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  1. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

    There are several "First Editions" for sale on Amazon. Prices are in the $800 range !!!!!
  2. The 420 LSE

    John, Don had both #1 and #2 at the 2006 Constantine, Mi show. They were a big "hit", but really nothing compared to the display of his collection of Wheel Horse related collectible items...bet it will all be sold !
  3. Pick Up Very Hard To Find Wheel Horse 420LSE Today!

    Just think of all the trouble/work/sweat that could be eliminated by buying my 420LSE !!!!! (See POST # 38 for Pic.) Maybe you could surprise your wife on Valentines day with a nice RED gift ????
  4. Pick Up Very Hard To Find Wheel Horse 420LSE Today!

    Cutlas 3391... Congrats on your newest addition ! With all the interest shown on the 420 LSE I'm really amazed that I did not get a SINGLE inquiry/response when I listed mine (#51) some time ago here on RED SQUARE and also on e-bay.
  5. Isn't it amazing what guys paid for these tractors when new?? $3,-$4-,$5.000 for a little tractor 25 or more years ago when a dollar still had some value. And today, when we talk about how durable and long lasting they are, buyers brag about how little they pay, and sellers have to almost beg for scrap metal prices.
  6. Interesting... PS. ""They do require you to drain all fluids from the motor or trans"" I specifically asked about draining fluids. Was told that it was only necessary if the gas tank was more than 1/3 full. Only instructions I got: Wrap both + and - battery cable ends, OR remove battery.
  7. Hey Aussie If you are interested, send me your name and/or address and I will forward it to my new Australian buyer.and your "neighbor"
  8. For some folks price is obviously not an issue. The fella offered me $100 more than my "Buy-it-now" price, and paid me an additional $100 for strapping it on the pallett. He paid in advance with pay-pal and also paid all their commission charges. I have no idea how this semi pick-up business works, but I had at least a dozen phone calls the day after I notified him that it was ready for pick-up. Drivers asked about access with their rigs, weight, etc. Yesterday I got a phone call from a driver who asked if it was still here...said he was bringing a helper and would arrive in 30 minutes. They had no fork lift...two guys just picked up the whole unit and slid it on the back of the semi trailer. Driver said "Easiest $150 I ever made.".... I can't even imagine what the final cost will be on getting the tractor to Australia. The buyer has called me three times in the past week...yesterday I got an e-mail from him. Said he would be calling me shortly to tell me "a yarn" !!!!..
  9. Find of a life

    I have a pretty nice one...#51....I would let mine go for even less....
  10. Semi picked this up at my farm yesterday. On its way to Australia. Thanks to one of our non-paying members who bid on my tractor and then backed out, my TRI-CYCLE was available when the fella called from Australia and asked if shipping was an option. Only requirement was that it be on a 48" pallett. Wrapping it was my idea. I guess that sometimes it's NOT WHAT WE NEED, but WHAT WE WANT !!!!
  11. Gotta' Be A "WORLD'S RECORD" !!!!

    Just got an e-mail from Craig... He made it back home to Baltimore ...safe and sound ! at 4:30 A.M. Nearly 1400 miles in 25 hours...for a $35.00 deck !!!!
  12. Addiction...World's Record..."It's not what you need...it's what you WANT"...all of the above !! I've listed a bunch of my old wheel horse decks on e-bay during the past few weeks. Most of them were "buy-it-now" for $35.00. A few days ago someone took the old rusted, crippled deck for an A 800 Ranger. Probably not to popular a model ????? The happy buyer just left my home in NW Ohio...he left Baltimore . Maryland at 6 AM this morning, arrived here 12 hours later and after visiting a few minutes said he had to get started back home !!!! When I asked if this was his longest trip he said no...it was the one to Texas..... 1325 miles round trip for a $35.00 deck that hundreds of other guys looked at but decided the price was wrong ??????? If anybody knows "CRAIG" (not a red square member) from Baltimore, tell him he WINS THE PRIZE !!!
  13. Sob Story ...A lesson learned !!!!

    Rest of the story... The fella who bought it left his name and phone number and asked if I would sell him more of my collection at the same prices !!!! I don't think so ....
  14. For everyone who complains about Wheel Horse sales on e-bay.... Here's my story. Last Saturday I had one of my Lawn Rangers sold at auction, at a neighboring auction house. The tractor was not a show queen, but was nicely repainted, new decals, good tires, a one year old battery, and a very nice deck and a full tank of gas. I even included a battery minder, in case the battery was weak and needed a boost. Tractor sold for $93.00 !!!! Auctioneer took 25%, I had to pay a per cent of the advertising costs, and also "labor" costs for displaying and moving the tractor after I delivered it. My check was for $31.95 !!!!! I believe the tractor was a $275-$300 item.... Did I learn a lesson ?????? A recent politician statement " You don't learn anything new from the second mule kick!"
  15. How do you folks deal with this?

    You stated that he has paid for the tractors. So, he owns them, and they are now his responsibility. Send him a message: 1) The tractors are parked outside my shop, exposed to the elements. 2) Tell me the exact date you plan to pick them up. 3) If they are still on your property after that date, inform him that you assume he no longer is interested, and the tractors will be re-sold and his purchase price will be forfeited..