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  1. K321 stator help

    When I rebuilt my M10 I replaced the 3amp stator with a 15amp stator. Works like a charm and has plenty of out put to run anything I want.
  2. SR is going to shift on the fly...
  3. I put a foot throttle on my 857 project, I will have afoot throttle on all my non-RJ projects going forward, love it!
  4. 520

    Are the rear rims for sale? They are 12 X 8.5?
  5. Hi Vin


    Can you send me the picture of the RJ throttle routing. I know its an old picture but it won't open





  6. Vin what happen to ya we were discussing a rebuild. I bought another motor for parts or whatever. Let me know. Tim

  7. SteveBo Riding A What?

    No one held a gun to your head, LOL!
  8. SteveBo Riding A What?

    He said he never would... For your viewing enjoyment, LOL!

    Thank you! Another one in the books, LOL!
  10. found a 420 LSE on 4/19/17

    Very nice save!
  11. Happy Birthday Saltwright!

    Happy Birthday Russ!
  12. 857 Clutch Idler Pulley

    What's up Craig! I do not know the part number, that was going to be my next question... would anyone know the part number? Vin
  13. 857 Clutch Idler Pulley

    Hello, I am looking for a good clutch idler pulley for a 857 or equivalent, if you have one that you would like to sell please PM or email me. gs401@cox.net Thank you, Vin