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  1. Very cool! Great to be able to show my kids a 4 stroke and what that means!
  2. The notoriously thrifty Ponds probably got them on sale and used them for lights for a run of the "D's"...Or, more probable - previous owner "upgrade"...
  3. Very cool car! - Kinda James Bond-ish... HHHMMM...I'm thinking again, which is always dangerous... POTUS = President of the United States SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the United States LOTUS = ???
  4. Mount that baby sideways with a saw mill blade in lieu of the pulley and you would have one awesome brush cutter... Just saying'...
  5. Front, mid or rear mount???
  6. OOPS! Still a nice area in the greatest State!
  7. Great to see another Michigander! Otsego is a great area! Spent a lot of time as a kid at a relative's cottage on Lake Manuka just around the corner...Always knew we were "up north" when we got to the Waters exit on I-75...!!!
  8. Huh? Them's big words... My little old 10 hp 8 speed does it all, and what it doesn't do doesn't need doing...
  9. Um...I already own it......
  10. Love the Black Hoods!
  11. Leave em and call it "patina"... Less work, no chips and frankly - they are wheel weights...Think about that for a minute and weigh (pun intended) the need to paint them...