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  1. keeping the patina

    thank for all the good ideas guy
  2. keeping the patina

    not shiney dull
  3. keeping the patina

    working on my 753 had a lot of surface rust wd40 and sanded it just wondering if i put clear coat paint on it or leave it
  4. sand blasting

    I have to get a new compressor mine only runs at 5 cfm at 90
  5. sand blasting

    Thank for the good info guys
  6. sand blasting

    Do I really need 7 cfm at 90 psi
  7. sand blasting

    I might just buy a soda blaster Eastwood blast out of a bucket gun do u think it will work
  8. sand blasting

    he said to soda blast or walnut
  9. was going to send my wheel horse out for sand blasting but the guy said it would warp the tins is their another way to clean it
  10. Kicking myself in the Rear!

    What where they
  11. 1964 654 did i pay to much

    Lol the parts on the 654 are in a lot better shape I have the 754 all apart for sand blasting
  12. 1964 654 did i pay to much

    Are the parts on the 654 the same as the 754 and 854? The main reason I bought the tractor is I needed front rims for the 754 that I am currently working on. Just wondering if I could swap out the better parts from the 654 to the 754 if they are the same. thanks
  13. 1964 654 did i pay to much

    I think the steering wheel is bent a little
  14. 1964 654 did i pay to much

    HERE is the tractor just picked up for 200