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  1. The 550 and 1054 project

    Wow! These pics really tell the story. Very nice work Charlie. You're pretty gifted. You should be quite proud. Thanks for sharing. :thumbs2:
  2. Newbie from CT

    Hello Vince, I also just joined and am also in New England. :thumbs2:
  3. My First One

    What a sweet find! This little gem was just sitting in storage for the last 6 or 7 years. It didn't take much to get it going. In fact, it was just a new battery, spark plug, and some fresh fluids. Started up on the first turn of the key and ran like it was running yesterday. LOVE this little pony. Attached Image
  4. 211-4

    I just picked this up. It's a 211-4. It had been in storage for about 6 or 7 years. Fortunately, the man who owned it prior to me had the sense to prep it for storage. It didn't take much...New battery, New Tire, Spark Plug, and some fresh gas and it started like it ran yesterday. A sweet find! Attached Image