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  1. JD custom

    That's amazing the garbage cans the same color. It's a perfect match. No sorry he painted it to match. I always say. You blush red, pee yellow and when your sick you turn green. Sorry LORD it's all in fun.
  2. C160 seat

    I hope to replicate the wheelhorse emblem also on the back. I'm going to try to get a steel die to imprint it on the vinyl. We'll see if I can do it.
  3. I'm no expert on these but it sounds like it's out of timing or valves sticking. I think you can check timing through a hole in front of the fly wheel cover. Check the key in the flywheel to see if it's ok. Reset the points . Others will help
  4. Keeping Connectors from Corroding

    I use the dielectric grease on all my connectors except for the battery. It works great for me. If you pull most external automobile plug in connectors you'll see dielectric grease in them.
  5. C160 seat

    I'm looking for a seat for the C160. It's a 2 piece seat and seat pan with the slots cut into the back. Like this one that I borrowed the picture from Ed Kennel.(hope you don't mind Ed) It doesn't have to be perfect because I want to take it apart and copy it to make new repo seats.
  6. DOH!

    Been there done that. But i was trying to forget it and you just had to bring it up again. Thanks pal
  7. Happy Birthday Glenn!

    Glen I always enjoy Birthdays. Especially my own
  8. Replacement seat for Lawn Ranger

    @pfrederi I checked with A to Z and they were out. I believe it's a 5557 seat pan. And a 7018 seat pan for the 67 lawn ranger. His is a 65 I don't know what the difference would be in the pans. So @MarkS if you put a wanted in this section I believe you will find someone that can help. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/wanted/
  9. Gas

    Welcome to Redsqure. Any Regular gas that you use in your car will work. If you can get non ethanol that's the way to go.
  10. Loading Shovel

    That is one of the best conversations on a tractor I've ever seen. Plus it even more stable like that then a d200 with a loader on the front. Great job Farmer
  11. C160H Crank no start

    Welcome to Redsqure I also have a c160 and you will have to check #1 spark #2 fuel #3 compression The first thing I check is spark. Pull the plug and turn the key on to see if it's gitting the plug to spark.then replace the plug if it's ok.pull the gas line off at the carburetor, turn the key to start and see if gas is flowing out and if so pour a little gas into the carb to see if it will try to start if it try's to start then it's fuel related. Also if it sat for a long time check the fuel tank shutoff valve it has a small filter in it that may be pluged . Check the wiring and the safety switchs one is for the pto and the other is the foot pedal. You can bypass the switchs with a jumper to see if its at fault. Here's a diagram
  12. New shop lights

    I tried to chang all my old 4 foot t12 florescent bulbs over to t8 led bulbs except I ran out of led's so I just installed t8's in 2 fixtures. I really couldn't see any difference. But I did have to change all the ballasts for all the t8's and led's. Not all new ballasts will work with led's. I went to the led manufacturer and they had a chart of all the ballasts that will work. The ballasts cost about $15.00 and the LED bulb was $6.00 each at lowes.so for $21.00 each wasn't bad. The led's with the fixtures was $49.00 each. But now I can see in my garage without falling over anything. I love my new lights. There are different types of LED bulbs. Some have a built in ballast so all that's needed is 112 volts to them but very expensive.
  13. Help identifying this machine?

    Definitely 70s b80-c160 ??
  14. 12 hp K301 No Spark

    I've read through all the posts and I don't think anyone mentioned looking at the points with the cover off to see if they are opening at all. There is a rod (the name escapes me) that rides on the cam to open the points. Pull the spark plug turn over the engine by hand and see if there opening. If they open and close then move on to electrical.
  15. Newbie

    Welcome to Redsqure That's a great tractor and it will last another 30 years. 316 hours its just now gitting broke in. Yes I use Daltran battery tender jr on all my tractors battery's and they work great.