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  1. 1987 Wheel Horse 312-8 drive belt

    Is there an alternate shock absorber for the belt tensioner from say a parts store. The Wheel Horse 312-8 part number on mine is 78-324. It's around 80 to 90.00. The tractor I bought it is actually cut and one one end is left. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Jason Holt
  2. I purchased a 312-8 model 73362 SN# 5900429 which I believe is a 1995. the previous owner bypassed all of the safety cutouts and had a push button start button but the key had to be in the on position. I wired the ignition switch and lights up as the push button was in the light switch hole. I had it working with the key switch and finished cleaning the wires up and lost what wires they had bypassing the safety switches. All along testing along the way. Put a new starter solenoid on, thinking it was damaged. It will start and runs fine if I jump across the started solenoid lugs. I am missing something with the tan wire off of the key switch to the harness tied into the motor and they had a jumper on the two safety bypasses that are tan and brown and yellow and cant remember the other color. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have looked for a good wire diagram but really haven't found a good one. I do like the safety bypassed just cant remember what they did. should have taken pics thank you Jason