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  1. Raider 12 Puller

    Looks good!! Not sure if you have pulled it yet, but your wheelie bar wheels might need to be moved to outside the bars, the chain can't touch any part of the tractor when it's hooked up. Randy
  2. Side Shot Saturday !!

  3. Old friend

    Well, if it will make you feel better, we bought a cub cadet zero turn about 12 or 13 years ago and despite beating the heck out of, its still going. It wasn't the commercial one either. I bought a 310-8 last spring that had been taken really good care of and am doing a lot of mowing with it. Randy
  4. New tractor shed?

    I put this out behind my shop for some extra storage. Just used fence post instead of poles on the bottom half. Don't know about snow load though!! We don't get much snow here.
  5. She bought her own tractor !!!!

    You lucky Duck!!!!! My Wife has 0 interest in tractors and doesn't like to listen to me talk about em either! And at least its more of an Oliver color!! Randy
  6. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    Boom, pack your bags @c-series don, your going to Belgium!! @Criss, thanks for letting us know there are at least one of those out there!! Randy

    Nice use of cub cadet steps! You must have a cub or 2 as well! Tell us about the rear tires. I like the look and size. Randy
  8. Looking for Value on C100 Wheel Horse

    You should do what you want as it is yours, but you may kick yourself someday later on! Good luck. Randy
  9. FEL Build for 520

    Dealing with females is always tough!!!
  10. FEL Build for 520

    OK, this time I really mean YOUR tractor looks really good!!!!! I am such an idiot some times! Randy
  11. Welcome to Red Square!! If you are interested in the sleeve hitch, just some info for you. The one Lowell builds is heavier duty than the original, so you might find a used one cheaper, but Lowell's is a better quality. Randy
  12. My GT14

    Looking good @19richie66, nice looking welds and all!! My son just bought a Miller 215 multi matic machine and I can't wait to build something, it might actually make a welder out of me. Randy
  13. My GT14

    @19richie66 I will shout at you when I'm ready to work on it, I would never remember if we talked now! 😎
  14. My GT14

    Looks awesome and sounds great! Care to share the problem with the power steering? Interested since I want to add power steering to one myself. Randy