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  1. Hi from Hertfordshire

    The rotavatar is like this one...
  2. Hi from Hertfordshire

    Hi I'm Tim. I purchased my c105 about two years ago as a non runner, eBay - I paid £200 for the tractor, a very tired 36 inch deck and a nice little trailer and a really nice rotivator. The deck was quite out of shape although un-mollested without any repairs on it. Unfortunately un-salvageable though, it must of taken a hell of a strike at some stage. The tractor was in good shape overall, the plastic rear fender was split but the machine had clearly been garaged and we'll looked after all its life, one owner from new before me... A little carb cleaning, a new battery, fresh fuel and a squirt of cold start soon had it firing. The engine has clearly done many hours work and knocks a little, quite smokey until really hot too but it's fine really. I soon purchased a B series machine as a doner for its fender and cutting deck. Both of which were easily adapted to fit. I'll soon be selling what's left of the B series... My C105 has never use of the low ratio gears, aparantly they went in the 90s according to the guy I bought it from, I guess that explains the good condition of the rotivator then! In spring this year I started her up and the gearbox immediately seized..... uh ho I thought. I opened up the transmission on the workbench and found many bits of the low ratio cog everywhere. Cleaned it all out and put it back together and she lives on..... whines a little but functional. I will be fully refurbing the machine in time but I want a good transmission first as I'd like to use that rotivator ( 1st in high is too fast for it). I have already found this forum invaluable so thought it was time to contribute. ..