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  1. Superb!
  2. Things that make you say: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
  3. I had a buddy tell me that mice hate the smell of dryer sheets. The tractor I keep up at my land has dryer sheets tucked around any area that the little nasty creatures might nest or chew. So far so good. And frankly it gives a pleasant odor to the tractor when you walk up to it. I leave an open box of them in a storage trailer up there and again, so far so good. #21 on the list: http://www.curbly.com/1602-25-alternative-uses-for-fabric-softener-dryer-sheets
  4. Okay. Thanks!
  5. Its the main fuse. I ran it again today and it didn't blow for quite a while. Maybe an hour. I am going to replace all the fuel line as it looks pretty sad and may be sucking air and the pump losing prime, I dunno. But if I replace all of it, I can scratch that off the list. When it would start to beg for fuel I would lean down and give it a couple of pumps on the bulb and it would run for a bit (5-10 minutes) and then do it again. The fuel in the filter was noticeable lower from when I pumped it and then it started begging. I took the fuel cap off the C121 and ran it today, so unless both are bad, I doubt that the culprit. While I have it on the lift I am going to inspect the wiring very closely and see if there are any apparent issues. The times that I leaned down and pumped but she didn't come back to life, the fuse was blown. New fuse, fire right up, run for a while, pump, run, pump, run, pump, ehhh die. The pump is mechanical and when I had the carb off I pumped it quite a bit and it seemed fine.
  6. Always a back story. It's all good. Happy Horsin!
  7. Okay. Same fuel cap I have had for years. Its the fuel gauge kind. But will give it a shot.
  8. Brand new 1976 era K341 16 HP Kohler transplanted into 312-8 last year. Engine ran fine all season. Today I was chopping up leaves and it started to die. Played with carb adjustments and ultimately decided to deep clean the carb. The carb was not NOS, it came from the 312-8. Once I cleaned the carb and set to general specs, 2 turns out on main jet and 1.5-2 turns out on other jet, it fired right up. Back to chopping leaves. After 20-30 minutes it wanted to die again. Kept playing with it and once it died it would't start. It had blown the fuse. Replaced fuse and chopped leaves for about 20 minutes and the it started dieing again. Once I replaced the fuse each time it would start. I am no expert with carb adjustments mind you. But it seems to me that if it runs for 10 minutes, its not the carb adjustments. The fuse blowing really has me scratching my head. I added a hand pump to the fuel line, when I cleaned the carb and on several occasions, pumping it would revive the engine...for a bit. So I guess I have 2 issues, fuel and electrical. Do fuel pumps give up when they get hot? Not sure how to diagnose or troubleshoot this one.
  9. @JAinVA Could we get some pics? I am curious which EBay mufflers you are talking about. The downward at 45 degrees is intriguing...
  10. Hacksaw: I have considered doing just that as I have several sets of them. I am just concerned about the weight. I would love to hear what it sounds like though. And don't leave it out in the rain!
  11. Pictures aren't opening, FYI
  12. Boy if that written description doesn't beg for a video, I don't know what does!
  13. That's impressive! But sure a waste of a good beer!