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  1. Sling blade? Mmm- hmm mustard biskits.... Couldnt resist....
  2. Keep taking care of them like you have and teach the boys how to as well. That should do it! Nice rides!
  3. I am not seeing anyway other than a tear down. Oh well. It was too "all of a sudden" for something minor I suppose. He will check the breather but I would think that would show up before 12 hours.......
  4. Has that got an ID tag on it?
  5. No trades!! Unless you can wiggle your nose and make the C-160 quit acting up!
  6. Yep. Really didnt wanna tear it down, but looks necessary.
  7. Restored a C-160 for son-in-law. Didn't do any engine work on the K341 other than adjust the valves. He has put about 12 hours on it this year and then yesterday, after mowing for quite a while, the RPM's jumped up very high and smoke started pouring out of the breather. He shut it down immediately. I was over there today and we tinkered a bit. He had already adjusted the governor. Started it up and at low RPM it didn't smoke but I did notice a knock. Revved the engine to 2500-2800 RPM and the smoke came pouring out of the breather again. Oil level is fine. The knock certainly is concerning as is the smoke. Any suggestions short of a tear down? Thanks!
  8. Bless you sir! Black hood duty sounds better than Laundry....sorry Richard!
  9. Amen to that! Had one jump out my hands and rolled up in my t shirt. Could have been brutal. Respect the grinder!!!
  10. I would power wash or use simple green (some degreaser) or something to get the worst of it off and then blast or wheel. The blast media will take it off, but if in a cabinet, it will just recycle it back through the gun. And go from this to that!
  11. I have found a wire wheel on an angle grinder is effective. I use it for parts I can't get in my blaster cabinet.
  12. I drilled out mine on a 1056 and put these in. Got em at Lowe's.
  13. Yes sir. I believe the 10-16's all used the same pan.
  14. Good tips. Thanks guys!
  15. Just paying it forward, my friend! I have received boat loads of help here.