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  1. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I use it all the timea in all my gas cans so that when I put it in my engines I expect them to run better. And they do. My brother-in-law had a motor bike that ran really bad after sitting for a long time .I told him about seafoam and he tried it and the next time I saw him he said that engine runs beautiful now. So he's a Believer to. After seeing first hand what ethanol will do to a carburetor in a few months of setting I'll use anything that will held. I'm a believer .
  2. where to buy parts online

    If you have the part number google it. If you don't have the part number go to manuals section and get a parts manual. You will get anything on google. That's what I tell my wife.
  3. Happy Birthday Lane!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANE. Older and wiser or is that Older and wilder. I forgot what I was saying.
  4. new member brennan bo

    Welcome @Brennanbo. It's nice to see young men doing something constructive with there lives and there's nothing better then working on something that you love doing. I think holding a wrench beats holding a cell phone any day.
  5. 520H Hydraulic Lift slow to charge

    I have a sundstrand in my C160 and I use mobile1 10w30 and even in the cold of winter the response is immediate. No delay at anytime. I know the Eaton 1100 is bigger and better but it should be almost immediately able to lift and go in the summer time. I do let mine warm up some in the cold only because the manual says to.
  6. Scrambled eggs

    AND THE BEST WHEEL HORSE SITE IN THE WORLD. Another Michigander that's great news. The knowledge here is second to none as you already have seen. Great machines and the people here will help you with any problems or repairs you have.
  7. Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE. I hope you have many many more years because we need your expert advice on these great machines. I've only met you a few times but I've always respected you and thought of you as a friend.
  8. K181 Points Sparks

    @WHrookie all of us started the same way knowing nothing about these wheel horse tractors. I read a lot of the posts here just to learn from others problems. Great people here that's why I stayed.
  9. Happy Birthday Aldon

    Happy Birthday Aldon Hope you have many more. But at your age all we can do is hope
  10. Happy Birthday Howard

    Happy Birthday Howard. Thanks for all you do for the Big Show.

    My thoughts exactly as @JAinVA. The tires and rims used on the riding mowers or small tractors are not for hyway use. There made thinner then a regular trailer tire. And they exceed 1200 RPM’S at hyway speeds can and do separate when hot. Here's a chart and as you can see it only goes up to 45 Mph.
  12. Seat and Seat cover options

    @FatJackDurham Here is the seat I got for my c160. It $63.00 at Northern Tool and has 16 holes to match almost any bolt pattern. It is a very good seat and the bolt holes matched perfectly.
  13. 36” rear discharge blades

    I found a place here I'm Michigan that carry some a lot of wheel horse parts at good prices. https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Blade/8969/1850333
  14. Seat and Seat cover options

    Most aftermarket seats have many holes to fit on different types of tractors. The seat I got from Northern Tool had 20 or more holes so it fit perfectly on my C160.
  15. wheel horse A 90

    Welcome to Redsqure Another Michigander. Your transmission I believe is a peerless . Depending on the year this may help. Maybe the year of yours and a picture will help