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  1. wanted

    Yes l could ,but it wont be the same,and would like to keep as it came
  2. wanted

    Hi all has any one got a raider rear light lence please they dont need ,dam log caught mine grrrrrrrrrr thanks wes
  3. K series

    Well all back together ,and have had a test run,run it up to nice an hot etc ,and sounds great ,will no now put on new fuel lines an and treat her to a new battery and with luck the old lady can go back to work hauling up fire wood.I must admit that l was not happy when it blew up, but working it out the horse carrys between 11 an 15 tons of wood each year so should not moan ,still we all do ,and many thanks to the people that helped me out on here. regards wes
  4. K series

    Well just waiting for a head gasket then we will se if this engine is going to be ok ,but if it fails then am going to put a 13hp honda on the old lady , will keep you posted. wes
  5. K series

    Well many thanks, from the posts l can se a picture forming on the con rod breaking,and mybe in my engines case l was to blame along with the age of the engine , there is a nagging thing going on in my head ,did l get the oil hole in the con rod the right way round in the first place ?.Still you live an learn l will make certain that this time round its right plus the other tips ,again many thanks ,will report on the build when its done. regards wes
  6. K series

    Has any one done or had done any mods to the Kseries con rod , it seems that they are the weak point on this engine,this comes up a lot when talking to people about this engine , normal talk is oh yes had one of them till the con rod broke ?, there must be a way of making it stronger, will se if l get get hold of an old rod an have ago. wes
  7. Oil seals

    With luck you my message will get to anglo traction this time. must be getting old wes
  8. Oil seals

    Many thanks , have sent you a message. wes
  9. Oil seals

    many thanks for your reply , will se if my local seal people can do them , the firms that l have used in the past for kholer parts ,no longer deal with kholer engines or there parts,mybe another member thats in the uk like me can help. wes
  10. Oil seals

    With regard to the main crank oil seals on the K241 engine,has anyone used after market seals with any luck?. wes
  11. long time

    many thanks yes to be honest hate seing the tractor just sitting,what firm do you use for parts , think l will give my carb a new float bowl gasket etc . wes
  12. long time

    hi every one its been ages since l was in here,my poor old raider went an through the con rod and piston also the crank ,did have a look at new prices for parts and was shocked the crank worked at at the time £160 uk pounds so pushed it in the back of the shop an did not bother , but getting fire wood moved has been a pain since then , so looked around again and have found a k241t engine thats missing the carb etc ,but the rest of it is ok ,so now l have found a ray of light ,the old lady will be got out and with luck running again soon ,am hoping to build one engine from the both ie flywheel etc so that l can still use the electric start etc , and yes lts good in away to be back in the forum with a horse again, weeeeeeee hope regards wes
  13. Kohler K241 from Raider 10 finished

    Very nice job , looks great with them decals on am thinking l will need a set of them really sets it off,carry on the good work. wes
  14. Ready for snow !

    Noooo keep it up north am hoping for a early spring want to build my mower, have no time to build snow plough to , stigian will have to clear mine to . wes
  15. Mower

    I think what l need to look out for is a 45 angle drive unit from another machine for my build can then power from my pto drive, so will keep thinking an looking for a bit , then l find it soon comes together when the first bit is in place. regards wes