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  1. The Making of another loader

    Thanks for the insight. I'm shire it will come in handy.
  2. The Making of another loader

    After it sells can we get plans? Lol great job!
  3. The Making of another loader

    Is the cost less to go with the joy stick? Is it easier to control?
  4. The Making of another loader

    I'm sure it will have an Allstar cast and show case the original designer !
  5. The Making of another loader

    Plans for that loader would be a great thing. I'm sure a lot of folks would like to build one. Myself included.
  6. What do I really have?

    Is that Tecumseh? I can't tell from the picture. If so I would be thrilled to pay shipping and a little oil money!! This is my carb .
  7. Sickle Bar fun.

    Mighty fine job!
  8. The Making of another loader

    I need one of those. I'm buying a new home that needs lots of yard work. great job I can't wait for the next installment!
  9. What do I really have?

    For anyone interested, white vinegar worked well softening the white oxidation on my old carb. It won't dissolve completely but it will soften it so it can be removed. Don't soak your pats for long periods of time. Several short soaks with removing the lose oxidation in between.
  10. What do I really have?

    The new carb for my tractor showed up it was a very close fit. Unfortunately not close enough! There wasn't enough clearance to get the nut on the left side. Soooo I'm trying to clean up the old one the best I can. Does anyone know if anything that will help break down or desilve the oxidation deposit?
  11. What do I really have?

    Abosultly! I agree, 1oo%. You folks see amazing!😃
  12. What do I really have?

    Thanks. I'm not sure what else I might need at this point, an owners Manuel would be really nice to have if anyone knows where to get or download one . I will be looking for a dozer blade, tiller and grader blade in the near future.
  13. What do I really have?

    I would rather have the Kohler set up but this was all free so you can't beat the price! Thank you very much to all that have given input on this thread. The new carb and pullys are on the way! 😃
  14. What do I really have?

    I found that the model # for this unit with the Tecumseh motor should end in "2" not "1" which tells me there was a motor swap some where along the line . I found the pulleys. If anyone wants a great source for Toro / wheel Horse parts with knowledgeable folks that actually return a call...
  15. What do I really have?

    Unfortunately they are rusted away on the bottom sides😢