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  1. I may not be on here much but I am still tinkering with wheel horses. My collection has grown to about 10 and I have just about every attachment that I want... but could still use a few more:text-lol:

  2. I finally made it!

    It wasnt a horrible trip... a little over 5 hrs. And no crazy draws me in.
  3. I finally made it to the big show. I missed Friday but it was good to make it. I plan on being back next year!
  4. I back at it

    Back to square one got everything done on my 1056 mowed bout half my yard and the connecting rod snapped
  5. I back at it

    I have been dormant here and in my wheel horse activities for 6 months or so. But now my wife and I finally have a house of our own so now that means my wheel horses have a yard and driveway of their own. That also means I have to nurse them all back into health... The first being my 1056 witch will be my main mower. It has its work cut out for it the yard has yet to be mowed...
  6. 1056 rewire

    I am rewireing my 1056 and I have a few questions. Will it be alright to leave the tab on the regulator for the cigar lighter unused? Witch would be better volt meter or ammeter? Thanks
  7. wobbly hubs

    The hours of my tractor are unknown but more than likely high. I am going to put another set screw in at 90 degrees but before I go through the hassle while I have them off I will check the bore. I am hoping they are not hour glassed out as @JAinVA suggested. The Once a gain thanks for the added information...
  8. wobbly hubs

    Thanks for all the help! my set screws are just bolts unfortunately I will have to get a proper set of set screws. I will also put another set screw 90 deg. from the original. Does any one have pictures of their set up with the added set screw?
  9. wobbly hubs

    I just went through and put new bearings and seals in my 655s transmission, and when I put it back together I got new woodruff keys for the axles. The slots for the woodruff keys were not in bad shape. The channels in the hubs were alittle ruff but nothing I figured would cause a problem when I put the new set screws in. So what happens is now I can tighten the set screw and the hub will tighten up then one rotation or so later the hub seem loose again but the set screw is still tight. Any thoughts?
  10. Need Help on Identifying Wheel Horse Tractor

    I would say 800 special given the weird frame setup at the back wrong hood for it though...
  11. Charger 12

    Update: it wasnt the fuel pump (side note the conversion to a brigs vacuum pump works well) so i took a gander at the points and didn't see much for spark so just to check and see I wired up a coil and once again it sprang back to life. So it looks like some rewiring and a new key switch will be in order
  12. i have interest in the 64 to 65 1054 models

    They are a great machine push snow with little effort. The have their quirks but what 50 year old machine doesn't... I love mine
  13. Charger 12

    Update... when they run that good they dont run that good for long... I loaded it on to a trailer to go to a show today and it ran great, went to unload it, it started and when I throttled up it cut out, and I couldnt get it to stay running when I tried again. The starter started making a new sound as well... Looked at it tonight I believe the fuel pump has had it along with the starter...
  14. Charger 12

    with some prompting from @AMC RULES and the joy of how simple my new phone makes some things here are the videos
  15. Charger 12

    New fluids and tires that hold air and...have some videos as well but it takes forever to post them