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  1. Finding a custom wheel in that size without breaking the bank is gonna be a hard one. I took 4 cub cadet wheels and cut them apart and welded them up for a puller, you may have to do the same thing. Randy
  2. Looking for 12x10 aluminum wheels

    Looking for some 12x10 aluminum wheels for a puller. Don't need to be pretty, I am going to paint them. Randy
  3. New guy with a basket case 1276.

    Might as well throw a pic up on my 1277 with FEL. It was my first WH and I didn't even know what I had till I showed up here. Lots of fart smeller's around here to help out!!
  4. HF paint guns

    Sarge speaks the truth! But don't let him scare you off. I used to paint for a living many years ago and I am a glass and body man now. I would find something to paint before your tractor. A air bomb, wagon, something that could use some paint but if its not perfect, so be it. One way to get a little practice for free is to put water in your gun and adjust your fan pattern and air pressure, then spray it out on some cardboard. You will be able to see that your overlapping your strokes by 50% and so on. Use a pressure regulator on the gun or wall. Set it according to the manufacters guide line. When I paint at home now, I use pyrex measuring cups to mix my paint. So if it says to mix 8 to 4 to 1, I pick ounces or some other lines to make that happen. They also have disposible mixing cups with lines on them. LIght coat first, let it tack up well then your other coats. Always let them flash between coats. I would rather deal with runs than dry spray. So if your paint looks a little dry after your second coat, give it a little more time then lay on a pretty wet coat. You will have enough paint to do some wet sanding later if needed. I would buy a gravity feed gun over siphen feed. You will use much less material and can lower you air pressure some. Good luck and ask away if you have questions. Lots of experieced people on here! Randy
  5. I am really liking the looks and proportions of this build!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Randy
  6. GT-14 hard to steer

    What he said! I always pull the spindles and clean them up and regrease. Makes them like new again! Randy
  7. 1952 Avery

    I think if you look closely it says Minneapolis Moline on it. B.F. Avery tractors were red and the ones they badged as MInnies were MM color. Neat little tractors! I have seen several at tractor shows. Randy
  8. project pud puller build

    Let us know what it weighs when you are done. Thanks. Randy
  9. What Year Is My Horse

    There is a serial number on the dash under the steering wheel. Post that and we should be able to tell. RAndy
  10. c-81 frt wheel bearings

    Here ya go. Wheel Horse uses the same as cub cadets and lots of others. http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Sealed-Wheel-Bearings-Toro-Wheel-Horse-Garden-Lawn-Tractor-110513-25-1210-/271993019474?hash=item3f540c1c52:g:6aMAAOSwJ7RYW-wb Randy
  11. I have a Kyocera Duraforce smart phone that is very durable. It is made to military specs for dust and vibration. It is waterproof to 6 feet for 30 min. I work in a bodyshop and drop in the concrete every single day. No breakage! Randy
  12. What's Green and Yellow?

    Its still on craiglist, he has come down to $2500 now. Randy
  13. project pud puller build

    What models had the 1 1/8" axles besides the 520? If any? Thanks. Randy
  14. Time to paint

    I find the best way to clean things up before painting, is to use ez off oven cleaner. Spray it down, wait the recomended time, then haul it to the car wash and pressure wash it off. It will get all the grease off and sometimes a little paint. So, don't use it if your not gonna be painting it. I also will the tires cleaning setting at the car wash too. The two things combined will really get things clean. Randy
  15. 1975 B-100 Automatic

    Terry, if you haven't sold it by the get together, I might be interested. Randy