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    six C160's mostly mid 1970's
    one C416 1985
    one Rader 9 1968
    one Rader 12 with saw rig attached on rear 1969
    Two 8's 1970's
    one C100
    One A-800 Ranger 1974
    I have a sickle bar mower on a C160
    A 48" deck on another C160
    A tiller on another C160
    A 314 Hydro parts machine
    two 8's parts machines with engines.
    These implements will stay on the machines
    A log splitter will be going on the rear of one of the 8's so I can take it in the woods.. the large splitter is to wide framed.
    I bought a large piston log splitter that has a pump box that attaches to the front of any attch-o-matic C series and it is very powerful.
    I'm not into complete restorations but more at buying these old classics, repairing them, and putting them to work on my 6 acre mini farm.
    Just picked up a C100 and runs pretty good. I have 15 machines now 6 are parts machines.
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    Monson Ma
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    building maints
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    Farming, Wheel Horse tractors, Gardening, Model Railroading. I like the fact that these small tractors can maneuver around in my woods where the big backhoe cant go.

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  1. Wanted

    I have a couple Kohler 8 engines for parts but all the 10's 12's I have in use have and need them. Looked on here and eBay and came up with nothing.
  2. Wanted

    In need of the top and side tin to fit the head area on a 1975 cast Kohler 16 HP engine. I already have the large side blower flywheel cover.
  3. WANTED: VOLTMETER TO FIT 314-8 ( Yr. 1985 )

    Hi I have a Wheel Horse Toro version 314 - 8 Hydro that's a parts only machine and it may have this meter your looking for.
  4. 50" WH Sickle Bar Mower

    The Sickle mower is all bolted on and being this 16 has a PTO we are removing the idler pulley in-gauging assembly that was used on 10 HP tractors that didnt have a PTO as shown in the photos of the 1075. We still have to measure for and buy a drive belt but that should be about it.
  5. 50" WH Sickle Bar Mower

    My friend Ed and I were working on it today and have it into position but have discovered the drive belt is to short so once its in place Im measuring it for a belt and it should be ready to roll. Thanks for the Information.
  6. I bought a Wheel Horse 50" Sickle Bar Mower Mod SML 506 that came off of a WH C series 10 HP Tractor and was told it would fit all C series WH Tractors but Its not fitting onto my C160 Tractor. With the rear mount in place the front mount doesn't line up correctly. A friend of mine mentioned that some smaller HP tractors like 10 and under are a shorter frame then the bigger 14 HP and up. I have a lot of WH tractors and want the implements put onto them and just left on and not ever swap them out. I own a 5 acre mini farm and also work on a 400 acre hay farm. I have five 16 HP's - Three 8's - one 10 - one 12 - and one 314 for parts. I guess my question would be what tractor would be the best to put this onto.?
  7. Why I don't buy Garden Tractor AG tires

    I have a set of AG's on the rear of one of my 16's and I didn't have any chains and no trouble plowing my hilly driveway what so ever. I cant say as the ride is that great with the big bar treads giving you a bouncy ride but I will deal with it cause these things dig in for very good traction but they don't tear up the surface.
  8. The Rader 12 is fully operational and we are testing the rear mount saw rig tomorrow. It still has a few stabilizer braces to be mounted before going into full heavy use.
  9. Wheel Horse Log Splitter

    Well I bought the log splitter Saturday that Iv been talking about and my friend Ed and I hooked it up yesterday and I was amazed that it actually works.. We hooked up the pump box on one of my C160's connected all the lines and control cable and started the tractor and put the PTO in motion and off it went. We went home and picked up some chunk wood pretty good sizes and split them all into small peaces. The splitter itself is rather large with a cylinder on it 4" x 36" rated at 40 tons but the pump box is only rated at 5 tons so its rather slow but gets the job done. I will get some photos on as soon as my paid membership is set up.
  10. Finely got the 1968 Rader 12 running after removing a complete wire harness from a B80 and installing it on the 12 started right up and runs fine. This tractor sat outdoors for over three years so I was surprised the engine wasn't seized up being the muffler was snapped off. It did have a stuck exhaust valve but was able to free it up. The transmission has only 1st and reverse gear and cant get it into 2nd or 3rd gear so we are thinking of replacing the rear end with the trans out of a Rader 9 that I have. High and low gear works and we already drained and flushed the gearbox so something must of gotten bent from being frozen up over and over. Yes it had a lot of water in it from the rotten boot allowing in a lot of rain water. Surprised the crank case didn't split. We removed the shiftier and tried to force the forks to move and it was no go. Update.. I decided to give the stick shift a real hard yank figuring I was going to have to change the trans anyways so what the heck if I broke it right!? so i gave it one real hard pull to the right in the 2nd gear position and it went into gear and also into 3rd gear. DAM.!!! These old Wheel Horse tractors are full of surprises.
  11. Wheel Horse Log Splitter

    No, I have a lot of Wheel Horse tractors and Im thinking of mounting it to an 8 HP sitting up on top of the cover cause then its at a good working height and I can drive it from one location to the other.
  12. Wheel Horse Log Splitter

    Thanks everyone, it has to be a home made version then but Im buying it to go along with my home made saw rig that a friend of mine and I have been building on the rear of a WH Rader 12 that we dug out of a snow bank back in January. I just got the engine running over this past weekend. At some point I will gets some pics on here.
  13. Wheel Horse Log Splitter

    Does anyone know if Wheel Horse itself ever produced a log splitter that ran off of the mule drive to turn a pump motor.?
  14. Noobie with a B80

    Hi Yes you do see them now and then and the Wheel Horse B 80's are a great little tractor, I have one B 80 and a regular 8 along with my bigger C160's but the 8's are fun to drive. My B 80 has the K1819 engine. I happened on both of these tractors In Conn last summer and If i see more at a reasonable price I will buy them.
  15. Already have all I need from other WH tractor parts from scraped tractors.