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  1. Hi from East Sussex

    The plan (as far as there is one) is: Get the motor runningDrive it about for a bit to see if 1st and reverse gear miraculously reappearIf I need to take the transmission apart to get the gears back then I suppose the surface rust on the bits under the seat would have to go but I do like the 'patina', I do want a vertical exhaust stack though I had the starter solenoid apart today to investage the lack of clicking when energised, it was seized solid, I could have freed it off but I snapped a bit off the case dismantling it. It may live again. I think that this is going to be typical of the work that needs doing, cleaning up all the electrical contacts and remaking the butchered wiring loom.. Thanks devonionredneck for the tip abut the points. I'll try to take more pictures at the weekend.
  2. Hi from East Sussex

    Thanks for those files, this whole site is a mine of info. Paul
  3. Hi from East Sussex

    Hello I have just collected my latest eBay bargain, a 70's Wheelhorse tractor which is badged as a Commando 800 and the ID plate says its a Model 1-0141 Serial No 145691 made in Amnor Belgium, I just looked up the model number 1-0141 and that corresponds to a 1975 B80. Was the B80 sold as the more macho sounding Commando 800 in the UK? Good bits: It's all thereKohler engine spins on the electric startTin work has no holes Bad bitsRotten tyresNo spark (yet)Can't get it into 1st or reverse but 2 and 3 select easily, any ideas about how major this is? I'm going to concentrate on getting it running and then the tarting up can start.