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  1. Wanted 5073 Transaxle Parts

    Message sent...
  2. The plan is for me to be there on Saturday... and as John said sometimes there is a gold nugget hidden somewhere.
  3. 2018 WH Show scores

    HUGE THANKS to Wallfish and his Father for letting me rape this two spoke beauty off their tractor!
  4. Clean it well and squirt a little RTV sealer in it when you are done assembling the tranny... no dirty in and no oil out
  5. Rebuilt Clinton Engine Interest (the final call)

    Hello, the pics supplied are spot on to what is needed for a Clinton throttle set up except all of the motors are missing one critical part. The little spring between the governor arm and the throttle plate. This spring is needed in order to keep the motor from hunting around for the rpm desired...
  6. RJ 58 hood fit 1960 Suburban 400?

    A RJ58 hood will swap on a Suburban... some early RJ35 hoods did not have the out board hood stand bolts, that's about all that's different in mounting. You will have swap to a different throttle cable and ditch the Suburban choke cable.
  7. Happy Birthday Gulftane

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday VinsRJ

    WOW, really late to the party... I haven't been around much as of late... THANK YOU!
  9. Fat rubber and cast iron!

    Thanks Mike! With your help I can continue working on the new project!
  10. Hi Vin 

    Smitty Here

    Did you ever find that picture of the throttle 

    1. VinsRJ


      Hello, I apologize, I have not been on RS in months, and kinda out of the game, you were looking for an RJ throttle? Vin

    2. SMITTY


      I am looking for the picture of the throttle hook up on a RJ with a Clinton engine. 

    3. VinsRJ


      Hello, I added a pic to the Clinton Engine thread... 

      I believe you were looking for the spring set up?



  11. K321 stator help

    When I rebuilt my M10 I replaced the 3amp stator with a 15amp stator. Works like a charm and has plenty of out put to run anything I want.
  12. SR is going to shift on the fly...
  13. I put a foot throttle on my 857 project, I will have afoot throttle on all my non-RJ projects going forward, love it!
  14. 520

    Are the rear rims for sale? They are 12 X 8.5?