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  1. happy Birthday Aldon !  good health and longevity  to enjoy life and ur WH stable for  many years to come// all the best

    1. Aldon



  2. Happy Birthday Ray!

    Thank you very much Richard/ just bought a 71 GT14 that had been exposed to the elements for approx. 7 years . that was my self birth day present;(with inside wheel weights)
  3. swisstrac

    thanks you all as they say; it seems like I am in for a bit of trying ops in order not to damage the tank nipple . according to Rob from Brewster it as no an easy task!
  4. swisstrac

    Would someone know if it is possible to remove the gas tank without taking off the grille in order to to work on fuel pump and carb on the GT14 1970 model with full grille thanks for your hep//Ray
  5. swisstrac

    yes it is. can you either call me or text// raycret@msn.com or 516 2984646. thanks ray
  6. swisstrac

    never seen one, just looking at part file it looks about 15 in long 3/8 thread at top and 90 degree bend 2 in long at bottom// Gwest_ca-(FileMod) gary has a file diagram on it and it is part 6699/ iam unable to transfer it.. thanks for your help.Ray
  7. swisstrac

    wanted GT14 mower lift roid part #6699// thanks for info
  8. Do you still have any deck parts for 1970-1971 GT14?  If so, please let me know.

  9. Gt14 deck

    i have a 48 gt 14 deck in very good shape// ifyou go to NY cl WH you can see it/ otherwise i can send some pics; i am probably too far away// good hunting
  10. swisstrac

    Merry Christmas to all our fine fellows from WH and prosperity and good health so you can enjoy the Red Horses
  11. Commando stack install

    very nice operation of cutting the exhaust pipe ! ++++ beautiful muffler
  12. Happy Birthday Aldon

    Happy Birthday Aldon/ joy in life and all the best
  13. happy birthday Aldon

    1. Aldon


      Thanks ray! Hope all is well with you.

  14. GT14 Mower Deck

    GT14 Mower Deck 48" model 5-1482 serial #565814 in good working condition, mandrels are nice and tight blades in good shape with plenty of life left;
  15. can some one tell me what the primary choice size mower is for the 520H?? i am looking at one and it has only a 42" seems a bit small for a 20hp tractor/ thanks much for your input/Ray