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  1. This year - Raider...Next year - 1276...Then Repeat...
  2. and ... Check your grounds and tighten everything up...I love the blackheads, but the shaker mount does shake!!!
  3. Prayers for speedy and complete recovery...
  4. And I would only do it outside with a fan directly on it dissipating the fumes immediately...
  5. I "liked" your post but I do not like what's happening!
  6. Can't get any better than that! You are one lucky Grandpa and he is one lucky Grandson!
  7. That's an understatement about a lot of these guys (not me)... It's bordering on freaky how much they know and how willing they are to walk you through just about anything that is remotely related to Wheel Horse...
  8. But I have to ask - is that a down coat on your Florida ???
  9. Amen to that "strange world" comment!!! Yes - Snow skiing...This is my 50th year of skiing, 25 of those years as a National Ski Patroller... That's my concern as well...This is nuts!
  10. Prayers for you and your family.
  11. Enjoying a nice camp fire in the back yard today, minding my own business with an adult beverage, when along comes a bee! Now, if it was June in Michigan that would not be a remarkable or even noticed event. But did I mention it's February - in Michigan - and it's 60 DEGREES!!! AND, I will be skiing tomorrow!!! Go Figure...
  12. Post what you want in the "wanted" section of the classifieds here on Red Square...