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  1. Loaded tires

    It's either my grammar or your understanding that's screwed up. But I stand corrected the chain's are on the outside of the tire. You have to be careful what you say here. These guys will have you for dinner. Thanks @Ed Kennell
  2. Loaded tires

    I filled my rear tires on my C160 with RV antifreeze and chains . Never spins works great. Chains are a must.
  3. Complete Electric Lift Kit++

    If @elcamino/wheelhorse decides not to take it and it can be shipped pm me.
  4. Finally Rebuilding Carb

    Yes the throttle shaft gets worn over time. There's a brass or bronze insert that you can replace to fix it. Check out this post. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/72112-carburator-help-with-the-raider-12/?tab=comments#comment-685625
  5. What's up with this ranger

    @Vinylguy it looks like he needs a picture of the rest of the tractor to be sure of what he has.
  6. What's up with this ranger

    This is my 67 L157 lawn ranger. The hood decal is not what you have there.
  7. Head gasket install tips

    I do reuse the old gasket if it looks good. I also spray it with permatex-copper-spray and I have never had any trouble yet. https://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/gasket-sealants/permatex-copper-spray-a-gasket-hi-temp-sealant/
  8. First Wheel Horse

    Welcome to the best wheel horse site in the world.
  9. C160

    I'll have to agree with @Ed Kennell I have at the moment 4 running wheelhorse tractors and my favorite is my C160. I love the hydro and the hydro lift. It is simple to work on and it can move mountains of snow. My 2000 314-8 is a really nice tractor but a pain to work on. My 67 lawn ranger is for fun. And my 77 B80 is like the c160 in every way except it lacks the power of its big brother the c160. I like the design of it over the black hoods and as for all the safety switchs on the later models nothing but a pain in the butt. I think it's a good looking tractor.
  10. Added a new (to me) Horse to the Stable

    I have a 314-8 and it is the 2nd best tractor I have. My C160 is my best tractor over all my tractors. Don't get me wrong I think my 314 is a great tractor it has lots of power to do anything I need. But it's not an anniversary model I wish it was. Congratulations of your find.
  11. 1054 tierods and ends

    The drag link has a 1/2-20 tie rod on one end and the other end is a 3/8-24 Here's a couple posts on 1054
  12. My tractor melted

    @rmaynard yes it looks just like that but it's a 3 post for the regulator/ rectifier . Looked just like scottybones . Someone had them for sale and I lost the page.
  13. My tractor melted

    There was a site that sold the connector with about a foot of wires coming out of it. It was well made and colored wires but I can't find it now. I saved it on my phone and samsung thought I needed there Internet search engine and deleted all my saved sites. I deleted samsung search engine.
  14. My tractor melted

    I'm with @doc724 replace the regulator. Unless you can test it and be sure it will not damage the battery. I would feel safer to buy a aftermarket. This post will show you what could happen.
  15. My tractor melted

    This diagram is for my c160 after I rewired it. The green wire is where the amp gage was. And the volt gage is tied into the light circuit just as rmaynard said.