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  1. Hard Starting 1981 C-145

    Sorry to reopen "old wounds" but I have the same problems recently as did nrowles. I have a 1997 Wheel Horse 314h with a Kohler 14 hp model M14S engine. For years it was totally reliable, but recently it had developed some extreme reliability issues. One day it starts fine. The next day?? good luck. Charge battery, unmesh trans mission, crank for 20 minutes, nothing, repeat. I'd be happy to try to clean and rebuild the carb, but I have no clue how or where to get a carb kit for something this old. And I have no clue just what model carb it actually is. Can anyone advise on these issues?? In the meantime, I've put Sea Foam in the gas and oil. It did start today (reluctantly) and I'm going to do some mowing primarily to get the sea foam moving thru the carb. But I'd really like to clean it out. Is there a decent youtube anywhere showing how to remove the carb? I can't find one (and a few available on how to clean one are about as clear as mud). (Where is mrpete222 when I need him??) Thanks to all for any assistance. dan.