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  1. a-81 muffler

    thanks a lot. the ones like that i found where much more expensive.
  2. To buy, or not to buy

    any wheel horse is a good deal
  3. a-81 muffler

    i'm looking like this, the model is a 191702 and the muffler must be a bolt on.
  4. a-81 muffler

    any ideas on what muffler would be good for a a-81? the one on it now is a straight pipe and really shows it
  5. c-160 clicks when started

    ok ill take a look at the connections and cables/ battery,thanks alot
  6. c-160 clicks when started

    when i turn the key on my c-160 to start it all the does it click. any ideas on what could be wrong, i read some previous threads and it seems like a sign of a bad solenoid but wasn't sure. if i remember right one day it just started doing it and i parked it since (3-4 mounths)
  7. a-81 ignition switch

    anyone know where i could get a 2 pronged ignition switch for my a-81. the one on it now it like frozen up.
  8. leaf season is here

    i have the same lawn sweeper i love it. most of mine just blow into the woods
  9. schrader 9252

    i cant seem to add them to my bag to buy it. any ideas
  10. schrader 9252

    that's right i found that website but figured i would ask the experts. knew someone else has to come apron the problem before since i knew they had to be original. nothing more helpful then
  11. schrader 9252

    does anyone know where to get 1 at, its the core out of a suburban 400 and i can't seem to find where to buy one at.
  12. Who else can't go?

    had planned on going just never made it happen
  13. Any R/C car guys ?

    i have a nitro rc buggy that i drive around and it's a blast.
  14. New to the stable

    has it been restored?