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  1. We are the same age we couldn’t cause that much mischief ! The weather up here sucks an I’m seeing a move in the near future. Look at Emory using that hand/arm ... That’s some good occupational therapy right there and he doesn’t even realize it . He’s a little man on a mission making sure it’s nice and straight.
  2. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Sorry haven’t been around. For some reason everything I was following just stopped ? Anyways these guys are giving you good advice. I’m still up for coffee when ever you want to meet up . If you have questions and my dad ever answers the phone he’ll try to help you best he can . There’s pullers around these parts who will only let him touch/rebuild their carburetor . They swear by his abilities to have them spot on when they bolt them back on .
  3. Hiding out in the tunnels again are we ? Heck I’d be finding a way to get one of Mickey’s steaks out of one of the sit down restaurants . Hands down the best steaks I have eaten anywhere and this comes from a guy who grew up on them still walking around on four legs . @dells68 I’m still up for adoption ... Great progress on the resto . That black metal flake is really going to make it standout ! ‭
  4. Wanted

    I’m cnfused...I was talking to @Mastiffman about a trade on some hub caps for a right angle gearbox? I thought I may have messaged the wrong guy but I didn’t find any other sent messages in my mailbox.
  5. Leak or push your finger off the breather . I personally like Lucas brand oil / fuel additives/cleaners products. Hot Shot stiction eliminator will also clean out your oil and fuel system/ejectors. If need be I know a place that can test your injectors .
  6. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    Is the best site on the net PERIOD! It’s my escape from my reality and keeps me sane... Who’d thought a tractor forum could do that . Thanks for putting up with my rants and raves that seem just to spew out . MOD’s you’re the best and don’t get the credit you all deserve ... even with the little trouble “I’ve” caused we hashed it out . You invited me back , remained friends (hopefully) and forgave me . The people here are the best . Always helping big or small and listening to what people have say . It doesn’t matter with this group. Heck if I needed a kidney I think I could post a want ad and probably get one . Karl for bringing us all together! Eleven years and counting .
  7. Happy Birthday Koen!!

    See you on Skype soon mate...we can make fun of all the old farts!
  8. Dial-a-Height Broke Today

    ... or A-Z tractor in the vender section. Here’s a link
  9. My buddy runs the maintenance at one of the golf clubs close by and our local course looks like they’re closing down . I’ll check to see what they have laying around . Also there might be something at my dads shop that you might just have to have as there’s stuff everywhere.
  10. 416-8 has been neglected

    ... and just starring at them (for me anyways) does the same. Very nice machine you have there wallfish !
  11. @Mastiffman I’ve been wanting to do a pedal kit on my 95 520Wheel-a-matic but I’m going to have to add a 3/4” bar to relocate my front foot pads. She sat out in the open for years too but it cleaned up well and thanks to Terry it’s a one of a kind. If I can come up with some wheel spacers I’ll run my 26-12x12 ags off my Kabota and put trailer hubs on the front to run some skinny tri-ribs . I really like the ags on yours. Hope we can meet up sometime. Here’s my before and after pics.
  12. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    We all know rules...but there’s those Facebook groups too (WHCC for one) . Maybe try there too but this guy doesn’t do the Facebook thing . I can barely tune on my iPad !
  13. @Aldon said ...Got the rims and Center’s from Miller Tire in Nebraska I believe. Miller is located in Wauseon Ohio ... here’s a link Hope to see you at the Big Show again Aldon.
  14. My family owns a old Allis Chalmers Ag dealership and my uncle started a Heating and Cooling business in the mid 80’s . I started working summers with him along working at the store and living/working on our dairy farm. In 96 I went into the HVAC trade full time but had to stop at our store everyday . So I like big orange tractors and installed my share of air conditioners . So mine has a double meaning.