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  1. Black Hood/back-up camera

    What’s in your screen .....
  2. Another one

    That’s a dandy ! Trying to make Jim jealous..... ... and Is that dealership still around ?
  3. Commando no mow ?

    Thanks Richard.... !
  4. Commando no mow ?

    I’m betting it was used on this one which came from the same place . Charger 12 runs no smoke but needs a lot .
  5. Commando no mow ?

    Also do you think someone added the floor boards or changed the hood ? Looks to be all original but all the images I come across have stirrups with that hood . Doesn’t look like there was ever a 8 in the white sticker on the hood stand . Wouldn’t take much to bring this one back . A seat/reupholstered , escutcheon plate , cap for steering wheel, choke cable , gen/star belt guard and a wet sand/buff . The tractor isn’t here so I can’t get the model/serial #’s
  6. Looking for pictures of belt / pto setup. I don’t know if I have all the parts to hook up mower and really need to get it going. The parts in the seat are what I have.

    I’ll pm you . Have some questions?

    I’ve been patiently waiting for some help with my tractor so I can get some pictures ..... !!!
  9. Heard from Glen Pettit

    Yes , glad to hear ! Prayers still being sent .
  10. The Dynamic Duo

    Sweet score Jim but you’re still on a odd number @WHX19 ..... !!! I just quit counting .
  11. So this weekend my cuz took some of the herd to a pole barn he can use in exchange for grounds maintenance . He went to the barn loaded the C120/160 frackinhorse then come by my barn grabbed the Commando8 . He dropped off the C120 at his dads and then took the Commando8 to or mechanic friend. My cousin and friend went back over to the barn to grab something and when he opened the door this was in there ? Now mind you he was only gone for a half hour . Well I’ll after a while we figured it out . The high school football team was doing a scrap drive and the dumpsters were located behind the old middle school where the barn is also located across the parking lot. The coach had seen my cousin with the trailer loading and moving tractors around. Five minutes after he left a guy showed up with this for the scrap drive. Told them it just quit running last year and wasn’t going to mess with it. So after the guy left the coach rolled it across the parking lot and put it in the barn . When the coach was telling my cousin this he said just make a small donation to the team . My cousin responded right back and said you know all that scrap your getting at my cousins most of it was from my jobs . Four trucks worth. Cleaned up my yard ! So in the end we all won . Is your addiction bad when the whole town knows you collect and you have people just drop you off tractors or call you about a tractor they have . Two weeks ago we picked up a 520H for under $200 . The guy called out of the blue and said please come get it . I’ll get pictures of it after it gets done doing yard cleanup chores at my cousins FIL house. Yes it’s a running mowing no smoking tractor too .
  12. This weekends haul

    Your correct Dells that lift handle for a suburban . The other parts are just a wishlist as is the idea of custom being built . Heck I’ll be lucky to get that special pic to Terry for the trading cards in time.
  13. This weekends haul

    Needing a RJ lift handle (for my 59), These are for a custom I’m wanting to build-10” five bolt rims, set of stirrup footrest, lawnranger 6” rims . I’m sure there’s more and I’ve got a lot of RJ and round hood parts and different attachments I need to unload myself.
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