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  1. Caddilac kind?

    Gonna go check out my 82 Pontiac Grand Prix tomorrow see what state it’s in and if the 406 is still good . Been sitting since early 2000’s outside . Will be taking some don’t worry . I haven’t seen it in over seven years.
  2. Caddilac kind?

    ..... !
  3. What's In Your Mirror?

    good score Kevin! @pullstart Shoot I’d sold you mine and it doesn’t even smoke (though she does need some love) . Even has hydraulic lift , blade and mower (no holes) $200
  4. Nice Suprise!

    The people on this forum simply amazes me. Seems as if everyone goes outta the way to help a fella out no matter how many states are between them.
  5. Wheel Horse Museum ?

    I’d need a big trailer or box truck unless I can get Kevin to pack it up for me !
  6. Wheel Horse Museum ?

    Though I’m younger than most of you guys I find myself in the same predicament . Seems all my help has disappeared and recent health issues has really got me thinking . The last time a Horse has moved or even started in my stable was in March . So I’ve decided by next summer I want to whittle my collection down to two tractors and rid myself of all parts and attachments . How I’m going to accomplish this is the big question .
  7. If another tractor shows up here I’m afraid I’ll be locked up and she throw away the key !
  8. That’s what people tell me . So I joined this support group but all it did was make me buy little red tractors !
  9. Busted.....Craig caught me !
  10. guys I broke in but there’s a chance I left some DNA behind !
  11. Happy Birthday Jay

  12. Massey Ferguson 14

    Thank you . Can’t wait to see the MF all done up.
  13. Massey Ferguson 14

    Looks very nice . Have @Vinylguy make you up some whimsical Yardbird graphics . Yours are nice but he can make some really cool stuff. Here’s my 520 that we came up with some custom graphics to make it look like a 1075 Wheel-a-Matic.
  14. Massey Ferguson 14

    Always loved the look of those MF . I just sold mine ( MF12 variable speed ) but I’ll be watching your build . How about some pics of that Power Max ? For some odd reason I like the orange ones too ! Must of been all the big orange tractors we sold at the family’s dealership .