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  1. Hello from Bama

  2. Hello from Maryland

  3. Check out what I picked up at the dump!

    Perfect for a WH parade / Big Show ride along trailer...just hitch it up and have someone jump on!!!
  4. Bringing a C125 back to life

    Love the Black Hoods!
  5. just saying hi

  6. We got it made here!

    Only forum I belong to for all the reasons noted above. So much garbage out there it is a pleasure to peruse this site...Great group of folks...
  7. The time has come.

  8. New here from Greencastle IN

    Sorry for your loss... You will find all kinds of outstanding and sympathetic advice on this forum. Good group of folks who just want to help out and love Wheel Horse Tractors...
  9. Newby

  10. Christmas Surprise

    Very Cool! Love the Black Hoods! If the 10 HP is original then it's a C-105 just like mine! Great machines! Enjoy the build and keep us hooked with lots of pics as you go! Lucky Boy...Lucky Dad!
  11. Need some advice

    Perhaps it's time to degrease the rest of it and go with a new shade? Don't think you will get back the original patina since it looks like the degreaser took off more than grease...
  12. All three horses

    Love the Black Hoods!