

    Thanks All! Appreciate the warm wishes!
  7. Happiest kids on the block

    Good fun! Lucky kids - lucky Dad!
  8. New Horse Man

  9. My new shop

  10. Capstan winch mod!

    - VIDEO!!!

    Great Deal! I will pay you twice what you paid if you want to get rid of it!!!
  12. Ball Park Value 1957 RJ 35 Wheelhorse

    You are in the right place for help and info! Good luck on your purchase!
  13. D-200 making of a fuel tank

    Beautiful Work!
  14. Rebuild or go new

    You are in the right spot for all things !!! Not a motor guy so I had a shop rebuild my Kohler 10 about 2 years ago. Smoked like a chimney and made unnatural sounds...Needed a bore and some new guts...Spent around $750 if I remember correctly. Probably more than many do it yourselfers would say reasonable, but I like the 10 HP Kohler and the tractor was free to me so it was good. Kept the tractor with an original engine as well... A lot of folks have mentioned the Predator engines from Harbor Freight in other posts as very inexpensive and decent to operate. When I looked into it they were about 1/2 the price for what I paid to have the Kohler rebuilt. But for me, keeping the Kohler was important and I did not want to change the tractor in that regard. I would rebuild it...