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  1. swisstrac

    Merry Christmas to all our fine fellows from WH and prosperity and good health so you can enjoy the Red Horses
  2. Commando stack install

    very nice operation of cutting the exhaust pipe ! ++++ beautiful muffler
  3. Happy Birthday Aldon

    Happy Birthday Aldon/ joy in life and all the best
  4. happy birthday Aldon

    1. Aldon


      Thanks ray! Hope all is well with you.

  5. GT14 Mower Deck

    GT14 Mower Deck 48" model 5-1482 serial #565814 in good working condition, mandrels are nice and tight blades in good shape with plenty of life left;
  6. can some one tell me what the primary choice size mower is for the 520H?? i am looking at one and it has only a 42" seems a bit small for a 20hp tractor/ thanks much for your input/Ray
  7. Gt14 spindle question

    re size of spindle is 7/8 i had mine out to do bushing and measured it xxtimes to be sure/ however since this an 69 and old perhaps the previous owne rmay have switched spibndles ??
  8. 953 nut HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    Happy birthday Richard many more and good health and cheer//B. rgds Ray
  9. gt14,mower

    thank you much Richard Gary and and good friend Aldon for all the info and manual for the sd mower 51482/ it looks to me like the slack can be taken up, therefore compressing the 2 bearings/ ?? ray
  10. gt14,mower

    would appreciate info on thightning center mower mandrell ? can it be adjusted and if so how to proceed. its only the center one that needs attention, thank you much for help
  11. Like Groundhog Day for tractors

    Very nice collection!
  12. I have the same battery on my gt 14 a recon interstate and seems to be doing the job very well/ have used recon interstate for many years on used cars approx 90 percent satisfied/mostly a question of price with that philosophy you have to accept some failure!
  13. Predator 22 HP at Harbor Freight

    itis refreshing to see all these new ideas ! speaks volume about necessity being the mother of all inventions! Merry Christmas to one and all and many thanks for all your help with my gt 14 project//Raymond crettol
  14. swisstrac

    Thanks for pics, the draw bar i am looking for it connects the 2 lifting arms of 3pnt/ found one at northern tool for 19.99 plus a modest shipping fee/ i already have the top link