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  1. Hello from west Norway

    thanks its a eletric cylinder in there Ca 75 km fron Ålesund.. hurtigruten is a nice trip what point are you going on/off?
  2. Hello from west Norway

    Almost done..
  3. Hello from west Norway

    Thanks my local dealer told me that its no problem:) and thes tractors had black battery org.. some more photo
  4. Hello from west Norway

    Litle progress
  5. Hello from west Norway

    thanks only deer is a bit wrong.. we are planing to start a smal buisnis were we are taking care of meet and milk from the farm.. (Cow and sheep) then you have to hawe a certifiget kitchen and cooling storage..
  6. Hello from west Norway

    Is that a disassembled walk-in cooler on the right ? thats right.. ca 12m2 cooling and ca 6m2 frezer (ca200ft2) 2,4 m hight i bought i this summer and are going to use it for deer (if i find a good place to mount it on my farm)
  7. Hello from west Norway

    its in a storage now, but i wil take it out soon here is some pics of my 77 c120 with mower and home made wacum wagon i had some job to find bearings for mower spindels, but now al are new
  8. Hello from west Norway

    My first C120 is now running good, but mower deck have som bad bearings.. i ordered new, but got wrong bearings and are waiting for new. i also bought one more tractor, 1975 C 120 8 speed. this is with 42" snow/dozer blade in front and home made 3point hitch with snow/dozer blade
  9. Hello from west Norway

    old mercedes parts can be usefull i made eletric lift for moower. parts are from a W124 E class and a W126 S class, some modifing and it works Some pics:
  10. Hello from west Norway

    Thanks no, it dont look good.. but i am hoping that i can get a 1533 bearing.. Or a nother gear box..
  11. Hello from west Norway

    Thanks i think i found one here are som parts that i have bought: new seals on driveaxel, new needel bearings on driveaxel, some rubber on gas tank and new belt for moower this was no problem to order, and price was not so bad 1500kr(ca 200 dollar) quik delivery to
  12. Hello from west Norway

    Thanks:) i know, this bearing is hard to find.. i have cald about 30 diffrent places i Norway, but no one can get it for me.. maybe somone in here have one or two extra for sale? an complet gear box is also innteresting:) this bearing have been bad for a long time..
  13. Hello from west Norway

    Hi. i just got my first wheel horse, its a 1977 mod C120. this was used by a local fottball field. it hava been standing still for 7-10 years before i bougt it. the tractor seemd to be in ok condission at first, but transmission have som problems. mower deck having som problems too.. I have start too take it apart for ordering some parts. parts arrived yesterday, but i am missing one bearing (1533) here are some pics:)