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  1. D-series Oliver style

    I like Oliver's and not so sure it doesn't look better in Oliver colors! Randy
  2. Wheelie Horse?

    Hang in there! I had a fusion in my neck in the mid nineties and I have 3 herniated disc in my low back right now. Not gonna do back surgery and trying to get in a clinical trial for an implant. We shall see how that goes. I switched to a memory foam mattress and that has helped. Hot showers to get loosened up helps with the PT. Randy
  3. A Sobering Day

    My heart is with you Ed! Lost my Dad to it, but they can do so much these days and my Dad did not have a real bad experience with the chemo, hopefully your Son will get through his without getting too sick. His being in good shape is bound to be a good thing! Randy
  4. Farmhand farm handy

    Man, thats cool! I really love old iron! If I was wealthy, I would need a bunch of land because I would own a lot of old equipment!! That's gonna be a dandy tractor show cruiser! Randy
  5. Best snow removal pictures

    I guess I might like it if we actually got snow! Anymore we just get a little snow with a bunch of ice or just bitter cold. I remember playing in some deep snow as a kid, not sure what happened. Randy
  6. Best snow removal pictures

    I will see your spinal fusion and raise you two knee replacements! LOL I really think I have had arthritis since i was a kid, plus I have been an auto glass tech for over 30 years and its pretty hard on your hands and shoulders. I wish I enjoyed winter, its great you do!! I had them take bone out of my hip, I just didn't like the sound of cadaver bone! Randy
  7. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

    I'm glad you decided to make another batch! I purchased mine when you had them on sale last year. I really love the book and appreciate the work you put into it!!!! Randy
  8. Best snow removal pictures

    Hey, Hey, Hey....no snow talk yet!!!!!! I hate winter because of my arthritis, so I am never in a hurry for it to get here! Randy
  9. WH 516-H

    It will handle it with no problem!! Randy
  10. Dash plate clean up

    Looks great to me!!! Randy
  11. Wheel horse XL build

    No thanks! I work in the body shop of a chevy dealer and when they have some of those torn down, I'm glad I work in the dept. I do! Randy
  12. Sleeve Hitch

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Riding-Mower-Hitch-Receiver-Made-in-the-USA-Fits-any-2-Hitch/153133277536?hash=item23a7746160:g:oiwAAOSwh41aqxu8 Here is one right here. You can also make a carry all to go in it. With a carry all you could use a tank sprayer, haul firewood or garden stuff. It would be pretty handy! Randy
  13. Financing and cash flow,buy a car?

    I bought one new truck in 1988, and will never buy another one. When you figure in loss of value the minute you drive it off the lot, higher taxes, higher insurance. It just doesn't seem worth it to me. But......thats me. Everyone has there own thoughts and opinions and thats ok. I can tell you that I work in the body shop for Cable Dahmer Chevrolet and all new cars have very expensive parts on them. I have seen one headlight with the driver for the bulb costing $3400 bucks. Yup, you read that right. The radio's with navigation in them can cost over $5000. If you buy a new car, make sure you carry full coverage for the length you own it and I would do an extended warranty. Just my 2 pennies. Randy
  14. Sleeve Hitch

    If you could make something like this or I have seen some on ebay for sale as well. That would allow you to put things on the back of you tractor to make it a little more handy.