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  1. Ideas for custom attachments.

    I would like to see a capstan winch that runs off the pto. It could mount in front or in the back. I would use this for dragging logs, loading trailers and getting unstuck from the mud.
  2. Opinions wanted on 418-8

    I have had a 418-8 for ten years and its the last tractor I buy. I use a snow plow, tiller, bottom plow and grader blade. The motor handles anything I can throw at it including dragging small logs. The lift is a bit slow but not terrible and plenty strong. With the grader blade on I can lift the front wheels off the ground using the lift. All that stuff for 1700, I would go for it.
  3. Selling off most of collection

    Still have the mighty mac? I am interested and passing through there soon.
  4. I have them listed on ebay, here is the location




    Thanks Ron

    1. jebeli


      Thanks, ordered it yesterday

  5. 6 kohler engines for parts or repair

    I need a k161 starter belt shroud. Anything like that?
  6. 753 dash panel

    it may be a 702, dont know for sure.
  7. 753 dash panel

    Thank you for letting me know about Glen. Yes, I was glad it was a one piece tank. What ever it is I can have fun with it. Thanks again for your help.
  8. 753 dash panel

    It is a mutant for sure. The serial number says 62-### so maybe it started as a 702? The guy I bought it from on here thought it was a 753? I would like to get the controls back to something close to original. Here is what it looks like now. That is a one piece tank, (might not be original) with an place for a 7" by 3" dash plate. Thanks for any help.
  9. 753 dash panel

    Thanks but, I need the actual metal plate.
  10. 753 dash panel

    Looking for a dash for a 753 or something from other models that will fit
  11. I am interested in the sickle bar if it's still available.

  12. snow blower

    where is the blower located? how much are you hoping to get for it?
  13. 200 series snow blower

    Changed Price to moving, has to go, best offer greater than free
  14. 200 series snow blower

    200 series snow blower, should work fine, have all the mounting parts but never used it, 15 minutes south of Morgantown WV