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  1. wha

  2. Any chance @GlenPettit could reproduce the original hood ornament in plastic and use this paint as a trial run (I could use a couple) see how it holds up . Maybe he could take a poll to see how much interest there’d be .
  3. @WHX14 those look like OTR’s to me....I think you’ll like them. They’re a softer compound and bit really good .
  4. 314 hydro, oil leak / filler cap

    Make sure the air cleaner is assembled correctly and or isn’t clogged .
  5. Todays Wheel Horse Therapy Session

    You can fix this problem by becoming a supporter and post all the you want....
  6. Happy Birthday Brandon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON ... hope you get some seat time today .
  7. Photobucket

    Was going through a bunch of older threads and seen how many photos the forum lost. Then I went to the photobucket website. Was I ever shocked to see how much they want to charge for third party hosting...$399.99 a year (that’s 2 lifetime supporter memberships) . I just uploaded my photos over to google to free up space in my iCloud. I’m cheap and it was all free . Being a supporting member of sure is a bargain and the ease of posting pics and videos is well worth it .

  9. Lets see the snow rigs!

    The 520 Wheel-a-Matic earning its keep . Sorry for the short video...but that’s what I get for asking my teenage daughter to make a short video !
  10. Happy Birthday Ed Kennell

    Happy Birthday Ed have a good one my friend . I’m sure this brings back some memories !
  11. Vintage Trucks

    ......That’s what I’m talking about @C-85 perfect example of what a truck should be . I truly believe the 88-98/99 GM trucks were the best truck ever . @elcamino/wheelhorse If I lived down south I’d find me a clean example of one these , especially a 98 . The new trucks sheet metal is so thin and talk about gadget and dodads that can eventually be a nightmare just my .
  12. Vintage Trucks

    @PeacemakerJack don’t let that picture fool you of that 98 . Flat Black paint can can hide rust pretty good . After that picture he welded in new lower doors, rockers and cab corners. My cousin who owns a body shop was very impressed with my son’s work . It’s in the middle of a frame swap with a 6.5 diesel with Cummings turbo , among other upgrades to bulletproof the engine. Here’s my daughters truck and my son’s with the bumper rinolined .
  13. 4 WD tractor pics...

    This is a steel at $5000 in central NJ. Allis Chalmers 5020 (20hp Diesel) with FEL and only 1500hrs.
  14. Vintage Trucks

    @WVHillbilly520H ... rough country 2 1/2 “ level kit along with a 1 1/2” BDS body lift (very easy to install and heavy duty bumper brackets ) . He’s also added the aftermarket 20” GMC oem style wheels , tuner , K&N filter kit and a Flowmaster cat back exhaust with 44 series mufflers . Since this photo he’s also color matched the bumpers with Rinoliner to match the oem color matched grill (it was cheaper and faster than having it painted). He did however pull the chrome off the headlights and had them painted. He gets lots of wherever he goes. For a present we bought him Covercraft seat covers https://www.covercraft.com/us/en/seat-covers and Weather tech floor liners . One of the best investments you can do to save your interior from wear and tear.