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  1. I'll bite. Those are the pieces that you are going to weld or bolt to something to make it work better.... At least you didn't have a little tidbit in the background to completely throw me off like in the beginning!
  2. Not a bad idea! Went and heard him preach Easter.....He still has it after all these years. Quite a guy!
  3. I am more impressed every day! Keep up the good work!
  4. Now that's living on the edge!!
  5. This will either help you or overwhelm you with paint recommendations. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/14364-wheel-horse-paint-recommendations/
  6. My dad (82) has accompanied me on all but one of my 7 out of state horse runs. The ole preacher doesnt give a flip about the tractors but he enjoys time away with me and enjoys meeting the many nice folks we have met in the hobby. Whenever he comes over to see what I am working on he always asks "which trip did that one come from?" And we then relive the things that happened on that trip. Good times indeed......I just wish he would help turn a wrench now and again......
  7. Well you have repaid many with what you have learned, including me! I only hope I can pay it forward sir! Work has gotten in the way of the sport, but when you are self employed, I suppose thats a good thing.... Carry on Steve-O!
  8. No arguments from me! I've been to MO at least 4 times on horse raids....
  9. Nice job Steve! I didn't notice any markings on the piston. Didn't have to bore that one? That makes it a lot more fun (and not as spendy!) Is there anything that Steve can't do?
  10. You certainly have all the help you need to rebuild it and keep your horse quota intact to allow for the 2 wheelin....
  11. Looking good Steve! That tractor reminded me of my kids when they were younger....Well done on the rebuilds!
  12. I have a deck waiting for me in Carthage, MO. Just been waiting to go and get it in hopes of finding something else.
  13. If he got rid of them, where would he stack all his crap? Maybe take him some shelving and see if that loosens him up. He will have to get rid of the tractors to make room for the shelving!
  14. About 1250 round trip to pick up a D-200 with Ark 550. Worth every mile. Not too many horses down here, so ya gotta travel to round em up!