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  1. @Thegearhead0324 are you wanting to run a 12" wide tire? If so most garden tractors run a 12"x10.5 wide rim with 12"rim-12"wide-24"tall tire .Take for instance a 23"x10.5"-12" tire used on a 520H , it used a 8.5" wide rim .
  2. Great videos and pics @AMC RULES love to see a hard working horses ! If my old RanchKing 18hp 46"cut can clear out 3 acres of 4' tall weeds and brush , that 520 should have no problems . Like others have said you just have to be couscous.
  3. I found this pic of Brennan and my little cuz Sam riding around the grounds on Saturday morning . Sam had a great time hanging out with your son . He said he's definitely coming back next year but we need to leave the girls at home !
  4. I PM'd @Shaggy when I first seen the pics and he said he was going to post the details of his epic roller coaster of a ride ... still waiting !
  5. ... @squonk I don't get it either ? When I seen the title for this thread I laughed and thought oh boy here we go . For sure I thought some sort of action would have been taken . Go figure ! I love the "play on words" intentional or not. Was I offended by it...NO ! I'm dirty minded , very sarcastic and joking around with my friends gets me through the day. I guess the answer is...we'll never no . Now I just go with the flow . @Govlarry dale as far as a good machine shop try going to your local garden tractor or agricultural dealer and see who they use . Also try your local Napa or CarQuest as some have machine shops too .
  6. @AMC RULES does that work the hand control or eliminate it ?
  8. @specialwheelhorse your in our prayers.
  9. .... but I definitely wasn't going to be the first to respond about the title either .
  10. Have a great birthday Glenn ...
  11. Heck yea ... That's a smoking deal I'd jumped up outta my chair for that one !
  12. ...To all that above ! @stevebo just did a cut (2000grit wet sand maybe 3000) , and buff on my 1057 at the Big Show . It turned out beautiful but my paint was in better shape than yours to start with . Please spill your guts give us the details !
  14. The 656 in my stable ran great until we cleaned the carb ... now there's to much play in the throttle and choke shafts. While at the big show I was asking around about carbs . Some guy overheard my conversation, grabbed a Walbro carb said find one with the correct linkages on top and you'll have no more problems . Now to find that carb...anyone have an idea which Walbro carb that would be ? @buckrancher any ideas?