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  1. Happy Birthday Bob


    Just received my seat cover from Bob .... the craftsmanship is outstanding !
  3. While in preparation today...

    NO ..... I think this pic is all smoke and mirrors. You all know how good Craig is at photoshopping. I don’t think we’ll ever see the inside of the “Magic Shed” . That’s top secret West Point stuff there.
  4. Happy Birthday Sparky!

    Have a Mike ! Hope it’s a good one
  5. So I visit another forum that I belong to but don’t frequent there often (6 replies) . The first thing for topics was donations so I read that and basically the same as our site. The next new topic was under politics (With no moderation) so I read a couple and didn’t like what I was reading so I made a post. I simply said I wouldn’t donate $ to the site , lend any of my knowledge or information of N.O.S. parts that I have as long as there was a political views on the forum. .... I was called a TARD , TROLL , told to leave , go back to that green tractor site , don’t let the door hit me in the @z$ . This was from 3 or 4 different people within ten minuets. Couldn’t defend myself fast enough and they didn’t care if I was there . So I kindly told them that this “TARD” was leaving. I know I didn’t have to read the politics section or even post (I’m sorry I did) but I just gave my opinion . So I just wanted to thank @nylyon Karl @Sparky Mike and the rest of the MOD’s for keeping clean and family friendly. This is truly the best forum on the net .
  6. Nice Rear

    @squonk maybe he could hook you up so you don’t have to worry about your reefer when the power goes out... !
  7. Happy Birthday bowtieguy


    @BOB ELLISON @squonk I know what your saying, do everything possible to keep that good doctor once you find one.
  9. Happy Birthday Cruisinblue48

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dave ! .........save room for ice cream .
  10. K90 & 91 Score

    score Jim.....but of that K90 too ! Thanks the anticipation was killing me... !
  11. Grease Zerk

    .....we’d never do that ! Thanks @Chris G learned something new today. @Walhonding520 Good luck with that Alemite fitting . Only other suggestion I would have is maybe some heat and let cool .
  12. craigslist find

    That’s the thing with these old nut roasters .... you got to be quick to catch a good Horse even one that’s left out to pasture. I’ve learned that if you even think it’s close to a good deal don’t hesitate there’s time to dicker and deal when you get there . Lost more than one from procrastinating .