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  1. Happy Birthday Terry!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY ... save some room for !
  2. project pud puller build

    The video won't open on my iPad . Do you have a YouTube link ?

    I'm sure he'll love it ... I know I do !
  4. He'd probably except a payment but I'm just going to let someone else enjoy them . I'm use to having to pass on many deals because of my handicap and logistics . @gkendall99 messaged me back and all's good. He understands my predicament. Just wish there was more people out there like him on CL .
  5. Happy Birthday Doug!

    Have a a good birthday Doug !
  6. I'm sorry to say that I'm that CL person . I couldn't get anyone to help me this weekend to pick them up and I couldn't leave Glenn hanging any longer . He did his part . Things I can't control are the worst (which is a lot) feeling ever . Hopefully someone here will get them up .
  7. Auction today

    Great score ! Did you get most of the round hood then ? That's what I was spying 👀among the other goodies.
  9. Auction today

    I see a big pile of happiness... ! Good luck Ed
  10. Happy Birthday Van!

    Happy Birthday Van... have a good one and save room for !
  11. GT-2500 Stalls when PTO engaged

    ...like Gary said Hello fellow Michigander and welcome to ! You live in the same town as one of our favorite members/vendor's @GlenPettit . Consider becoming a supporter http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/store/category/1-redsquare-support/ if you plan on sticking around. Pics help us help you and we just love or make a video post it to YouTube and make a link . That would really help . You'll soon find out why there's such a following of Tractors , as most of us just can't own one . They're like Lays potato chips. Along with what Gary said it sounds like you have some mechanical ability so that's a good start . I guess my first question would be how long did the tractor set and second did you pull the carb and give it a good cleaning ? You could try some Seafoam in the fuel system to clean it out too (I'd do both) . Next make sure the outside of carb is clean also and that the governor linkage (all linkages) moving freely and not all gummed up . If the governor isn't working right it will kill the engine when a load is placed on it .Make sure the throttle and choke shafts don't have excessive play and are sucking air . Are the fuel lines /filter needing replaced as this newer fuel eats the rubber clogging things up . Lastly how's the compression on the engine ? I'm sure someone else here will chime in soon too and get this figured out .
  12. Howard you took the words right outta my mouth........... I think !
  13. Allis Chalmers wanna be.

    Cough ....
  14. Richie stay safe my friend and I just noticed that radar map matches your GT-14 badge....