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  1. Vacumn Attachment

    Sorry for the delay in getting back. Nope, my blower housing is mounted on the rear of the tractor and is belt driven from the engine clutch. Belt goes along RH tractor frame and is behind a cover plate that replaces the original that came on the C 120. Trying to figure what all I have now. Bill
  2. Vacumn Attachment

    I think you are pretty close. As you might have seen in my post for help. I actually was able to find an OEM attachment Brochure, that includes the Install guide as well as the parts list. From what I can tell so far is I might have most of the metal work - no bag or trailer. The blower housing is belt driven and sits on a frame on the rear of the tractor. We will just have to see. Thanks for getting back.
  3. Just bought a C120 Special that came with some parts and pieces to what appears to be a vacumn attachment. Might have just solved my problems as a OM was available on EBay. Supposed to have parts breakdown so I can actually see what I have and don't. Looks like it was designed to go with a Dump Cart?? Oh well, can anybody make me feel any better about what I am getting myself in to?
  4. What is the correct color of wheel horse wheel rims? 1975 C160. Lit. appears they are White but have seen a color called out to be Beige. Just want to go thru this 1 time. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Year Built for a C-160 Auto

    Thanks ALL for getting Back. More help than I expected. Looking forward to getting this new acquisition back into good running and working order. Nice original C-160 in decent shape. Any ideas or leads as to someone that re works seat cushions? Seems to me that I have used Speer Cushion for a MF 12 resoration. Do not know if they can rework WH tractors. Thanks again
  6. Need some help please for year built for a C-160 Auto..Mod # is 1 0481 and Ser. # is 132126.
  7. Help Please. Have a C-120 Automatic. Would like to know possibly the year of production. Number plate shows 61-12KS01-04965..Below this is 6324. Engine is in fact a Kohler Cast Iron 12 with just a simple serial # of 7201387. This tractor was given to me and it will be my first WH project. I am a MF12 Collector..At least the WH is RED. Will be looking for an owners man., parts book, and possibly a shop manual. Would appreciate any help here. Thanks, Bill - Glen Allen, VA