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  1. My GT14

    Man, that tank looks awesome!! Thats some mighty fine welding! Do you think there will be an issue with heat? Plastic kinda insulates, but the aluminum might heat up a little faster. I am assuming you probably have a plan already, just curious. I am going to be picking up a GT-14 myself early next year, so I am watching all the threads carefully!! Randy
  2. Got Myself a Mini Horse

    With the little predators going for $99 it would be pretty tempting to go that route if it were me. Randy
  3. Another Bolt removal issue

    I know you are done now, but if you didn't need to save the fan, you could have cut the fan off to get access to the bolts. Randy

    I would say there is something still in a bind. Maybe put the front end up on stands then try to track down where it's at.
  5. 42” deck on an 856?

    I think that is pushing it for an 8hp motor. If you don't have thick grass and cut often you might get away with it, but if the rain gets ya and you can't mow for a few days it might be a bad deal! Randy
  6. Raider 8 winter project

    Thats a great thing you are doing!! You won't buy a new one and still be using it in 45 years!! Randy
  7. Barn find 854

    Nice find! I feel for you Sarge, I have arthritis bad myself. Not as bad as you though, if you have to get rid of your FJ! Hope it goes to a good home, I would love to have an FJ 45 or an old landcruiser. Randy
  8. Christmas Surprise

    Those aren't runs, those are "Paint flow indicators"! Randy
  9. New show cruiser

    Totally digging your new ride!! Love the color combo and stainless steering shaft. That is motivating me to work on my 401!! Randy
  10. FEL Build for 520

    Your making us procrastinators look bad!!! You gonna be done by Christmas. Randy
  11. My Mom just gave the whole leather bound set to my Uncle John. My Dad, whos gone now, didn't like them. If I would have seen this a week ago, they would have been yours!! Randy
  12. New Shop

    Looks great! And I little familiar, I bought a 12x24 this spring in about the same color. I went with double doors on the side and two windows. Real happy with it so far.
  13. FEL Build for 520

    Love the weight bracket!! I got a good 20 pounds on ya, but mines all gut, no butt! 520 will make a hell of a loader tractor! Randy
  14. FEL Build for 520

    I realize you are past this point, but I did this on my 1277. The person that put the loader on it, never tied it into the rear at all and I almost broke it in half. By using the rectangular tubing it is very stiff and puts very little strain on the frame. I person could even tie it into the hitch mounts if he wanted to. Just thought I would throw this out there. Randy I added weights on the rear, thats why it sticks out there so much.
  15. FEL Build for 520

    Looking good Craig!! My wife bought me the plans a few christmas's ago but I ended up buying a loader on a 1277 which led me here! So happy I did! Can't wait to see it done. Randy PS, I am working on a Get together in Sturgeon for the spring. Will make a thread when I have more info.