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  1. D tiller

    Anybody ever had any trouble with the pinion gear slipping off the shaft due to a weak C clip? I have been thinking about drilling through the shaft and using a hardened roll pin to keep that gear in place. Any suggestions? Also Is the chain gear on the intermediate shaft suppose to be free floating. The gear the pinion gear drives has a C clip that holds it in place. I don't have any part numbers or model numbers for the tiller was hoping to go to toros website and get a diagram to make sure its assembled right. :thumbs:
  2. rear three point mower

    Are the driveshafts for the tillers and rear finish mowers the same? I don't have what I call the intermediate shaft the one that hooks to the rear coupler of the pto system for my tiller, but the mower I am thinking about buying comes with both.
  3. rear three point mower

    I finally found a descent wheel horse finish mower and was wondering what a descent price was for one? Its complete with driveshafts and everything. The guy has never used it so he doesn't know if it really needs anything. In the pictures it looks pretty good , but has been sitting outside for quite awhile. If anybody can tell me what a reasonable for this would be I would be grateful. I know it's hard to tell without seeing pics, but I just want a ballpark figure. Thanks
  4. Newby Hall 2010

    Those hood emblems are the cats meow! Where can a fella get emblems like those. :thumbs:
  5. Ark Loader Moving Snow

    That is a nice set up ya got there. Great pics, looks like fun but I'm glad that the snow is gone here in se iowa. :thumbs:
  6. Looks awesome I'm sure that your dad will be very proud of you when he sees the time and work you put into bringing his horse back to life. :thumbs:
  7. rear three point mower

    I was not aware that there was right and left hand spinning models. I'm glad I was told that thanks. I'm still looking for a wheel horse model, but if I come across a woods I still might jump on it. :thumbs:
  8. I'm pretty sure that woods made the wheel horse finish mower, but I'm not for sure. I believe the woods Rm59 model is the same correct? Are all the woods rm59 cat 0 hitches? I see the woods all the time for sale on the internet and locally. Was just curious as always.
  9. Moldboard Plow Horsepower?

    I prefer using hydro for plowing and tilling but I like my manual for pushing snow around. I wish I had a low option for my b tractor. Good luck
  10. Starting Problem

    I had a similar problem with my b80 and I did the same exact thing kelly recommended with spraying it with wd40 and I have never had any problems since then and that was a couple years ago. :thumbs:
  11. I have a D200 I believe the model # is 81-20ks01-04672. I went to the toro website to get a hydro filter part # for the horse and it wouldn't bring anything up. It currently has a deere filter on it from the previous owner. I want to use the proper filter can anyone help? thanks
  12. Glad to hear you got all the bugs worked out what a beautiful horse, your right stevebo
  13. Snagged anouther super C

    sounds like a terrific deal to me good luck! Wish i could find a super c in my area
  14. What would YOU pay for this??

    $650.00 sounds like steal to me, go for it :omg:
  15. Does anyone know where I can't get a service manual or a copy of one for my D200? I am trying to get my front pto assembly installed properly. I was also wondering if anybody had a manual for a rear pto shaft, 54" snow blade, and a tiller in any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :omg: