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  1. Offered a 252-H

    Yeah. I figure it has to have at least some good part I could use someday.
  2. Offered a 252-H

    Yes $50. I have no need for it but it seems to cheap not to buy.
  3. Offered a 252-H

    So someone offered to sell me a running driving 252-h without a mower deck. Its in decent shape, and it starts right up. I know nothing about this machine. Is it worth taking? The price is really cheap. Will other attachments work with them?
  4. Do you make a decal set for the model 502/552? I'm in the market for a set.
  5. Filled Up the El Camino Yesterday

    Nice car. Love those 80s Chevys. Use to have a 86 Monte Carlo SS with T-Tops. Just sold the car this summer. Was actually thinking of getting a 80s El Camino as a replacement.
  6. I'd love a set of cast weights.
  7. Where do you find these reproduction weights?
  8. 552 Trans

    Anyone know of a good place to get the set screw for the shifter?
  9. 552 front axle/spindles

    I'm going to dig into the front end of my 552. It has a bit of slop in the steering and spindles. Does anyone make new tie rod ends for this thing? They all have a bit of play. Also are there bushings in the front spindles?
  10. Will these work on my 552

    Already did. My tractor has narrow ag tires on it and I want to run dually wheels. Can't seem to find another set.
  11. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221358717193&alt=web Found these on eBay. Was wondering if these will work on my 552?
  12. 552 parts

    What about lawn ranger hoods and belt guards? Will those interchange?
  13. 552 parts

    Thanks for the quick reply
  14. 552 parts

    So body parts would be the same essentially?
  15. Hello guys. Quick question. I have a 552 model and was wondering if there are any other model tractors that parts will cross fit with mine? I am looking at a ebay auction and someone is selling a lot of sheet metal parts off of a 1962 wheel horse but it doesnt list the model. They look like my tractor but I wasnt sure what other models were made in 1962.