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  1. Well, add a bathroom in the basement along with tankless water heater and water softener. Need to finish replacing old water pipes with PEX (1920 house). Put a ceiling in the bedroom of the basement and paint the house. Lots of yard work to be done that I have put off forever. Deck really needs some repairs and pressure washed. Add 30 amp service with water and sewer out at my shop so we can plug the camper in there. Dirt and gravel work to park the camper on. Need more storage for Horses and Cubs at the shop. More gravel work at the shop. Hopefully work in some work on tractors in between all the other stuff that there is no way I will get all done. Oh, and my Son is getting married in August!! Randy
  2. C-120 at work

    Your Horse looks good! I hope I get a chance to work on my C-120 with a Techy this summer. Got a bunch of stuff in front of it, but I know I will like it. I will probably ask you for some more pics when its time! Randy
  3. 800 auto

    Its best when getting a tractor running is to pull the tank and carb, clean the tank and the carb. Put new hoses and filter if it has one. Shoot us some pics of your new ride, we love pics around here! Randy
  4. If you started the thread its yours to do as you please! Its when others butt in that it gets rude, but this site is really great about not hijacking threads and people not getting worked up if they do. I guess it something about Horses that makes people easy to get along with!! Randy
  5. Plowing with a 48 Cub

    Looks like it was doing a nice job plowing Terry! I really hope to attend a plow day sometime. Randy
  6. Need a head for a 14hp magnum

    If you don't feel like fixing it, just search for kohler k series head on ebay and there are a couple under $40. You can probably do it yourself though if ya have a few tools. Randy
  7. New workshed/Stable

    It looks great! With some overhead shelves and fold down bench top, you might be able to get 3 or 4 horses in there!! Randy
  8. She Ain't Pretty...

    Unfortunately 90% of all the garden tractors and accessories were sold well east of the Mississippi it seems. We got 500 guys all looking for the same thing here. I sometimes think you guys back east all get a Horse with a new checking account!
  9. Tractor Eye Candy

    I see a square hood and no fenders. We gonna need some mo pics!! Randy
  10. She Ain't Pretty...

    I really got to find me a blade, that is a nice one!!
  11. FEL Build for 520

    Looking good Craig!! If you haven't had a loader before, your gonna love it!! Randy
  12. Wildfires here in Oklahoma

    Prayers for all those affected Bryce!! Randy
  13. 4.00-12 size REAR tires on early Rj's ???

    I am pretty sure those are worn out front tri ribs off something else and they just used them on the RJ. They could have very well came off of a Farmall Cub. EDIT Just reread the original post, never mind!! Randy
  14. Wildfires here in Oklahoma

    I lived in Greensburg and Dodge City for 13 years from 79 till 92 and I don't remember any large fires like what has been going on the last could of years. I feel bad for everyone hurt by them. The economy will suffer as well since it is so driven by how the farmers and ranchers are doing! Randy
  15. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I am a little slow sometimes, totally missed it. Guess I was lookin at the Horse's!! I remember the poll now, again, a little slow! You made good choices on what to keep sir! Randy