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  1. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    Awesome got it thxs
  2. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    I would love to post a picture but for some reason I can't I'm pretty sure I have the fenders but doable? Wrong fenders sorry.ya the u shaped part of spring hits on the back raised part of toolbox. It looks like the fenders should be farther to the back also but I would need to drill two New holes in bottom of toolbox? Don't want to do that either but may have to?
  3. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    Yes you shaped spring that sits on top of fender but u shaped spring hits on back of fender unless I make some spacers about 2 inch long?
  4. Just got a new Fender for my tractor but is there supposed to be a spacer or something that goes between the seat and the fender?
  5. K91 recoil question

    Sorry I'm not able to send pictures anyway I'm either going to redo the one I have or just build one from scratch.
  6. K91 recoil question

    Sounds like I need to find the correct cup for my recoil or visa versa?
  7. K91 recoil question

    I just purchased a recoil cup off of eBay and it doesn't fit into the recoil that I have currently so either I have the wrong recoil cup or the wrong recoil can somebody please tell me what the inside diameter of the recoil cup should be the one I got off of eBay is 2 and 1/4 inch inside diameter.. and a recoil that I had laying here I'm not sure if it was the right one for this tractor but that measures 2 and 3/8 inch outside diameter on the cogs
  8. Recoil help k90

    Ya it does 4 holes for it I actually have that just gotta find this recoil cup . thxs very much seven
  9. Recoil help k90

    I want to put a recoil on it but I'm missing the part that goes between the flywheel and the recoil where can I get one or what is it called? Right now all it has is a rope you have to wrap around every time.thxs seven
  10. Have a 12 horse k 301 i was wondering if anyone has ever converted over or is not possible? Seems like I'm always having trouble with my points getting corroded.
  11. 12 HP Kohler electro 12

    Hi Put a new carburetor kit in and started rite up runs perfect there was a old homemade baffle gasket on the carburetor bowl also which I think probably was the culprit
  12. 12 HP Kohler electro 12

    Trying to go thru the carb (cause it's been running like crap) and wondering if anyone has ever gotten a rebuild or after market one .Or is it just better to get a carb kit for the original.?
  13. 12 HP Kohler electro 12

    Ok I will try this first ... mine is the top picture
  14. 12 HP Kohler electro 12

    Well just put new plug in it so I wouldn't think that's the problem. It doesn't have a coil on it like my c160 . Somebody mentioned it could be a carb issue maybe like a float that is leaking fuel into it.? Or how hard is it to convert to a coil system.
  15. 12 HP Kohler electro 12

    Have a hard time getting it up to full rpm it just seems like it wants to keep dying out got to really feather the throttle to get it up to full rpm. Once it's there then it ok tilled the garden fine but almost impossible to get it up to full throttle?