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  1. Soda blaster question

    I had a friend that had to replace the thermostat on his Goldwing. He is convinced they started with the thermostat and built the motorcycle around it......I bet it took him and another buddy a total of 72 hours to change that thing. Most of the time scratching their heads and hydrating, I'm sure.
  2. Tree’s down

    Bon Fire!!!
  3. Soda blaster question

    Not sure how you plan on getting it all out, but the soda isn't going to hurt the metal.
  4. The first one is 650 megs. This in operation.
  5. Have a number of sizable oaks. Man they are dropping acorns like crazy this year. Reminds me of a drought year (which it wasn't, but the last few months have been pretty dry). Drag and blow the leaves out of the beds and yard to the driveway. Since we don't have much snow, I get some use from the snow plow to push em all down the driveway to the pasture and then drive over and over em til they are all chopped up. Very satisfying...and pretty quick! This event usually doesn't happen til January, as we mow all the way to Thanksgiving. Leaves aren't shed til after Christmas typically.
  6. Got her goin

    Nice job! That is some tenacity!
  7. What have you done on your WH today?

    I believe the LSE's have a Levitate function, do they not?
  8. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Make er shine Larry!
  9. FEL on 520

    That just may be in its future.....Thanks!
  10. FEL on 520

    Nice job Larry, as usual. I have an Ark550 on my D200 and you are right. Steering is a bear. Would the 550 be too large for a 520? I also have a 520xi that may do the trick. I didn't realize that you had to be a member of the subgroup 520 club to post, in case anyone else is wondering why you can't post to this topic.
  11. What's In Your Mirror?

    Nice score!
  12. Balancing Gears - in or out

    Norman does a good job on videos. I always enjoy watching them. I have a M12 and a K341 at the machinist now being worked. Both had balancing gears, but I am not replacing them in either of the engines. We will see how long they last!
  13. Restore a B80?

    Daniel Implement is no more.....The Kubota dealer that bought him out trashed all the remaining NOS parts and advertising he had several years ago (much to my chagrin)
  14. Looking forward to watching this resto!