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  1. k-90 x4

    any chance you would be willing to part with one of those carbs? the k90 im rebuilding has a crack in carb housing:(
  2. was listed on Pitttsburgh, PA for 150 I contacted seller 2 hours after he posted it and it was sold. here i was thinking 150 was steep.
  3. RJ trans bearings (R12)

    do you have any left?
  4. What did i buy?

    THank you racinbob almsot such an obvious solution huh haha..ill keep you all updated, still sandblasting and waitiing for transmission parts to get here then ill start posting pics. Thanks!
  5. What did i buy?

    I did not buy the rod yet and good thing i didnt because this morning he dropped off crank and told me he was able to polish old bearing (or connecting rod) off of the journal and its with in factory specs..atleast according to the k91 service manual. however i do have a question about the transmission, the differential bearings, bronze sleeves, were worn pretty well on one side and created grooves in the axel shaft. Can i polish out the grooves and replace bearings? or is the clearance tolerance that small that i am better off having new shafts turned? btw should i start a post in the restorations forum? rather than continuing in here?
  6. What did i buy?

    Yes i got the impression there was no actual bearing there, thank you for comfirming i am new to this some what. And you got a steal on that connecting rod racingbob i cant find them cheaper than 80 bucks , but i am going to order it anyways, just waiting to hear back from my machinist..he will most likely grind it for about 20 bucks, only catch is he will do it when he gets around to it....
  7. What did i buy?

    well since i last posted i have torn down the entire tractor including engine and transmission. The crank was seized to the connecting rod, so i took the crank to a friend who has a machine shop, he typically does stuff like that very cheap as long as i do not rush him haha. The crank looks like it had parts of bearing still on it, so hopefully he can just polish it and not grind it that way i can get standard size connecting rod for it. But i have yet to find a connecting rod bearing for it. As far as transmission im in process of gathering parts for it.
  8. What did i buy?

    well i thought i bought an rj haha...whats the difference between the rj and the 401? is the 401 larger. Paid 500 for it. too much?
  9. What did i buy?

    So i found an RJ to restore. Except I cant figure out exactly what it is, here are some pics. I have not seen any others with the choke and throttle pulls on hood like this...i know its not a 35 thats all i know though lol. It came with a seized up k91 which i think would be the original engine, I tore it down, the connecting rod was seized to crank shaft so i will see if i can get new rod and have a friend measure crank to see if he can regrind it...Excited about this project so any help would be great!