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  1. A stranger to the herd - but its RED

    That is one nice looking beast. I like it.
  2. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I'm not selling that one rmaynard is. I'm in the market to buy one.
  3. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Well I just added a new seat to my collection. I wanted to try something new just to see how it would look . Not bad but I don't know if i really like it or not. A lot of work trying to sew pleats And letters. I really like the diamond design and may do one something like my first experiment As In The Last Picture but use a 1/2 sew foam to make them stand out.. But what do you guys think ???
  4. Late 60s up to mid 70s frame length question

    Ed then it must be 74-76 that has a mid frame. But the 77 has the same frame as the c160. The frame number is 103563 this file says the 1977 b60,b80,b100 ,c120 and c160 all use the same frame. You must have a 76 which is a mid frame and that's why it's 3" shorter. And your right 74 and 75 had a 4 speed. And 76 and 77 had a 8 speed but he could have put a 8 speed on a 75 b80. Maybe someone will clear it up Is the 76 and 77 frame the lone frame. Or was 74-76 the same..??
  5. Late 60s up to mid 70s frame length question

    Here is a list of short frame Wheel Horses. 1961 - 701 1962 - 502, 552, 702, Lawn Ranger 1963 - 603, 633, 653, 753, Lawn Ranger 1964 - 604, 654, 704, 754, 854, 1045, Lawn Ranger 1965 - 605, 655, 855, 875, 1075, 1055, Lawn Ranger 1966 - 606, 656, 856, 876, Lawn Ranger 1967 - 607, 657, 857, 867, Lawn Ranger 1968 - Commando 6, Commando 8, '500' SPECIAL, Lawn Ranger 1969 - WORKHORSE 700 Other tractors like the 1974 and 1975 model B-80 were considered a mid frame. I believe the 76 and 77 B80 had the same frams as the c160
  6. Sheared head bolt "help"

    I've heard from others to take a nut and weld it in the center to the broken stud. The heat will help brake it loose and the nut head will turn out. Drilling and a easy out is the other way but I have broken a easy out on those before.
  7. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Yes that's it but I seen one on ebay that was for a gt14. I know the c120 and c160 had them. Is there a difference in the gt14 and the c160?? I'll look you up at the Big Show Bob. I may just need a pan not sure yet.
  8. Honda GX Fuel Tank on 73 No Name?

    Put a add in the wanted section and you'll get someone who has a stock one.
  9. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I'm looking for a C160 Seat -102033 pan. it's the one with the seat and back is adjustable. I don't care if torn or holes in either seat or back. I'll make a new one anyways. But I need the old ones for a pattern.
  10. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I've been working to get all the 1054/953 seats don't for the Big Show. 9 sets of backs and bottoms. Now I've got to start on the lawn ranger seats.
  11. 84 GT1800 freewheeling

    Yes the eaton 1100 has no release valve like the sundstrand does. My old 520h with the eaton 1100 I could push it across my garage. But my C160 with the sundstrand I have to turn the release valve the move it 2 feet. I really like the gt1848 gray color and I would like to have one to restore. Iv only seen a couple in the last 2 years for sale. But they were really bad shape
  12. Transplanting K341S Spec 71223a

    Yes I do believe that is the correct regulator. As @953 nut said above make sure it is grounded . The bolts hold it down which is the ground so make sure it has a clean base. There is a B+ post that goes to the R on the switch it's the orange wire in the diagram.
  13. Happy Birthday Karl!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karl This is the most important date in history to you. But it's 46 degrees here in Michigan so not so much for me. But have a piece of cake for me.
  14. Hydro vs. 8-Speed

    I like my 1974 C160 hydro over all the tractors I have. It will push or pull anything I ask it to. But if my 314-8 had electric lift it would be my second favorite. But I still prefer hydro. As far as durability 44 years is pretty darn durable by any body's standards. It's all about maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.
  15. Transplanting K341S Spec 71223a

    Maybe a picture of what you have will help us tell you what you need. Do you have a coil, condenser,regulator/rectifier or starter and relay ??. Not all regulators will work. Read this post.
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