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  1. Or for you Scooby fans:
  2. From here forward, that tractor should be referred to as "Rainbow"
  3. Nice find! I wonder what the PO was going for with that color scheme?
  4. And a state that markets its Fudge this way has many more issues to worry about than horse rustlin! https://m.facebook.com/UranusfudgeFactoryandGeneralStore
  5. Tagged
  6. Thanks everyone! I will give it a tug and see if she slides forward. @"D"- Man I will be reading that thread this morning!!
  7. A D200 followed me home from Missouri. It has a blown engine so I am pulling the 20hp Kohler out of my D180. Is it just the two bolts I can see to seperate the flywheel from the pump? I have everything else off, ready to pull. These bolts:
  8. It does make one feel like McGyver when he solves a problem with repurposed parts or scrap......well done!
  9. I was thinking its what one of my old bosses called a "liquid overhaul" on forklifts: spray it off, paint evrything you see and double your money. Dude made a fortune buying and selling used forklifts..... If you could find a 36" deck you would have a mower. I'm thinking 2-250 if it runs, no smoke.
  10. I had a Sears tiller years ago that had counter rotating tines. It undercut instead of overcut. Worked well. Maybe that's the case here? I also wonder about the rpm spec for this tiller.
  11. Nice after pic. Might have been more dramatic if we saw the before pic as well!!!
  12. My rear hitch wouldnt allow that to work, but it all worked out fine.
  13. Thanks! I'm afraid if I let em sit too long I will forget where things go and where I put them....I struggle enough with that as it is!!!
  14. That song was an earworm all afternoon after I posted that!!
  15. Nope. Took the primer bulb off and stays full fine now.