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  1. Waiting for snow

    I got 4 Battery tender jr for my tractor batterys. This got them for 2 for $49.95 with free shipping. They come with the connectors that you can put on the battery permanent and clip on type. I like them they work great. I started my C160 today to plow my first time. She started 2nd time with a strong battery. I had 2 last year from harbor freight and one of them cooked almost all the water out of a battery. I won't use them again.
  2. Wondering

    There are so many different tractors with so many different parts. Which tractor are you referring to. There are some parts that have been Superseded But there is no list that I've ever seen or heard of. If your refusing to a particular model or part some one here can tell you what parts will work. But you must be more specific as to model or part number you need.
  3. Happy Birthday Wheelhorseman

    Happy Birthday @wheelhorseman
  4. Holy Moly if I've ever made a mistake before....

    Like Racinbob said try to find a Xi model Toro . I've seen them on c/l and your mom won't have the problem getting on and off them plus some came with power steering.
  5. Happy Birthday to you both. Just think if your mom's would have held off for a few more weeks you would have shared the greatest Birthday in the world. MERRY CHRISTMAS .
  6. @ebinmaine when I did my C160 i was not in any hurry. It took me about 2 months to do it. But the one thing I did do is I had a lot of cardboard and I'd draw a picture of the part I was taking apart. If it was the finder I'd take out a bolt and poke a hole in the cardboard and stick the bolt in it where it was in the picture. Never did have any extra bolts or nuts. And when it came time to rewire I tried to save the connector ends if I could and replaced with new whenever I could find the right one. The 5 post switch and the 3 post regulator plugs are not easy to find. The best part is the pride i got from seeing it run good and knowing I did it my way as Frank Sinatra would sing.
  7. First time in 18 years

    We got it too . About .02 of an inch I can push it with a spoon. But I've got confidence we'll get it soon. And I'll break out the old trusty c160. @Ed Kennell it makes you wonder about what he's talking about
  8. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I use mineral spirits in a spray bottle and a paint brush. Spray on more to rinse off oil and grease. Then wipe with cotton rags .then wash with dawn dish soap and warm water. Looks great after I wipe again with cotton rags.
  9. Idler pulley c 160

    This is the info I have for my 74 c160 hydro. If yours is a 8 speed I think it different. Yes the 8 speed is a 7451 so it's a different number. I just looked it up. If you have a 8 speed follow @gwest_ca post. 7434 replacement Stens 280-586 HD - this may have a real ball bearing Stens 280-081 Std Napa, 7-05434 Rotary 722 112426 Pulley-Idler
  10. I think it for gloves. Woman had gloves with buttons just like the shoes. It being that small it's easier for the hand to hold. This is my thoughts. https://www.google.com/search?biw=360&bih=270&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=aJQgWpDLMcfbmQHHrpSoDg&q=women+button+glove+hook+vintage&oq=woman+botton+glove+hook+vintage&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.1.0.30i10k1.10798.14162.0.16017.
  11. Throttle cable c160

    There very pricey. Most of us will buy the universal cable and cut to length and fix it on the old one. All that ever goes bad is the wire and coiled cover . Some are covered with plastic covering.
  12. Help getting more power from 8hp engine (k181)

    Yes that was fender. This dumb spell check changes words after I type them to suite itself.
  13. Mower Spindle Pulley Removal

    @Eric Friedrichsen I'm glade you got it. Those double pully are the worst ones to get off without destroying them. A puller will bend them unusable. I had a bad one on a 36" deck and this is what I did. Worked great and I had to still had to beat it off.

    Happy Birthday Cleat.
  15. New to me kohler k241s

    Every tractor I get I take the tins off just for that reason. I had mice nests in 2 of 6 tractors. My c160 sat out in a field and had a nest around the fly wheel. You got a great steal i mean deal.