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  1. Rebuilding a Wheel Horse underdog

    Maybe I should have welded some heavy washers to the rain cap , theres a lot of volume coming through that pipe
  2. Are you the one that made the chrome stack muffler and I think it came in two lengths? I seen it a couple of months but couldn't find it now.  If so when do you think you will have some more

    1. jimkemp


      Hi Jerry , I make them all the time if you need one , they come in 6" and 8" long mufflers and 2 1/2" and 3" diameter , 1" pipe thread in male of female thread , they all come with a 8" chrome stack that bolts on , they cost $60 and that includes shipping to the lower 48 states , you can pay for them by sending a money order or by paypal , just let me know when you want one


      Thanks , Jim

    2. Jerry Park

      Jerry Park

      Yes I want one either size will work just let me know where to send money. As soon as you get one would be great. Thanks Jerry Park

  3. Chrome Tip Stack Muffler

    I can send you one if you need it , it would be just one from the hardware , I am out of the real heavy duty ones that I have had in the past
  4. Kohler K91

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Kohler K91

  6. Kohler K91

    I have a rebuilt K91 motor I am going to part with , this tractor is going in a different direction , so I don't need the motor , it has a new carb , a fresh bore with a new piston that is +.20 , it was built by a local small engine machine shop for me , has only been run for about 30 mins just to break it in , $350 includes shipping to the lower 48 , its sad to say that I have more than that in it but its got to go
  7. New pulling hitch for my horse

    Is this one of the tractors to get a stack muffler ? , I like the way it looks , Nice job
  8. I like the tires and the mini bike in the back ground , Welcome aboard , its a fun little trip we are all taking down The Wheel Horse river
  9. Here Goes the 856

    Eastwood sells a kit for repairing steering wheels , I have used it in the past and it works great , look it up at eastwood.com , I love the red on the muffler
  10. Newbie here and just got a 310-8

    A lot of great info on this forum , have fun , look around , and think about becoming a supporter of the forum
  11. Here Goes the 856

    Glad you like the muffler , I really got to get back to work on my 656
  12. Chrome Tip Stack Muffler

  13. Chrome Tip Stack Muffler

    Also have 6" and 8" mufflers with 8" chrome tip with 2 1/2" dia. muffler body , they are all the same price and include shipping
  14. Chrome Tip Stack Muffler

    I wanted to put a new add up for my stack mufflers , these are 6" or 8" mufflers with 8" chrome stack , 3" dia body , they have 1" pipe thread inlet but I can build them with a 3/4" pipe thread inlet if you needed , they are baffled on the inside to give the motor some back pressure , These are great for pulling tractors or just to add that custom touch for your daily mower , they are $60 shipped to the lower 48 states only , ( sorry the price went up by $10 as the chrome tip price went up ) , And yes I now have a paypal acc so paying for just got easier for every one , PM me if you need more info , Thanks Jim
  15. Exhaust Pipe

    That tractor needs duel stacks to go with those duel wheels , look for a manifold to mount duel stacks in your box that will be on its way Monday , That tractor looks GREAT