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  1. Wheel Horse D160 Muffler arrived

    Mine is a 75 C160 with a 16hp Kohler... Exhaust is rusty, looks like hell. Actually... Got a lot of work to do.
  2. I'm pretty new to this. Got my 1st WH last summer. C160. Going to start fixing her up... Bought new treads for it. Kenda K299 26X11X12... 

    1. tractorhogg


      I've been collecting about ten years I have over 20 tractors of about 8 brands all single cylinder  hydros

  3. New guy

    It was very neat... Add to the fact that we are both Marines, separated by 40 years as well... My wife said, "Leave it up to you, 60,000 Craigslist adds and you find a Marine WheelHorse Owner" Irony...
  4. New guy

    Hello all... I am now a proud owner of a 1975 C160. Firstly... I know I have a great machine, secondly... I don't know how great but am looking forward to finding out. It seems to me, to be all original... 16HP Kohler was rebuilt a couple of years ago. It starts immediately, does not smoke. It came with the plow, wheel weights, tire chains, and the 48" deck. The deck needs a lot of work such as spindles, but structurally it is solid. She looks 40 years old, but in time, I will have fun restoring her to as close as the original that I can. It was a 2 owner. The 81 year old man I bought it from, bought it in 1978. It has about 620 hours. I will post more pictures of the details...but here she is for now... Oh yeah... It came with the original manuals... Trans, parts, owners, deck, and plow manuals.... All are in incredible shape... Ill post those as well.
  5. New guy

    1st question... I plan on picking the C160 up tomorrow. How long is that machine with a snow blade attached? I have a F150 pickup. Will it fit??? Thank you!!
  6. New guy

    Hello everyone. I am new to this entire "world". Not just WheelHorse, but GTs entirely. I have been researching and wanting one for a long time, mainly to plow snow for the neighborhood, but would love to restore it as well. Hopefully I will be picking up a 1975 C-160 tomorrow. Considering it is 40 yrs old...looks pretty good. I will post pictures when I get it. I live in the Peoria, IL area. Let me apologise ahead of time, but I will be in need of many answers. Until then, thanks. I am excited for tomorrow!!
  7. Got A New Horse Monday

    Semper Fi. I am hopefully buying my first WH on Saturday. 1975 C160... Pretty good shape.. Excited, will need some work...