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  1. 2 stage snow blower

    I like the tall chute single stage the worm gear that turns chute looks better also. Other than the tall chute is this any different than the low chute single stage?
  2. 2 stage snow blower

    Bervac where would I begin to look for one sounds cool thou
  3. Did wheelhorse have a 2 stage snow blower that will fit a c160
  4. Engine block heater question

    Yep I agree and I'm thinking even if you got a dipstick heater to work it might add condensation to the crankcase?
  5. Engine block heater question

    Seriously do they make a heater to go down in the oil pan inside.
  6. Engine block heater question

    Any good ideas what's a good brand of heater to make starting easier when it's minus 10 degrees out . I happen to have a c-160 ?
  7. Stuck float needle

    This isn't the first time it's done that so definitely need to find out where to get the newer parts
  8. Stuck float needle

    Thx but my needle doesn't have a collar for a clip to go into?
  9. Stuck float needle

    It will only stay running when I shoot a little fuel in carb. So decided to pull carb off when I took the bowl off I could see the needle was stuck in there so I took it out and the little rubber tip was making it stick.is there either different needle for this? the other question is the needle supposed to be connected to the float cause mine is not?
  10. Runs then dies

    Okay waited like 3 hours this time it started up with lots of choke and stayed running for really long time thought it was fixed. Then All of a sudden it died and I tried choking it rite as It died. Waited for like a minute and it doesnt even fire.?
  11. Runs then dies

    Have a c160 runs for like 5 seconds then dies won't start again till I wait half hour then does the same thing?
  12. I don't think my generator is putting out enough voltage battery keeps going dead can anybody help me get the wiring schematic for that older 8 horse generator/. starter what voltage should I have going to the battery when it's running
  13. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    Awesome got it thxs
  14. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    I would love to post a picture but for some reason I can't I'm pretty sure I have the fenders but doable? Wrong fenders sorry.ya the u shaped part of spring hits on the back raised part of toolbox. It looks like the fenders should be farther to the back also but I would need to drill two New holes in bottom of toolbox? Don't want to do that either but may have to?
  15. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    Yes you shaped spring that sits on top of fender but u shaped spring hits on back of fender unless I make some spacers about 2 inch long?