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  1. My 753 wheel horse

    Good to see yet another Michigander!!!
  2. Newbi question

    Pics will be most useful!
  3. wh

    Check out the manuals section on the main page...
  4. GT 14 new to site.

  5. Rear Discharge Deck - 42" (42MR01)

    Changed Price to $10 - Yet Another Price Drop!
  6. Rear Discharge Deck - 42" (42MR01)

    Dropped price again! Don't want to scrap it but no need for it...
  7. Value

    If you can post a pic you will get better input from folks...
  8. I have not tried this on a WH but have used it numerous times to get overspray off of stuff that I was not intending to spray...
  9. B-80 8 speed

    Don't ask how I know...
  10. Snowblower or Plow?

    I am one of the few "single " guys so... my take is wee bit different... I am cheap - very cheap...So I go with what my C-105 came with for free - A plow blade... It works way faster than my two stage blower and is way more fun!!! After all - If I need to spend a bit of time finding places to put the snow - what is the problem? IMHO More seat time is not a problem...
  11. Snowplow

  12. Winter traction

    Experiment this year...Usually use chains and barbell weights on back with my plow blade. This year - Nothing. So far so good. Two 6" - 8" snows and a bunch of 1" - 3" and its been pretty darn good... I do 3 driveways - all 150' and relatively flat...one concrete and 2 asphalt... Standard turf tires. Pro: I like the lack of hassle putting chains and weights on / off and no scratch marks on the driveways. Con: Some slipping on corners. Occasional slipping under full load of snow... No - I'm not crazy. Just seeing this year if it is worth the hassle and the damage to the drives from chains. So far so good...