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  1. Restore a B80?

    Daniel Implement is no more.....The Kubota dealer that bought him out trashed all the remaining NOS parts and advertising he had several years ago (much to my chagrin)
  2. Looking forward to watching this resto!
  3. Mid-mount grader blade

    Man that's a good woman that will take out the trash and grade the driveway.....you should keep her. Very considerate of you to build a machine that could give her more time for other things!
  4. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    That's better
  5. Air compressor questions, advice?

    It appears to me that she will be thrilled when you buy a $500 compressor, as she implied permission for a $1,000.00 unit. That would be my story anyway..... I don't think you will be at all impressed with the performance of 2 pancake compressors in series.
  6. K341 Issues

    My game plan is to take it to the machinist sometime next week and let him measure the bore and crank, since he does that much more often than I and let him help me make the call. I have a micrometer, a bore plunger thingamajig and a nice caliper and I never can get the same reading twice....All I can usually tell for sure is that it is out of spec....They need to invent an automatically adjustable expanding ring to take up up to a quarter inch in bores. Imagine how rich you would be if you invented that. With some of the ingenuity I see on here, I am shocked it hasn't been done.... I am hoping he can turn the crank and bore the old girl (that may not have come out just right ) even if it costs a little more than I preferred, I can feel better about myself for saving her for hopefully many years to come.
  7. First post first mower

    Finally another Horseman in my neck of the woods! I am building in Pilot Point, hah! I, too, started with a 312-8 and they reproduced quite a bit over the last few years. Welcome! Lots of help here. Shoot me a PM and we can swap contact info.
  8. Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve!
  9. K341 Issues

    Well I have had better luck than bad luck with Wheel Horse folks. Maybe my guy was mistaken. Is what it is. Just hope it turns out okay. Its a hobby, afterall, not my life's work.
  10. K341 Issues

    Interesting information. I have no clue what the combination is of this disastrous pairing of parts.....I didnt see any numbers on the flip side of the rod, but will look again. Sure woulda been simpler if it was a STD piston and I could just have it punched and move on......but not nearly as interesting, eh?
  11. K341 Issues

    Took some pics. The rod has no markings. The piston says Brasil and Mahle on the inside. Means not genuine Kohler to this seasoned investigator.... hah Not bad camera work for a smartphone, if I do say so myself! You can make out the .030 and there is a plus next to it. Brazilians type small! Thats about all the pics I could come up with. I am going to rely on my guy at the machine shop once I take it down next week. He is a knowledgeable fellow and at the end of the day, ya gotta have faith in somebody when you are as inept as I.
  12. K341 Issues

    Oh? Do tell.
  13. K341 Issues

    I will look and post what I can. I saw that the recommended dealer BAKT4KIDS had a+.040 on fleabay. I have purchased a couple of kits from them over the past year as well with good results thus far.
  14. K341 Issues

    Well good news and maybe good news. Shop in the next town can sleeve it for about a buck 50. He also suggested trying a +.040 piston. I didn't know they made em .040, I thought .030 was the limit. I am going to take it in next week and let him look at the crank before deciding what to do. He said turning the crank was about a hundo. He punched a K181 for me a few months ago for 55 bucks. May come down to the crank. Any way you slice it, it will be about $250-$350 for the rebuild. Makes me wonder if I wanna put that much in the old engine or not.