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  1. Sickle Bar mower shafts for sale

    You are a life saver I need one of these. Can arrangements be made to get one to central nj?
  2. What have you done on your WH today?

    Today I completely replaced the failed electrical system on my c-101 . Hopefully I'll be firing it up sometime this weekend after about 3 years. I'm pretty excited to see it running again and plan on making good use of it. I am hopefully converting an old 8 hp brush pump to be front mount and v belt driven. Also need input on if i take an ac electric motor about the size of the sears v belt generators you see that can run normal electrical appliances and hook it up to the c100 if by running it off the c100 pto with a belt would that produce any current output? Kind Regards Fred
  3. Dealer List

    One more to add to the ny list Shafers mower Service Souquit NY date of opening 1960's closed in 2012 but is currently selling off all the old equipment. I bought a NOS c-195 hood there. Still has tons of old parts
  4. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    I have a couple really nice shots of my 1986 417-a with both a 50 inch sickle mounted on the side and a hammer knife chipper but unfortunately the pictures are too big to upload do you have an email? I also have pictures of my 1979 c100 with a snowblower, my 1981 c165 with a mower and a blower and a 1983 c-195 with a rear mount 3 point mower.Kind regards and good luck with the calendar!
  5. Snowmobile Trade

  6. Bike needs a little carb work but runs and drives pretty well. Original pa title in hand. In decent shape and I would have uploaded photos on here if it let.
  7. Wanted: Front Mount Flail/ Hammer Knife Mower

    Looking for one that either fits a Wheel-Horse or can be converted to work under 48" in width. I'm not picky currently looking to modify a cub lo boys to work although I know haban and motts made smaller mowers for bolens and sears tractors.
  8. Looks like the previous owner had this thing held together with bandaids so I will be doing some welding reinforcing and drilling out bolts and tapping the stripped holes. Everything is getting beefed up to take more abuse I'm going to be cutting the manual lift off and adding a complete hydraulic angle control. I didn't get too far before bolts literally were falling out so hopefully I'll get a video uploaded by next weekend. I really can't believe the junk people sell and try to hide serious issues.
  9. I will try to take a video at the property I'm cutting this weekend for all to see in action. I'm planning on using an electronic actuator or a small winch in the future to control height more accurately but it works well with a little manual force to adjust cutting height for now.
  10. 42" Sickle mower belt sizes?

  11. I have always wanted a sickle mower to cut ditches and banks but only have attachomatic based machines so after a little modification I put an old 50" sickle bar on my low hour 417A . I'm impressed with how well it works.
  12. 42" Sickle mower belt sizes?

    Thank you for your help I figured out the sizes and got it mounted up!
  13. Looking for the correct belt sizes for a SMS 42 sickle mower I plan to mount to a 417. These belts are the last thing I need to finish up getting it up and running so any input would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Sickle bar wanted

    Will pay cash for a good used wheel horse sickle bar. Just let me know what you have.
  15. Snow Thrower, Short Chute Single Stage

    Where are you located in pa?