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  1. Bucking horse!

    pabird It's always best to start from square one and for this issue that is to replace the belt with a new, uncontaminated fiber belt. Go to the 3 pulleys involved and scrub through any contamination. I'm sure there is some. Nothing to rub the belt but clean and shiny metal. Ensure that no fluids had them contaminated and remove the source of it. Prior to that model design, the cylinder wasn't in place. If the non-cylinder was OK for 25+ years, it must have been OK for engagement and the cylinder is simply an improvement. In this litigious world, it may have become necessary - who knows? In the end, something's grabbing and must be found and smoothed.
  2. Carburator help with the Raider 12

    I got mine at the blessed Ace Hardware. Two stacked and all the play is gone. Good luck!
  3. Yesterdays Haul

    I'll always come out of the trees to acknowledge the saving of black hoods. Good on ya!
  4. What have you done on your WH today?

    Nice stable! Saturday. Static timed the restored C-125 and the C-120.125 was good to go - no adjustment. The 120 - had to open the gap. Got back from Ace with 14 replacement bolts, washers and nuts. Attached the foot boards, seat pan and seat. Started and ran her, brake-less around the yard several times. Let her cool and re-torqued the head. Today - took the 42" deck pan to old Homer for welding but his heart isn't up to it (literally). Brought his old gen home and after removing the ant nest, got it started. The welder is farm grade and looks 100 years old - might be - and must weight over 200 lbs. When his meds kick back in, it's welding time! Will attach the 42" to the 120 for mowing fun.
  5. Barn rescue 856 running roughly

    Hey Dead-dude - I was taught that it's always ignition first and, though this sounds like fuel starvation, you've gone though it pretty well for that. What about a hot coil? I don't know what coil this has but, if external auto coil, could be the wrong one (no internal resistor). If a magneto coil, hot breakdown. I don't know what else to offer. My old Honda 550 behaved this way. After about 10 miles in the GA summer, she'd drop to 2 cylinders. Put her aside for an hour and fine again.
  6. Barn rescue 856 running roughly

    You said in your OP that it was changed gas but it almost sounds like it's ingesting water as well. Why not buy some fresh fuel, hang a nice can above the carb and put a fresh line to it for a nice new gravity feed. Take the entire fuel system out of the equation - and you get to see how thirsty these things are. I use a 6" PVC cap with a brass fitting screwed into its center. I have the wife hold it above the carb - one of her many handy uses. If it runs well on nice fresh gas, it's not the carb.
  7. What have you done on your WH today?

    A good tractor always finishes the job so, good on it! Today, wanted to hit Ace for bolts - almost did. That's as close as I got to it today. Work got in the way so that's a good thing.
  8. Fun with a Sawall

    I hear ya! We bought an old Kawasaki (1980 KZ750) and just broke the bead on the rear to replace it - green slimy goop everywhere. We have yet to do the front and, given that adjusting pressure gives us bubbles from the valve, not looking forward to it.
  9. What have you done on your WH today?

    Moving from NJ? Sounds good (it was for me as I escaped in '98). I'll be up there in October (Somerset) to visit family. The old farm on Grouser Road surrounded by new subdivisions. The days of playing football while they slung manure across the street are long gone. All half acre lots with $500K homes on them, sigh. We can still fire up the Allis and ride in the back lot. Prime real estate dedicated to shrubbery and holding ponds. I think that when my aunt passes - and at 86 she's going strong thank the Lord - the cousins will sell and move to upper Manhattan with all the cash. The assortment of tractors and Mustangs will then have to go somewhere...anyone want Mustang Cobra serial #1? My cousin let me touch it with a cotton diaper but did not allow me to actually get in it. That's the way he is (really should have married). OK - moved the C-120 into the garage and added the required 140 weight to the trans. I found that I could cut the tip to fit the bolt holes in the top and squeeze it right in there. The shift lever screw broke and will be a b%^&$! to remove so will save that for later. It's properly adjusted . Added the belt and belt guard. Removed two sheared bolts for the pan refit. Have to head to Ace for bolts. Pulled the fan housing and painted the flywheel timing marks - always wanted to do that! Replaced the head gasket after lightly sanding the head sealing surface on the bench - flat enough to make spec. Looking good. Stood on the trans and ran it around the yard until it ran out of gas - they are thirsty machines...
  10. Wiring problem

    My 125's ammeter was corroded and was still open after cleaning - tossed and replaced by a nice shelved Stewart Warner Stage III from my Olds. Cut the extra hole (had no hour gauge) and added the shelf's voltmeter. All she needs is a tach and it's off to the drags! You'll have fun with the wiring...go through it all no matter what the Horse or you'll regret it.

    Good question! I always had to ohm mine out and scribble on a sheet - always in too much of a hurry to document it online. Having something available would be great.
  12. poor charging above idle

    I like the instruction - Do Not Use Megger. You just don't see that kind of stuff anymore. Heck, I haven't seen a megger since the mid 90s and I'm in the test equipment calibration business!
  13. Transmission Died

    Need an update on this - was it the key??? Yes, Steve-Os videos have helped me assemble 2 8-speeds, the most recent yesterday... Thanks! The ringing phones in the videos had the kids looking for their cell phones - too funny.
  14. What have you done on your WH today?

    Bump! My! with all the posting on this list, this one got the the second page in about 3 days. Our blessed parts supplier on this list, Lowell, had me set-up with bearings so Saturday was the day to button-up the trans. It's done and mounted so today gets fluid and I can finally ride this old C-120. If I think of it one day, I'll take pictures. It could be there is no C-120 and I'm just lounging with coffee and plenty of BS.
  15. New member

    Well taken care of. Is there sag on the front of that deck? Can't quite tell but it would be a linkage look-see. Shouldn't they be a little higher front to back? Excellent score! Welcome!