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  1. looks like you could mount it up and use it.
  2. planing on going whaho
  3. now is a beutiful horse compared to my a-100 when she was delivered. it was really fun restoring my a-100 and now it looks like this
  4. looked today and 3 of the 4 hives is empty.
  5. they come lookin bad but leave looin great. mine looked rought but witha good summer oif fun it was restored to looking amazing
  6. well i'm glad to see that a fellow red square member got it. even with it geting swipedform another.
  7. its sort of the show that i watch when nothing else is on, i personally find intrest in it somtimes. but they do trash alot of stuff for no reason.
  8. the sky is the limit
  9. nice snag i like the rock walls
  10. you could put it on for a showerhead, it looks somwhat like it.
  11. i hope to go the sugar creek show.
  12. if you got to close you could could crake the block .
  13. try useing the atachments and saying how you all already have them and try useing that to talk him down.
  14. id say clear coat them and save the look. is that vins rj?