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  1. Same here! One of the few roles that I didn't like Michael Madsen....
  2. Oh My! I like it!
  3. That takes up a lot less room than mine. I like that. But I like that I have a place to set all my tools down while I work too! That works with a deck on? Doesn't look wide enough to make it to the center. Interesting. I may need one of those too! Would like to see a pic of a atop that bad boy! I can't read...Without a deck on....As Roseanne Roseannadanna said....Nevermind!
  4. Engine and tran oil changes are no problem on mine. Mower deck still has to come off to get at the blades. I have considered lifting the front of the tractor with the chain hoist and get to the blades from there, but to date haven't attempted it.
  5. I bought a HF MC Lift and put a 39"(as I recall) wide 3/4 inch plywood top on it. The table has a 3/4 lip down the sides. I screwed 1x2 to the bottom of the board and it fits perfectly within the lip and prevents the top from shifting. Works really well. The few times I have had a project occupying the lift and had to work on a tractor on the ground, it really made me appreciate the lift! The mini tire changer works pretty well for front tires, but rear tires are still quite a gut wrencher. But better than two tire irons on the ground. The chain hoist mounted on a unistrut trolley sure makes handling engines a snap.
  6. Not me. I didn't see that one...sad to see the hood hacked up...
  7. That's a skybarrow mate!
  8. Belt isn't too tight. The belt guard has to be in place for it to work correctly.
  9. By all means, safeguard the brew!!
  10. Thanks everyone! Blessed, I am!
  11. Thanks guys. As an old friend of mine used to say..."One year closer to dirt!"
  12. +1 on a hood ornament!
  13. Find a teenager! They will hook you up! Hah!
  14. In need of video!! 🇨🇱
  15. Thats awesome! Take a video climbing your house! Hah!