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  1. Keep fighting or sell?

    Great news. By the way, a multimeter is always a handy thing. Go online or to Harbor Freight and dump $10 on a cheap one - good enough.
  2. Keep fighting or sell?

    Man, repair something and then have it break again - now you're wondering if it's cause is elsewhere. We've all been there. I usually talk to the machine while the wife laughs. I tell it to stop fighting because I'm going to win - almost makes a game of it. With a few not-to-be-mentioned experiences involving Yamahas, it has served me well. They old girls but are easy to repair, thankfully. Wish I was further north to help!
  3. Keep fighting or sell?

    Yeah, I'm thinking my regulator on the C125 killed my nice new NAPA coil back during the restore. 17V killed it in less than 15 minutes of run time. Maybe a little of both - cheap manufacture and current abuse. Rev her up and see. I know it's a band-aid but you could consider a ballast resistor in series with the pump. Would the pump still have the juice to overcome the needle? Don't know but a fun project. Plenty of them on Amazon and cheap but they never give the R value!!!! Designed for coils so may work for the low resistance of a motor. Gee, it's been a while since I applied Ohm's Law
  4. The Bolt - from Where?

    Nylock, yes! ...and never reuse them. Tough for me, though. The old snapper got a new clutch last week and she made it through 1/2 the yard before the main nut disappeared forever into the lawn. New nylock nut with a dab of threadlocker for good measure.
  5. Keep fighting or sell?

    Have you measured the voltage while running? Expecting full throttle, a bad regulator could certainly be a factor. Not good for the battery as well. My 120 shows me 16V regularly but she's not my work Horse.
  6. Nice to live the dry, cool fall up in western PA? I remember fall in NW NJ growing up - miss that air and the colors. Bring some of that down to Atlanta. Approaching 90 for the past several weeks and no rain. Humid - and the blasted mosquitos! I've been wanting to give the old rescued C120 some TLC - have elected not to restore her but am sure that will change. I say "red-necked" down here affectionately but it still means a quick fix with whatever is around and that with poor attention to detail. So, on to today - replacing those front spindles with a set that actually point forward. The right side item was re-welded in redneck fashion for a noticeable toe-in plow effect. eBay actually had a very reasonable set of cottered NOS with hardware and they arrived Friday - sweetness. This gave me a chance to put them on the '80 C125 and to put its scored, cir-clipped set on the 120. I do like the old bolted spindles on the '76 though. I now have one of those as a spare. It also highlighted a loosened tie rod end on the 125. Pulled an old mounted tire laying around and replaced the 2 day flat one. Good times in the garage with those two side-by-side. The 120 is blowing some smoke but the engine is very strong. I have it on the red-neck line that it was bored .020 over but the piston gives no indication. I'm thinking the machine will be restore-ville next year. Already went through the trans. That, and we're moving a little more north into the GA mountains so I'm expecting to encounter added creativity in tractor preservation - and the genuine sweetness of people that is nearly forgotten round here. Used to buy milk and have a 10 minute conversation with the cashier who you did not know. Today, all business. I'm tearing into an old rednecked 36" deck that was on the 120 if anyone wants a part or three. She's rusted through, drastically cut and welded to make her side discharge and frozen. Sigh.
  7. Applying a hammer solves most problems - check! . You're lucky. Mine had to be split to replace the fork but like all things Wheel Horse, it was just a fun undertaking to rebuild the thing.
  8. pop...... spit.....Cough.....bacfire

    That gravity feed idea is worth a try. I got myself a PVC cap and drilled a hole in the bottom. Threaded a barb and run a hose to the inlet. Worked for years when balancing carbs on old motorcycles. A couple of drilled holes allowed a twine loop to permit it to hang from the garage door runners. Redneck for sure but cheap, fast, easy and durable. You can also watch that Kohler suck that fuel down - man, they are thirsty!
  9. The Bolt - from Where?

    Great story - if I had only though of that! When teens, my friend used to assemble the tractors at Sears while I was downstairs assembling furniture or in the bike shop repairing sports equipment. Anyway, he ALWAYS had plenty of parts left over. I wonder if any of those machines are still together. Back in the days when the catalog reigned supreme.
  10. The Bolt - from Where?

    Well, there it is...nut is gone but that funky spacer was stuck in there and that's very good.
  11. The Bolt - from Where?

    She fired right up - I half wanted to inspect before starting but the bolt's location means it fell right at the start and she ran for 30 minutes with no issue so drove to the garage on wet lawn(which is a sin) and popped the hood. Hint - not the engine. I am amazed that the deck ran throughout the process and that the special 'nut' is still there and not on the lawn somewhere. Picture coming if you wish to speculate some...Loc-Tite being applied.
  12. So, after sweating some pipe in the basement yesterday - the builder of 20 years ago used too much industrial grade flux and it's eating through my cold pipes - I ended with joy in running the C-125 over the yard. This morning while walking the pup, what's sitting in my driveway but a bolt with a nicely painted black head. Hmmmm, obviously fell off my baby. It's black so very likely to have fallen off the engine. Your guess as to from where but I now have another thing to do today, though much better than sweating pipe or cleaning the garage. Odd for me - I tighten properly and double-check, using Loc-Tite where appropriate - or at least used to do so...might be an age 56 thing - happens more often nowadays. headed to the shed! 1 1/4 length
  13. The end of the road

    Sorry to see you go but, don't fret! I once repaired a golf cart that was Yamaha driven. There is no reason why you can't inject a nice K341 under that seat and retain the WH dream, including the wheelie potential. To heck with the noise. You need the added torque for that hill to the clubhouse
  14. Wonderful to see another dealing well with correcting the red-necking. They may have done wrong in many ways but the big plus is that that tinkering kept her around! You're doing all the right things - great to watch.
  15. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    Thanks for asking - it actually loaded so, hopefully, you can run an mov file. She has slightly more bark than the original - may be the point that the output is not directed forward. IMG_0592.MOV