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  1. Need new seat for C141

    As I posted earlier, I just started my WH collection with a nice C141, piced below. Well everything is going great except for one thing that simply has to be remedied. I mowed with it for the first time and WHOA!!!! BABY, is that seat SLICK! I mean, I almost slid right off onto the lawn a time or two. Do any of you have any good suggestions for a mid back or high back seat. I don't want to get another slick one, and I've looked at Northern Tool and found a couple I like the looks of. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200490177_200490177 http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200519222_200519222 I like this one
  2. First post here, and am enjoying reading up on WH tractors. I've always been of the green persuasion, and spent the past year looking for a JD140 to restore. I couldn't find anything I liked, and the other day I jumped on CL for the umpteenth time, and one of the first ads that came up was for a 1979 C141 in absolutely unbelievable condition. I didn't know too much about WH tractors, never having owned one, and from the pic, it looked like gear drive, which I didn't want. But closer inspection of the pictures showed it to be a Sundstrand hydro tractor with a 36" RD deck. After some very fast research, I decided to go look at it. Nice guy had it, and loved it, you could tell from the condition that he had really given it a home, but had too many tractors that he actually used, to take care of, and didn't want the 141 sitting and going to pot. I drove it, looked it over and found only a couple of very minor problems. A tire that wouldn't hold air, and a battery that wouldn't hold a charge. A quick multimeter test showed the system charging fine, and a battery that couldn't stand the load. After some discussion, and the seller more interested in the tractor finding a good home, that money, (yeah, go figure, how cool), we made a deal for $750, and my neighbor and I hauled the tractor home. I tubed the tires and bought a new battery, and it runs like new. I'm amazed, not a hint of smoke, hydro is as new, really cool. Needless to say, I'm a convert! I think the Sundstrand is smoother than the JD Peerless I'm used to, it seems more responsive, like it's connected solid. You can tell, someone took care of it, the guy said the old man he bought it from, had spray painted it often to keep it from rusting, and you can see a run or two, here and there, the oil in the hydro and engine looks new, air filter in good condition, steering tight, it's been greased well, and often. You WH guys must take a lot better care of your toys than the JD guys do, cause the 140's I looked at were quite neglected! Anyway, thanks for putting a great site and forum together, and you'll see me here quite a bit now that I have changed colors!