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  1. Caption This one?

    Hay guys I lost can anyone tell me where the concession stand is ???
  2. Deck finish

    Maybe NAPA can match it if you have a spray gun. I used Regal red also, but others say IH Red is close also
  3. choke control cable

    I have a 74 c160 which is almost identical to yours . What I had to do is but a universal cable and add it to the original handle. The cable is not available from Toro .
  4. Welcome to another Michigander. And yes the Wheelhorse is in my opinion the best all around tractor you can buy. You can get all the info here on RedSquare to keep it in tiptop shape.
  5. @ebinmaine @oldredrider is right. wire size does determine fuse size. So if you wired your tractor with 14 gage use the 15amp fuse. 16 gage 7.5amp 14 gage wire needs 15amp 12 gage needs 20amp
  6. Win10 pro 64

    It would be a good idea to see the changes that were made by taking the tour. I've gotten used to Windows 10 but I liked win7 better also. Windows 10 doesn't care what you want it does what it wants. It downloads updates and you have no choice about what you want loaded. 2 times it has upgraded window's 10 and both times something stopped working. First time my new video card drivers got deleted . Programs that I used where deleted . To me it's not a personal computer it's bill Gates computer. First off is that new computer a lap top? If it's a desktop like mine get another hard drive and use it for storage. If not get a external hard drive. I have a solid state hard drive and I love it but when they go there gone. So I have a second seagate hard drive for all my storage. With the extra drive I have mine in D: Drive Use file Explorer and make folders on new hdd. PICTURES WHEELHORSE HORSE BILLS PAID MISCELLANEOUS So on and so forth This is easiest way I've found to get all the info easy access.
  7. 15amp is ok 20 amp if you use halogen lights. LED lights dont draw that much.
  8. Don't forget the light in the volt gage also.
  9. @ebinmaine your not going to use a fuse ???? You need a fuse for the lights and the voltage gage. That's why I use the A terminal on the switch that's for accessories. A fuse or 2 never hurts and it will help stop cooked wires.
  10. Happy Birthday Blue!

    My goodness someone as old as me I have to wish you a great and blessed Birthday.
  11. Happy Birthday Achto

    Happy Birthday Achto best wishes. Happy new year and Merry Christmas. I'm usually late on everything That should cover everything else. .
  12. Happy Birthday Bob

    Happy Birthday Bob.
  13. Saluti dall' Italia

    Sì, non appena pubblichi le foto possiamo fare il nostro migliore benvenuto in Piazza Rossa Redsqure Translation Yes as soon as you post the pictures we can do our best welcome to Redsqure
  14. Worth saving or put it out of its misery?

    There is a lot of potential there. I see a wheel horse tractor that is sick but a little pepto and a good enema it will be good as new.