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  1. How many on here live in WV.How bout this how many you Outta Staters would help put a show or two together in WV? I ask one wheel horse man did he know of any WV Wheel Horse Owners he could not get past "NO"
  2. This will sound a little weird but it worked back in the day. My Dad had a boat trailer and he put Oak walk way down it so he could walk down the trailer to hook rope to bow eye. Anyway a friend was at our house one day and he said Dad should paint the boards with Rust- Olum paint and while it was still tacky sprinkle coarse sand on the paint for traction. Dad did this and it worked perfect.. Thought this idea may fly for you guys just sayin.
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    Very nice job Elliott I have a 71 Charger 12 I almost fell over. My first Horse.