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  1. Missouri Mule-GT14

    Steve, I don't think Terry messed with it. I am going to play with the motor first, and then start on the rest. I think I will hang a new tank I have, above the carb and start there. This is a bigger tractor than my others so it makes me look a little slimmer! I am really wound up to work on it. Randy
  2. Well, I finally got my GT14 home from @T-Mo's house. 625 miles round trip, but I think it was worth it! I will put up a couple of pics, but they are a little blurry because my phones camera isn't taking good pics. I will put up some more pics later and I am going to have a bunch of questions as I look this over. The motor appears to be from 1993, so I hope its in good shape. @T-Mo bought this from @wh500special and said it runs good once its started. The tranny is an unknown but I really want to put an 8 speed in it anyway! Randy
  3. That thing is cooler than sliced bread!! I have enjoyed following your build and glad you have to done, I suspect more people will want to build one like it now!! Randy
  4. My Next Project, GT-14

    I will be following along, I just brought home a GT14 today! I will get a thread started soon. Lots of good GT14 threads on here for checking out! Randy

    Well, I just go back from @T-Mo's place to pick up my GT14!! It was 625 miles round trip, but I made a pit stop overnight in my hometown so it wasn't so bad.
  6. “The 582”—my red headed stepchild!

    I like the red ones too, my son and I have a 682 and a 784, which is a 782 with a dual stick. He picked that one up for cheap but we have a couple of things to do to it yet. Randy
  7. C-120 puller

    Larger tires would be a good start, and do you have as much weight on it as they allow? Randy
  8. Side Shot Saturday !!

    And when the next guy gets it, there will be a whole thread on whether on not Wheel Horse made a 1467!! Randy
  9. How is the ride? Do they have any give being foam filled? Thanks, Randy
  10. Shotgun shell starter

    I believe some airplanes used the same method, or at least the one in the original movie Flight of the Phoenix! Randy
  11. Added another Cub to my collection

    Looks good! I have a number of cubs myself, they are a tough lot! Randy
  12. Raider 12 Puller

    Looks good!! Not sure if you have pulled it yet, but your wheelie bar wheels might need to be moved to outside the bars, the chain can't touch any part of the tractor when it's hooked up. Randy
  13. I hope I can someday!!
  14. Side Shot Saturday !!

  15. Old friend

    Well, if it will make you feel better, we bought a cub cadet zero turn about 12 or 13 years ago and despite beating the heck out of, its still going. It wasn't the commercial one either. I bought a 310-8 last spring that had been taken really good care of and am doing a lot of mowing with it. Randy