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  1. Here are some pics of new toy belt size I got wrong 2370 .. Just over 93 in 




  2. Deck blade settings

    Hi I know what you mean but yes it is locked correctly ... I am back in the uk for a couple weeks I am going to take photos of how it is set up when I return ... I really don't mind looking a bit silly jus want to solve the problem ... Now I'm back in the uk a friend has dropped me another wheelhorse with broken steering .. Hit a wall with front wheel .... Not too sure what model it is as some ----------- has painted it Matt black ... It has a later engine in one I havnt seen .. It's a kolher 12 horse must be one of the last before the toro as it has the same bonnet as my 512d ... From my graveyard of spares today I fixed steering the knuckle at the bottom of steering column was all ...... The only clue I have to the model is it has a large plastic air filter box (. Can anybody enlighten me ) ... Now this tractor came with no deck ... But I have one I rebuilt for a spare ... Now here's the thing going back to my belt problem .... Wrapped around the steering wheel came a brand new drive belt !!! It's 96 in ...... But it is a octagon shape not the normal V ... Now I wish I could try on my 512 d in cz ... Any words of wisdom .... There doesn't seem to be any local lunatics here in the uk. With my odd passion for these great little tractors ... Shaun
  3. Deck blade settings

    Hi thanks ... Thought I was losing the plot .. Tried on both pto inner and outer .. Obviously better on the larger ... But still way out .. It does work with a new belt but not for long the adjuster is full out almost off the thread .. So making the angle extreme for belt when mating with deck pulley .... I have had this machine for many years virtually from new ,and it has had no modifications or parts changed .. It's great .... Is it odd as it has the robin diesel fitted .. I know there's not many about .. And I have two of them ... The other isn't used for mowing ... It thinks it's a John Deere .. As does all the heavy pulling etc .... Many thanks with your help over this ... It's a nagging problem .. I will try and sorce a smaller belt .. Shaun
  4. Deck blade settings

    Ok help yet again ... Still got something wrong after looking in manual ... Thanks for posting .. The belt I'm using supplied by some cz company .. Appears to big as works fine tough an all that ... But adjuster on front is fully tight ... With no room for later adjustment ...its 2450 MM. Which is 96/1/2 inches ... So I thought as none genuine must be just too long .... But manual says drive belt is serial no 106635 ... Which is 98inch and half inch wide !!! It's even longer ... Am I missing a point here ... Deck is original to tractor etc ... The manual also says spindle belt is 89.03 ..... As a bit of a home grown engineer I'm looking at moving the deck back ( def losing the plot ) I don't mind at all looking a bit daft on this one ...
  5. 1974 D180 w/ 3pt hitch pto and rear 60" mower

    Love it ! I'm guessing yr stateside of the water ! I have a couple 512d but they don't have that pto etc I'm in the uk and cz
  6. Deck blade settings

    Are thanks it's kind of what I thought but had noted somewhere that it should of been 90 degrees , , sometimes I read to much .. It's just I'm having trouble keeping belts on ... And all bearings etc are good free running etc ... Today when I'm looking under the front it looks like the angle is too low that the drive belt attaches to on the deck, or maybe my belts are too long as I seem to be full extended on front belt adjuster on front of tractor even with new belt , or on the clutch pulley I'm putting on the groove ... Shaun ... Feel a bit of a pest but struggling and the grass here in the Czech Republic grows at a rate that we can only dream of back in the uk ...
  7. Hi I have a 512d that I am considering selling .. And it's located in the Czech Republic .... There rare so probably won't be cheap or is this to new or do you have one of these ...
  8. Deck blade settings

    Hi can somebody tell me when fitting new blades to my 48in rear discharge deck what position all three are set too , tractor. Is 512d ..Shaun
  9. Shaun

    Hi Anglo traction, yr not so far as you think , for my sins I still have a home that just won't leave me in the uk ... I am based at Liss near Petersfield Hants ... With wait for it a few more wheelhorse ....... C161 auto ,312-8, 800 3 speed , 227-5 Kawasaki powered, 211-3..... All need a bit of t.l.c .... There's a couple more toro types but have given em to my son in law ..... And not wheelhorse models a Howard Bolens g14 , kubota g1900 ( this is what I cut the grass with if I'm not in reach of the 512d ..... And if countax and Hondas count ... 3 zetors and a fordson dextor ...... Spose makes me yet ano mini tractor nut !! Will be taking the wheelhorse 161 to the grave with me !!!! Amazing power house. .... Shaun
  10. Shaun

  11. Shaun

    Hi thanks for advice etc got impatient ask them clever Czechs and they produced a belt off the shelf... Makers name Rubena Profi ... No's on it A2480Lw 13x2450 Li A961/2 el L=L.. 140 cz krowns ... In English that is less than £5 so bought two it's just a fraction of genuine one at £30 plus ... I jus put little old lady through hell as so overgrown ... Not a murmur from belt .. Tractor must be turning 30 soon ... And goes to work regular never had any issues with the rest of this great little machine ( I mean zero maintainance) can only remember changing oil last about 10 years ago ... Before you all tell me it's this weekends job !! Will try to attach pics
  12. Shaun

    all seems ok, it maybe a belt prob as there are no wheelhorse suppliers in cz so am using a equalivant but the size is correct , haven't seen a original one for years ... This one is only 13mm wide always thought too small but looking up the spec it appears they are 1/2 inch . I may get one posted from the uk and compare and rule out the ( maybe ) and what is the correct tension I really have no idea as it's normally ok just tightish .... Now I must sound an amateur ...... Shaun
  13. Shaun

    Hi am having trouble keeping belts from spinning round and jumping off .. Pto to deck ,my deck is all good new bearing etc.. Any helpful suggestions it's a 512 diesel 42in cut .... ..? Shaun
  14. Shaun

    Hi I am English but have a home in the Czech Republic with my two 512d ( and family too ) is there any others near me