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  1. I recall reading something similar in the past and it had: "The world is your urinal" I always liked that entry...... Good stuff!
  2. Christmas Surprise

    Elmer and Cecil are certainly smiling down on you two! Not the original Father and Son act, but the original Wheel Horse father and son act.
  3. Christmas Surprise

    Well done sir! He will enjoy that for a lifetime!
  4. Land clearing begins for the shop.....oh yeah and her house......I have equipment envy!!
  5. My winter shop project is having a new shop built! Going from a 22x30 to a 40x60.
  6. Mine is pretty straightforward. I was named that at the FBI Academy when we had me and Louisiana Todd. Had to keep us seperate. Kinda stuck in subsequent years at Karaoke!!! When I cranked off with David Allan Coe, it made even more sense.. If you don't know who that is, well shame on you! You have missed out!
  7. Dump Cart Restoration

    Yes, I guess I focused in on the bolt and spring part. The mechanism is below. If you need a pic underneath, let me know and I will snap one.
  8. Dump Cart Restoration

    Mine was on top. Doest mean its right....
  9. My GT14

    Those really set it off! Well done!
  10. Wheel horse 1055

    Where did you get the wheels? They really make the ride!
  11. Wheel Horse 702 from Spain

    If I understand what you are asking, the pedal engages the PTO and the tab folds over to hold the pedal down, thus keeping the PTO engaged.
  12. Same idea as most, but I put my chain block on a 10 foot trolley. Back saver. When I build my new shop I will probably get an electric hoist.
  13. Dump Cart Restoration

    I had to replace one of my wheels and got one from Harbor Freight. Had to put some spacers on the axle, but its functional. Mine had more cancer than yours on the rear lip. Rebuild thread is here: Tub Cart Repair Good luck!