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  1. Hi would you consider $800 for the mower? Thanks budman2

    1. budman2


      Thats OK never mind !!!!!!!!

  2. Wheel Horse 42" Mower Deck.

    Interested in the deck! is it still available? I can pick it up also! Thanks
  3. Need a head for a 14hp magnum

    Received the head and installed it today! tractor runs great! Thanks for the input guys, budman2
  4. Need a head for a 14hp magnum

    OK, I will sure keep you in mind! I should know by friday, Thanks, budman2
  5. Need a head for a 14hp magnum

    Thanks for all the input! The guy I just bought it from tried that and it didn't hold! I just bought another head on ebay, hopefully its a good one, should know by the end of the week. Thanks again budman2
  6. Need a head for a 14hp magnum

    Does anyone know what size kohler engines have the head that will fit the 14hp magnum? Mine has the spark plug threads stripped out! I am trying to put a picture up of the head!
  7. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    Changed Price to $350 & Axle Bracket Included! Thanks robert.
  9. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    BGaudet, sorry can't help with the shipping but I can let it go for $350! just because I need it out of garage, budman2.
  10. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    Changed Price to $350
  11. 520-H turns over/won't start

    Great! Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!budman2 Now I have another choice to make about my 520, the 416-8 speed that I bought is so nice that I don't want to remove the modual and rotor from it! so I still need the modual & rotor for the 20hp onan! Guess I'll have to fork out the $ for a modual & rotor anyway!
  12. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    It looks like the one on my 520-H it just has a different handle! ya its a dandy!
  13. I have a 2003 model 48" snow/dozer plow complete frame is 73" long! NOS, model number 79481 Ser# 230000340 , Toro snow/dozer blade for XT series garden tractor, new never used! no box. Item is for pickup only! I cannot ship. For questions please call/text 614-374-6121 Thanks robert (budman2)
  14. 520-H turns over/won't start

    I sure could use some info on the onans if I took the module and rotor from a running 16hp onan engine would it work in the 20hp onan? Thanks for any info in advance! budman2
  15. 520-H turns over/won't start

    Thanks for the help guys, I'll keep working on it! budman2