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  1. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    Changed Price to $350 & Axle Bracket Included! Thanks robert.
  3. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    BGaudet, sorry can't help with the shipping but I can let it go for $350! just because I need it out of garage, budman2.
  4. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    Changed Price to $350
  5. 520-H turns over/won't start

    Great! Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!budman2 Now I have another choice to make about my 520, the 416-8 speed that I bought is so nice that I don't want to remove the modual and rotor from it! so I still need the modual & rotor for the 20hp onan! Guess I'll have to fork out the $ for a modual & rotor anyway!
  6. Toro Wheel Horse Snow/Dozer Plow

    It looks like the one on my 520-H it just has a different handle! ya its a dandy!
  7. I have a 2003 model 48" snow/dozer plow complete frame is 73" long! NOS, model number 79481 Ser# 230000340 , Toro snow/dozer blade for XT series garden tractor, new never used! no box. Item is for pickup only! I cannot ship. For questions please call/text 614-374-6121 Thanks robert (budman2)
  8. 520-H turns over/won't start

    I sure could use some info on the onans if I took the module and rotor from a running 16hp onan engine would it work in the 20hp onan? Thanks for any info in advance! budman2
  9. 520-H turns over/won't start

    Thanks for the help guys, I'll keep working on it! budman2
  10. Hi yall! can anyone tell me the part numbers for the 1995 20hp onan modual and rotor? Have tried everything, for over a month, but replacing these! hear they are very pricey! Thanks in advance, budman2
  11. 314-8 Retiring/moving must sell my WH

    PM Sent. Thanks budman2
  12. 1993 520-H Wheel Horse

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. 520-H Engine

    Thats a great idea, I would feel better doing that! budman2 Got to thinking about it and decided not to do that as I would have to swap out the hour meter also to be honest! By the way I have my tractor up for sale on this site, the 1993 520-H it is a nice tractor and everything works as it should, hate to let it go but it is happy doctor time$$$$$$$$$$$ Thanks again budman2.
  14. 520-H Engine

    Thanks folks for the input! I will have to decide today budman2.
  15. 520-H Engine

    Does anyone on here happen to know how many hours the 20hp onan engine are good for if taken care properly? I have one tractor with 488hours that I have listed for sale and am thinking about keeping one with 1280 hours on it, as the rest of the tractor is like mint condition, I just wanted to have some input as to if this would be a mistake on my part? Thanks in advance budman2!