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  1. 12hp needs rebuild

    Sounds like you have a warped head. Lap it on some emery paper and it will show up. Wayne
  2. Happy Birthday Duke

    Happy Birthday Duke hope you have many more. Wayne
  3. Have that chip brazed back on that pulley. It will save a lot of wear on your belt. Wayne
  4. Doesn't look like your getting much for 200 bucks. Wayne
  5. Where are your winter Horses??

    Got a dusting here today, So I guess I better get ready. lol Wayne
  6. Bringing a C125 back to life

    I put a 500 series fender pan on my black hood. It looks more like the original Wayne.
  7. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Dose the governor arm need adjusting ?

    Happy Birthday Jake. Time flys, have a great day. Wayne
  9. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    I think I would put a filter before the pump. Don't want dirt in the pump.
  10. 108-5 Storage

    Ive got one of them, cool little mower.
  11. K341 VS K321 VS P216G

    Could it be spark knock ?
  12. Kohler k241 out of a 1045

    Get someone to drill and tap it for a bolt.
  13. leaf season is here

    Some say its a sine that we are going tohave a hard winter. Wayne
  14. Sputter/ dies on incline

    Maybe you've got a little water in the gas tank.
  15. 417A pressure sensor

    My KT 17 did the same thing. But I couldn't get the other part out of the block, so taped it 8-32 and put a set screw in it to stop the oil from poring out. Ill have to pull the engine and drill it out and tap it 1/8 inch pipe thread later this fall.