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  1. I have decided to do turning brakes, I think I'll take 1" brake hubs for go karts and get a 1/16 milled off and mount them with mechanical calipers and have the linkages go to two handles so I can lock one or the other by hand. I'm going to have to wait till school is out so I can get some $$ to do it. I'm looking at about $120 just in brakes alone
  2. it depends on if there is any rust or burrs that could be preventing it from being pulled out all the way I had that problem when mine snap rings came off, but it was way more then 3/4"
  3. look at this trans mount plate lol

    I have a small crack forming on mine should I bother welding it up or just bolt on reinforcements?
  4. ya I had the trans apart about 2 years ago but I replaced all the bolts in the diff with grade 8 ones and new nuts. what fails in the 10 pinions so much to earn their reputation?
  5. ya mine is all original except it have a 12hp Kohler I'm not sure if it was a factory mistake or a repower, but I have since put in a Wisconsin anel-d
  6. oh mine is a 1970 I don't know if that makes a difference i think that they were 1-1/8
  7. good point, maybe I should do turning brakes, I don't have to split the case and its probably the easiest option. I dont have my tractor at my house does anyone know the axle size for the 8sp raider 10, Is it 1-1/8 ?
  8. ya I figured it's more for mud, I think maybe putting in a heavier spring inside the factory one to add more pressure, but a locker would be best. I talked about in another forum about adding a second transaxle in the rear to make a 6x6 or 6x4 but i can't find a trans and wheels for a reasonable price.
  9. Transmission case gasket

    I use RVT sealant for mine and its worked great and i have no leaks.
  10. I have chains and the tires a filled with washer fluid, but the factory limit slip only really works when im in mud. I don't want to weld the diff but a locker would be cool. i have been thinking about the brakes and it would be the easiest.
  11. So I need some ideas on how to upgrade my raider 10, its the 10 pinion 8 speed, use it for pulling wood and "off-roading" (I know the pinions are weak) but I want some ideas for a limited slip up grade or a lockable diff any ideas would be great as well as ways to bullet proof the transaxle in general. thanks
  12. thanks I meant b-100, I think I might start a new thread on my tractor and all the little things I add to it
  13. here is what it looks like now it will never be done, does the b-80 have a horizontal input shaft?
  14. This is my first post, I have a raider 10 that I repowered with a Wisconsin aenl-d engine to create a "rat rod" log puller at my cabin and I was hoping that someone in the western new York area had a mid 1970s wheel horse that they would be willing to sell me, because I'm trying to build a 6x6 by adding a second transaxle. To create a heavy duty log puller. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as well