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  1. GOOD to see a fellow Michigander!!!
  2. Love the bug eyes!
  3. Love them Black Hoods! Folks will be along shortly who can answer your Q's...
  4. Are you sure the blade size is correct? I would double check... Gonna sound silly, but I recently had to return to the auto parts store because the wiper blades I bought for my car were two different sizes - one was on the wrong rack behind the correct one and as usual I was in a hurry so I just grabbed the first two - only checking the "top" one for size... ...Point is, start simple...mistakes happen. Turn it over and triple check...
  5. Lucky Dad... Lucky kid... Lucky friend...
  6. I like all chili. I have never eaten any that I did not enjoy...
  7. A90

    Post this in the "wanted" section of the classifieds...Click on the "Classifieds" link at the top of the page...
  8. Still a WHOPPER...
  9. How about a totally new acronym for our engines / motors to settle this once and for all? I propose "WHOPPER" - Wheel Horse Origin of Propelling Power Energy and Resources. As an example, a post on RS could read: Hey, my C-105 10 HP WHOPPER is blowing a thick blue haze at start-up, but then stops after a while - Is that normal? While on the Electric WH threads it could read: Hey, my E-141 WHOPPER is making a funny noise, kinda like a file on a metal edge. Should I be concerned? Now - After 15 - 20 Supporters chime in and pester the poor dude for not posting pictures, I think they would eventually get around to answering his question - regardless of which fossil fuel (coal, natural gas or Gasoline) fueled his WHOPPER at the time of the event noted... Now can't we all just get along and stare at the red eye candy elsewhere on this forum (including their WHOPPERS)?