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  1. Need idler pulley replacement

    Success! I soaked the shaft all week and tried Cleats method. Now to order a new pulley. Thanks to everyone who responded. Tvtrader
  2. Need idler pulley replacement

    Both pulley come to just over $25..... good price
  3. Need idler pulley replacement

    It is off of a 1986 wheel horse 312? The engine was changed some years back. it was rebuilt just before we got it. I have cleaned the carburetor, changed the fuel pump, replaced the ignition ($75, ouch!) besides general maintenance. I bookmarked the link you sent for parts. Thanks!
  4. Need idler pulley replacement

    Originally tried WD, then marval mystery oil..... it's now soaking with PB blaster. I'll let it soak overnight then try again. Anyone know a good place to buy pulleys online? Thanks again
  5. I managed to get though last season with a "wobbly V belt idler pulley. Any Ideas on how to change this? I tried a puller which only bent the inner pulley. this is the bad one so nothing lost here. I guess I should change both. Am not sure I could use a press to take them off. I could cut them off but would rather do it the easy way if there is one. Any help would be great! Thanks
  6. Belt selection

    I wasn't looking for a belt #, just weather or not I should use a slightly smaller belt. the guy at tractor supply said to use one 2 inches small to account for wear. He didn't even know how to use the belt gauge so I hesitated to accept his advise. I did end up getting one 1 inch smaller. (there was one my exact size but out of stock). My belt measured 85 1/2. an 85 in belt measured 84 1/2. I believe I have a 42 in mower deck. Do I need a special "drive belt" for the engine to deck or will any v belt work? I will take back the belt I bought. You guys have saved me the time and trouble of swapping out this belt..... THANKS!
  7. Belt selection

    I need help in selecting belts for my Wheel Horse tractor. It is an older model with a changed motor. It may be a 312. I know it was purchased before 86. I took my old belts down to tractor supply and measured them. So my Question is this. Should I select a belt smaller to account for stretching and if so how much smaller. Can I use a regular v-belt to use as a drive belt? (same question for the drive belt) Its an older tractor but it still runs well. I try to do what I can to keep it going. Thanks
  8. Bearing play

    My mower deck stopped spinning. I saw a flat spot in the belt and thought it may also be a bearing. After checking I found one deck bearing with excessive play and that the pulley from the motor to the deck was stiff - almost frozen. I loosened it up with some oil but see a small amount of play there. My question is this. will this bearing fail soon and is it pressed on? Is this something I can change my self or do I need a press? Thanks