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  1. try useing the atachments and saying how you all already have them and try useing that to talk him down.
  2. id say clear coat them and save the look. is that vins rj?
  3. this is after is sanded with 1500 then 2000 and steel wooled mine. this it before i sand it i was trying alunium foil.
  4. i figured this would be a cool thing to hand on the wall. the paint is drying now.
  5. when i finished my 2 projects
  6. tp is most likely it, they are a great company.
  7. same i have a 1276 been own by same person since new and it has a mower deck (well used) and a like new snowblower. glad to see a fellow 1276 out there in about the same condition as mine.
  8. good looking horse
  9. somone is proud with all them beautiful pictures. it looks great
  10. good for an old engine
  11. somone i know fliped around and it looks somthing like this. i wish i could find a photo. his is a ford without role cage.
  12. i have watched all his videos over the years and its trully neat what he has done.
  13. you can park the truck out side with a nice for sale sign and then you can get even more horses.
  14. thats no fun we dont have bears around here so thats a plus. smoke is key when doing is what i have found out. it makes them so calm.
  15. may you have you have to be a cyclone to operate with all them levers