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  1. I just took a bunch more pictures of the two wheelhorse tractors, plus a bunch of parts I have. I posted the pictures to google plus at this link: https://plus.google.com/116898965805166126455/posts/QsZnASuMfQr Both of the spare engines have broken connecting rods to the piston. I am going to post them in the For Sale section here on wheelhorseforum.com, and also on craigslist. Thanks for all the comments! I got my dad's running, but not my uncles. It spins freely but has no spark.
  2. Yes, my dad made that trailer that we used with the wheelhorse. I still own that too! He was a welder and designer, and a craftsman....among many other admirable traits. Yes, even though these are family heirlooms, I am ready to part with them because they've really just been collecting dust in my shed for over 10 years now.
  3. I took some pictures this evening of my uncle's wheel horse, and I also managed to get my dad's running by swapping in a Clinton engine that I'd remembered I had in my garage. I will take more pictures of my dad's with the different engine.
  4. I do have some more "vintage" footage of the old tractor owned by my dad. I just uploaded a video from a home movie, taken with regular 8mm film, probably in 1964. I am the little tyke driving it in the video, my older brother Jack started it up for me. This was taken in Emsworth, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKbB4oTky2s&feature=youtu.be I'll take some current pictures of my uncles wheelhorse next and post them maybe tomorrow.
  5. I have owned 2 old wheelhorse tractors for about 20 years now, that were originally owned by my dad and uncle, and I'm finally ready to part with them. I have questions about their value and the best approach to finding the right buyer. I am located in St. Paul, MN Wheelhorse 1: Was owned by my dad, acquired around 1961-2. I think it is a Suburban model, not sure. Engine was replaced with more current Briggs 7hp. steering wheel replaced, head light added, other modifications to go with an electric-start engine that was on it in the 70s. I'm currently trying to get this one fully functional, (I have the mowing deck) but the Briggs has no spark and having trouble getting that fixed. Am I wasting my time on the Briggs? (Will any buyer immediately yank the engine and replace it with an original 4hp Koehler?) I'm thinking this one might be worth around $300 if I get it fully functional and cleaned up...not sure if that is a pipe dream, considering it has so many non-original modifications to it? In the attached pictures, it is the one with the family around it (that picture was taken in 1963) and the one with the blue seat (picture taken 9-21-15) Wheelhorse 2: Was owned by my uncle, I think he bought it brand new around 1959 or 1960? I think it might be an RJ. It is mostly original, but also not running. I hope to get it running also. It has a mower deck as well, and original tires, I have not seen any other wheelhorses of this vintage with those front tires. I'm thinking with this one being more original with a Koehler engine on it, maybe it is worth more than the other one, though I'm not sure on that, and it probably depends on me getting it operational. In the pictures below it is one the man (my uncle) riding it and looking at the camera, with the silver fish on the cabin behind it. (I think the picture was taken in August, 1960.) If anyone wants to contact me about these I can be reached at farmerie@yahoo.com. Otherwise, I'm just interested in hearing opinions on what I should do to maximize their value and make them visible to whoever would want them the most....also wondering what I can hope to get for them.