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  1. Prayers for an accurate diagnosis and recovery.
  2. My C-105 says "HI" to her cousin! Just rebuilt mine this year - great tractor! Love the Black Hoods!
  3. May want to check out this thread... Frontbucket attachment. hermitman posted a topic in Restorations, Modifications, & Customizations Sooo. I'm trying to work on a transmission. Son says I'm getting to old to haul mulch by hand come spring. Me. Whatever! Two hours later and scrap laying around, he came up with this. Don't even have to get off tractor to hook up! What a guy!! Thanks buddy!! January 22 26 replies 20
  4. Nice catch! And, glad you are now a supporter...This is the best site on the web - clean content, good people, good advice and no nonsense...The Admins and the Mods do a great job keeping it that way - worth every penny!
  5. Key thing to remember as a RS Supporter - NO green, yellow, blue, orange, black (unless on one of God's chosen Black hoods), or any grey (unless it is for a Workhorse)... These aforementioned colors are considered capital offenses, displeasing to the eye, and are immediate justification for calling together the Red Square Color Validation Committee (RSCVC) for institution of Red Square excommunication proceedings... Just kidding...
  6. Yikes! Too bad...
  7. Partial to Black Hoods, so my vote goes with @varosd. If it rolls good, put an engine in it and use it...
  8. LOVE the Black Hoods!
  9. Better get those goggles out...
  10. Michigan's State Motto says it all: "Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice" "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." Michigan is simply a "Superior" State! Old 's are smart - They know where to live.
  11. Godspeed.